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Chapter 15: One Reason To Live

Raven stood on a rocky ledge over looking the city. She could feel Slade calling for her, trying to take full control of her. Raven smiled slightly. She saw the green hawk fly into the city.

'He's looking for me. I told him no, but he's looking for me anyway. I wish there was something I could do to stop him. But I won't be able to feel if I get rid of this band. I won't be able to love him.'

"Isn't that funny how love turns out."

Raven turned. Slade stood behind her. She looked at him.

"How did you find me?" she asked.

"I always know where you are. It is my job to know where you are," he replied.

Raven looked at him with rage.

"Now, will you kill the Titans or will I be forced to kill them for you?"

"I have no choice, do I?"

Slade laughed.

"No. I guess you'll just have to do what I say."

Raven turned her glance back to the city. She could still see the green hawk searching for her.

"I'll do whatever you want. On one condition."

"What is that, dark bird?"

"You will spare Beastboy."

Slade looked at her. Her eyes were set on the green changling.

"I cannot make that happen. He is a Titan. And frankly, he is the one stopping you. I know what you to did. I know all about it, dark bird. He must die. If you won't do it, I will," Slade said holding a gun.

He pointed it at Beastboy. Raven turned to him.

"No!" she yelled blasting the gun from Slade's hands.

The man turned to Raven. He kicked her, sending her towards the rocky ledge. Raven stood. She looked at Slade.

"You've grown soft. Too soft. There is something else, isn't there?"

Raven smiled.

"I have one reason on why I am letting you control me."

Slade charged at her. Raven moved. Slade grabbed her by her arm and flung her to the ground. Raven cried out. Slade grabbed her by her neck and held her over the cliff.

"All I have to do is let go."

"You won't do it. You need me. You always have needed me," she said holding onto his hand.

Slade's grip tightened.

"I could have killed you years ago. I've let you live thirteen more years. Now, I think it is time to end it."

"How could you have killed a four year old? You have always needed me. I know everything about you. I know that you have been putting lies into my head. It wasn't me attacking and killing people on those planets. It was you. You caused me to runaway."

Slade began to laugh.

"You are smarter than you look, dark bird. Of course it was me. I couldn't risk you getting hurt. I've needed you on this planet. You were only helpful to me on Earth. I couldn't hurt you anywhere else."

Raven closed her eyes.

"Then, kill me now."

Slade looked at her in amazement. He brought her close to him.

"I cannot afford to kill you now. Not yet. I have another chance to control you. Maybe not you, but someone else. Someone not born yet."

Raven opened her eyes. She kicked Slade in the stomach. He released her. She began to fall.

"Azarath, metrion, zinthos!"

Raven opened a black wormhole. Slade ran towards the edge of the cliff just as she sank into the portal. Slade yelled out in anger.

"I'll be seeing you sooner or later, dark bird. I always know where you are."


"She's really gone," Beastboy said.

"I think she left for us," Cyborg said.

"She didn't want us to get hurt," added Robin.

"Yes, but she has hurt us more leaving," said Starfire.

Beastboy sighed. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"This is yours. You should keep it," Robin said handing him a small piece of paper.

Beastboy took it. The words on the paper still lingered in his mind. He had to read them over again.

I'm sorry, but I have to leave. If I stay here, I could do something that I truely regreat. I'm not running again. I will come back. I have to come back. I would surely die if I didn't. I can't risk all of your lives, expessially yours, Beastboy. I love you with all of my heart. I won't let Slade control me. I can't kill you. Besides, when I come back, there will be someone you need to meet. I'm so sorry for this. I love you.


To be continued....


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