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Marie Darkholme was not happy. As she sat in the elegantly furnished drawing room of the Darkholme mansion, with her head up and lips in a perfectly serene yet fake smile, she fumed on the inside. Her mother – Lady Raven Darkholme – had been so pleasant as to inform her that they would be staying for a few months in New Orleans at their extremely large and fashionable town house, in the heart of the city. Marie needed to spend more time with people of her social rank and age was the way her mother had put it but really, they booth knew that what she meant. The not so hidden meaning behind her words was that Marie had just turned sixteen, therefore it was custom for her to start attending the many balls, dinner parties and soirées that the upper class of New Orleans had to offer so that sooner or later – preferably sooner – she would get engaged.

So now, Marie sat on the rococo style sofa, her emerald green eyes devoid of any expression and with the same fake smile still parched on her full, red lips, thinking over the large amount of information that she had to intake a few minutes ago.

Thankfully, her mother had just left the room to take care of the many plans that had to be made for their trip. Now, Marie was free to break as many porcelain vases as she desired, so that she could unleash her anger. The odd smile finally left her lips and her whole face seemed to darken. She didn't want to leave her dear plantation in Caldecot country, she didn't want to move to crowded new Orleans and she most certainly did not want to start acting like a complete fool, parading in front of all the men just so she could get an appropriate husband so as not to die as an old maid.

With a sigh, she slowly stood up and walked towards the large window overlooking the garden. It was a nice sunny day even though they were in late January. The sun was slowly starting to fall over the horizon. Its last rays of golden light illuminated the grounds of the plantation almost giving it an otherworldly appearance. Mary then realized how much she would miss her home. She knew that once her mother had her mind set on something, there was nothing to do about it.

A small part of her though, was more than just happy that they would be going to New Orleans. She hadn't really traveled out of Mississippi that much and was curious to know what mysterious New Orleans was like. It could be fun and now, she would have to make the best of it either way since her mother made it quite clear that they would be going. Raven also knew a lot of people in the city so she would probable find at least one person who's company she found agreeable.

Grudgingly, she tried to accept it all but wasn't quite sure that she could. Undoubtedly though, she would miss the beautiful plantation where she grew up and learned to love but maybe there would be many enjoyable things in New Orleans. She just wasn't quite sure about it but would soon find out…

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