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Chapter 1 – Idiot truce

Rain poured down the windows of a small house that belonged to the Sons, Mt.Paiz loomed in the distance. Inside the cozy house a young boy of 11 leaned over his mothers shoulder, looking down at the bundle she held in her arms. The tiny baby looked up at its mother with coal black eyes.

"Isn't she beautiful Gohan?" The woman asked her elder son who smiled and nodded.

"What shall we call her?" Chi-chi looked up at Gohan. He looked out the window at the rain pouring down outside.

"Faith," He said solemnly "because we must always have faith that things will be ok."

17 years had passed since that day and Trunks touched down in front of the little house in the woodland area. He knocked on the door and stood waiting.

"Hello? Anyone home?" He shouted and the door was yanked open. A 17 year old girl with black hair that fell down to her waist stood in the door way. She wore an over sized I 3 NY shirt that stopped just above her thighs. Trunks couldn't help but blush at the sight.

"Morning Faith" He said looking down slightly to hide the redness of his cheeks.

"Hay Trunks" Faith said with a yawn "What's with the early wake up call?"

"Well lets see, if were not at school in…oh 6 minutes we'll be in detention till were old and grey!"

Faith looked at him quizzically "But its Monday" She said. Then stopped mid stretch as realization hit, her eyes opening wide.

"Oh shit its Monday!" She ran back into the house and rushed up the stairs. As Trunks walked into the hallway he couldn't help but chuckle at his best friend's antics. He heard her running round upstairs in a frenzy.

Suddenly Pan ran downstairs, holding up a pale blue top with 'loveable' written across the chest. She came to a halt at Trunk's feet and turned back to the stairs.

"PAN SON, YOU BRING THAT BACK NOW!!" Faith appeared at the top of the stairs, her hair pulled into a plait across her shoulder. She had donned a ruffled blue mini-skirt and wore a blain black chocker around her neck and was apparently intent of wearing the 'loveable' shirt, but instead was in nothing but a pale blue bra. Trunks felt a blush rushing up his neck and across his cheeks.

"Make me!" Pan cried back, sticking her tongue out at Faith and running through into the living room. Faith ran after her, fuming. She eventually pounced on top of her niece and managed to yank the top out of her hands.

As she walked back over to where Trunk's stood she pulled on her top and looked at him.

"Hay Trunks, what's wrong with you? You look like a beetroot with lavender hair." She giggled at the thought of Trunk's head being a beetroot with hair. Trunks laughed as well and scratched the back of his head. She looked up at the clock on the wall and cursed under her breath.

"Aaww I'm telling!" Pan yelled and headed towards the kitchen.

"You dare and I'll tell Grandma who really broke favorite her vase!" Pan stopped mid step and grumbled as she continued toward the kitchen. Faith grabble trunk's wrist and dragged him after her.

"Hay dad, could you give us a lift, we're kinda late." Faith asked, walking up to Goku who was busy stuffing his face at the kitchen table.

"But I'm eating" He complained through a mouthful of toast, pancakes and Kami knows what else.

"Yeah but Mum'll blame YOU for not giving up a lift when we get a months worth of detention for being late for school again." She reasoned. Goku quickly swallowed his food and stood up. Grabbing hold of Faith's free hand he put two fingers to his head ready to use instant translocation but stopped when Faith hurriedly pulled her hand away

"Wait! My homework!" She cried and rushed back upstairs. Goku and Trunks sighed as she came back downstairs, math and geography books in hand. "K ready." She smiled grabbing hold of Goku whilst Trunks put his hand on his shoulder.

Moments later they were on the roof of OSH. Faith kissed Goku on the cheek and she and thanked him as she and Trunks ran through the door that lead down the stairs into the main building.

They reached the main hall way just as the bell rang. They high fived and ran to their lockers, thanking Kami for their good timing.

Two and a half hours later they were sat in geography. Trunks lent on this elbow whilst Faith doodled in her book next to him. Their geography teacher, Mr. Taylor, had a habit of droning on and on, not once noticing that half his class had gone into a boredom induced coma.

Trunks could feel his eyes getting heavy when a paper ball hit him between the eyes and landed on the desk in front of him. Faith looked up from the doodle of Shenron she was doing up the side of her page ad watched as Trunks opened the note and read it over his shoulder.

Dear Trunksy

Oh dear god! Faith thought to herself

We need to talk. Meet me at my locker after geog.

LuvCindy xoxox

Trunks looked over at his current girlfriend Cindy. Cindy was head cheerleader and brought a whole new meaning to the fraise 'Blond bimbo'. He nodded and turned back to face the board.

"Oh man, Trunks. I'm sorry." Faith said, putting a comforting hand on Trunk's shoulder.

"What the hell are you on Faith?" Trunks said, looking at his friend, one lavender eye brow raised.

"Not only are you dating the dimmest girl at Orange Star," She said in a matter-of-fact way "but she's gonna dump you right before lunch. What a downer."

"What are you talking about? She just wants to talk, that's all."

Faith sweat dropped "Man Trunks, and you call me oblivious! 'We need to talk' is girlfriend-boyfriend language for 'I'm going to dump you, but I'm still kind enough to do it in person'" Faith said, closing her book and standing up as the bell went and the other teenagers rushed out of the room.

"Yeah right, she probably just wants to arrange our next date is all." Trunks said, standing up and following Faith out into the bustling hallway.

Faith rolled her eyes "What ever you say Trunks, but don't say I didn't warn you."

Several minuets later Trunks headed towards Faith's locker for lunch. Faith stood leaning inside her messy locker, listening to music on a cd player. Trunks leaned against the locker next to hers. She looked up and took out one of the ear buds.

"Well?" She asked, cocking her head to one side

"She dumped me. Apparently she's been two-timing me with some guy called Paul from the hockey team." He sighed why does she have to be right all the time?

"Aaww dude, that's rough. She isn't worth it. I mean come on; a midge has more brain cells than her!" He laughed slightly and she smiled.

Just as they did Cindy and her gang of faithful cheerleaders walked passed. They giggled at the sight of Trunks and whispered behind their hands. Cindy batted her eyelashes at Trunks and joined the other cheerleaders with their giggle brigade. A sweat drop fell down both Trunk's and Faith's heads. Once they'd turned the corned Faith turned to face Trunks again.

"I thought you said she dumped you?" She asked. Trunks was still staring dumbfounded after the girls

"S-she did." He said and looked at Faith and they both burst out laughing.

"Man trunks snigger you sure do pick giggle the dumbest girls" Faith laughed, clutching her sides.

"Oh yeah," Trunks retaliated, wiping a tear of mirth from the corner of his eye "and your last boyfriend was just a barrel of wisdom, huh?" Faith stopped laughing at this, straightening up.

"Ok here's the deal," She said looking at Trunks solemnly "I won't go out with anymore idiots, if you don't go out with any more idiots. Deal?" She put her hand out and Trunks put his hand in hers and shook it.

"Deal." He said. Faith put her cd player back inside her locker and they headed of towards the cafeteria.

"You know this really doesn't give us much competition." Faith said as they walked down the hall way

"Yeah, we're like the only 2 normal people in this place. And we're both half saiyan!" Trunks laughed. Faith giggled. Her laugh is so cute……WHAT THE FUCK!? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? Trunks thought to him self as they headed through the doors of the cafeteria.

Next time on Faithful love: Faith and Trunks are starting to feel things for each other that they've never felt before and it's kinda creeping them out!

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