Chapter Five: Swamp Rat

By Silky Black

Miss Belladonna Bordeaux was simply furious as she paced around the drawing room, not even trying to hide her rage. The blue ribbons in her golden locks did a poor job of keeping stray curls from falling on her face, irritating her even further.

"How dare he!" she shouted to the only occupant of the room apart from herself, Julien, "He didn't even glance at me durin' de whole ball. He was too captivated wit' dat fille! Who is she? How dare she take Remy away from me!"

"Calm y'self Belle. It's just a passin' amusement," said Julien, not really trying to comfort his sister. She was a fool to think for even a second that she meant much to Remy LeBeau. The only one who didn't seem to realize this was Bella. Only when Remy finally did move on and maybe marry, would Belle realize the truth that had been surrounding her for all this time. But Julien didn't care. He knew his dear little sister was nothing but a common whore. A disgrace to the family. What did bother him however was that Remy might have taken more than a slight interest in the mysterious girl at the ball. She was magnificently beautiful after all. But no, Julien wouldn't allow it. He'd had his eye on this one and if he did succeed in courting her she would probable be the only thing that would save the family from ruins. He knew very well who she was and that her fortune was impressive. Why not put it to good use?

Julien smiled to himself. His green eyes as sharp as a felines planning the hunt of its new prey. This would be interesting, very interesting indeed.

"I won't let her take him away! Remy's mine an' if I can't have him, no one will!" murmured Belladonna to herself, her crystal blue eyes glowing with rage like a madman's would.

It was a pleasant day. The sun shone and the weather was fair enough to allow people to enjoy the great outdoors. About two weeks had passed since the majestic ball honoring the beginning of Lent.

Miss Marie Darkholme strolled down Royal St. accompanied by the divine Miss Kitty and with a servant girl walking a few paces behind since in those days it was not ladylike for a young girl to go out unescorted. The two young ladies were on their way home from a little stroll around town. Miss Marie was busily describing Mississippi to a very interested Kitty, one hand jesting animatedly in the air while the other held up her white parasol.

"It sounds so very magnificent, Marie. It really does. You must really miss it!" said Kitty empathetically.

"Yes, Ah do," replied Marie, a look of sadness crossing her face momentarily, " But there's enough excitement in N'Awlins tah divert mah attention."

"So very true! But you made a grand impression at the ball," said Kitty, smiling from ear to ear with a devilish look in her piercing, azure eyes, "Sir Remy seemed to quite take pleasure in your company, would you not agree?"

"Well uh...Ah suppose," Replied Marie, a pale shade of crimson spreading on her lily-white cheeks. At this, Kitty simply giggled, getting that far off look she go whenever anyone mentioned Remy LeBeau. However, this was something that Marie did not understand. All the girls she had been acquainted to seemed to be head over heals over Remy. But if he wore to cast his attention upon anyone of them, it would only last for maybe an evening filled with dancing after which any girl would return to her beau.

"But you should have seen the glares Belladonna was shooting you from across the room!" exclaimed Kitty, "I don't believe she's used to being second in Remy's eyes. You should be careful of her. She tends to get a bit on the jealous side when it comes to whom she believes to be the love of her life."

"Don't worry about meh. It's not like he asked mah hand in marriage, it was just a few dances, nothin' more." Said Marie dismissively but was interrupted by a male voice from behind her.

"Y' wound me, mademoiselle," said the ever so familiar voice making Marie gasp and stop dead in her tracks, "Remy t'ougt dat was de best dance o' his life."

"Monsieur LeBeau! Ah-ah didn't acknowledge your presence," said a startled Marie, desperately trying to fix her blunder. She could almost feel a blush spreading on her face under his intense gaze. Acknowledging his Remy's arrival, Kitty immediately took her leave of the two since they had just arrived near her abode. However, before leaving the two, she seemed to give Marie a look that implied that she sought to know everything that took place after her depart.

"Tell me, Miss Marie, would y' give dis Cajun de honor o' escortin' y' home? It ain't safe f' a fille like y' t' walk alone, even during de afternoon." he said.

"No, it's perfectly fahne Monsieur LeBeau, y' don't have tah go out of yahr way foh meh." she said.

"Non, but Remy insists," he said, "Unless y' don't enjoy Remy's company."

"On tha contrary, if yah really insist, Ah don't see any harm in it," said Marie. Immediately, he extended a hand, which she graciously took, allowing him to escort her towards her domicile.

"Now chère , y' have t' tell Remy dat what you said earlier about de dances we shared was a simple joke," continued Remy, taking on a somber look, "Because if y' don't, Remy don't t'ink he can prolong livin' like dis."

"An' what if it ain't a joke?" asked Marie teasingly, not being able to stop herself from laughing at the look on his face.

"Drôle, très drôlethen," he said rolling his eyes playfully and earning a smack on his upper hand form her, "But dat wasn't funny, y' wound me so!"

"Glad t' here it, swamp rat." she said before she was able to stop herself. Marie felt herself blush furiously and tried to avert her eyes but it was impossible.

"Already have a pet name, chère ?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh..erm...Ah'm-ah'm terribly sorry...Monsieur LeBeau!" she exclaimed, blushing even further if achievable.

"Oh, so now we back on a second name basis? Dat's ok though, Remy can relate t' a fellow rat. A river rat, dat is." He said, enjoying himself. She had a mixed expression of both irritation and unreserved bewilderment, covered by a crimson blush.

"Y' know, y' even more belle when y' blush, cherie." He said, with a genuine look in his eyes. By then, they had stopped walking since the two had reached Marie's house.

"Ah should go, Monsieur LeBeau," said Marie.

"Remy, just call me Remy. I don't 'appreciate all dose brainless formalities, chère ." He said, "Hope t' see y' tomorrow evening at Monsieur Maximoff's soirée. Y'd make de evening perfect."

"Yes, ah will beh attendin'." Said Marie.

"Well den, if dere will be any dancin', y' have t' promise Remy de first dance," he said in a deep purr.

"Since yah asked politely, wahy not?" she said, "Well Ah'll see yah tomorrow evening, Mons – uh…Remy."

"Au revoir, ma belle," he said, picking up her hand and brushing his lips against her fingers, sending light chills down her spine. He then slowly started walking down the boulevard, giving her one last flirtatious look.

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OOOooOo super sorry it took so long to update. I'm a total hypocrite because when I review I want people to update SOON but here I am and it's taking me like weeks! Ok well I hope you like the short chapter, you'll be glad to know I'm reenergized and have a fab idea to spice it all up.

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