I looked up at him, not wanting to meet his eyes, but feeling compelled. I felt the same old revulsion, but this time… it was mixed with an odd sort of terror. Why had he come back, after such a long time? After everything he had said, everything he had done?

"Yes," I replied, eyes flicking to my hands. I studied them, still admiring the ring on my left ring finger. It was beautiful, sparkling like the chandelier in the opera house, lights dancing across it like a deluge of rain in the gutter.

"How are you?" he asked, as if everything was fine once more. "Have you still been singing?"

I turned a smoldering gaze upon him. "You should know, you're there at every performance. Why do you keep following me? Why? Don't you realize I'm happy, now?"

He shied away from my stare, and half curved away from me. "Christine, I'm not the same person I was. What happened so long ago-"

"No. You knew exactly what you were doing then, and you know exactly what you're doing now. I won't stand for it!" I screamed, and threw the long stemmed rose he had given me at the floor, crushing it under my heel.

He plunged to his knees by the shredded petals, as if unable to believe I had destroyed them consciously. In a stupefied daze, he asked, "I thought you liked roses…?"

I beheld him in disgust. "Not from you."

A haunted look possessed him, and his expression was the crumpled exterior of exhaustion and bereavement. "I'm sorry," he sighed agonizingly, and shuffled to his feet, shoulders wilting.

I reached out to him, in remembrance of our deceased love, but let my hands drop. "Raoul, I…"

Raoul staggered away, and I watched him go. It was painful, to see him so changed. I let a tear fall, as warm hands enfolded my waist. A tender voice floated to my ears, bearing words I could never grow weary of.

"I love you, my dear."

I smiled at the man in the mask, and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. My Phantom of the Opera.


The characters used belong to Gaston Leroux. The plot of this story belongs to me, and hopefully you enjoyed it. Feedback would be appreciated!