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Sorry to leave in such a rush but we could really do with actually arriving on time for school for once. We're stopping by CC so Trunks can grab some cloths and his school stuff.

See you later.

- Faith."

Bulma scrunched the paper up as her hands balled into fists, a vain throbbing in her forehead.

"Oh, those two!"

Meanwhile about 500 miles to the North… (I don't really know what direction it is so sorry if this is wrong)

Faith landed first, her black Converse high tops (Ooo I want!) landing silently on the roof of Orange Star High. She wore a pair of denim roll ups that rode low on her hips, showing a hint of pale flesh between the black studded belt and spaghetti strap top.

Trunks alighted next to her. He was clad in a pair of dark denim jeans that settled lightly atop a pair of deep purple boots. On the top he wore a simple short sleeved shirt, the same colour his boots, and a black and red Capsule Corp jacket.

"I never thought I'd say this but…" Trunks looked at Faith as a smile broke out upon her face as she spoke "Yay school!" He laughed cheerfully, he too glad to be away from the awkwardness that was the Son family home.

Together they walked to wards the roof entrance.

"We can't avoid them forever you know." He spoke up as they reached the door. Faith turned, her hand placed on top of the handle.

"I know. But we can sure as hell try." She grinned and opened the door and the pair headed down the stairs into the belly of the school.

Chapter 9 – Catch Me If You Can

"Don't we usually make a big deal about avoiding these things?"

"Yeah, but we need to be here this time."

"Why do we NEED to be at pep rally?" Trunks asked, slouching against the bleachers and looking down disdainfully at the cheerleading squad below.

"Well for a start we promised Marron we would." Faith said, her eyes trained upon the younger blond girl as she stood atop a pyramid of other girls in matching orange and green uniforms.

"We?" Trunks turned to look at the raven-haired girl.

"Oh I'm sorry. You promised Marron we'd come." Faith gave a smirk as she turned to look at him.

"I didn't…" He trailed off as memories of the conversation at the party two days previous floated into his mind's eye. "Oh. Yeah. Crap." Faith laughed. And turned her head back around.

"Besides, I have a plan."

"What plan?" Trunks raised an eyebrow, making Faith's smirk grew a little more.

.:Wouldn't you like to know:. She said cockily through their bond, sending him a sly wink.

.:Why yes I would:. He sent back, moving his body closer to his mate, trailing his fingers over her hand.

.:Well you'll just have to wait and see:. She moved her hand on top of his and linked their fingers together before turning her head to watch the coach would was now stood making a speech on the makeshift podium in the centre of the room. Trunks watched her face for any indication of what she was up to before he too watched the coach.

Damn it. She must have learnt to shield her thoughts already.

.:Indeed I have. Unlike some people:. He sweat dropped as a smile broke across Faith's lips.

Cindy stared up at the crowed, her green-eyed gaze trained upon two forms up near the top of the bleachers. She narrowed her eyes as she watched the lavender haired male converse with the dark eyed girl.

A gasp escaped her lips as he moved closer to her and watched as their hands entwined.

Her red painted lips morphed into a pout as she scowled menacingly through blond bangs.

Now what's going on here then? If that little witch thinks she can get away with my property she's in for one hell of a surprise.

Looking through the rest of her cheerleading squad her eyes fell upon the figure of a younger girl, her shoulder length blond hair pulled into a set of pigtails as she smiled happily at the crowd of Orange Star students.

Giving a slight smirk, Cindy left her position beside the coach's stand and went to stand beside her target.

"So Marron," Her sudden appearance made Marron jump slightly as she turned to face the head cheerleader. "You're friends with Faith and Trunks right?" Her voice held a false sweetness that made unease creep up Marron's spine.

"Um… yes." She replied uneasily.

"So tell me. What's going on between those two?" A feral gleam caught her eye as she spoke.

"What do you mean? Those two have been best friends since before I was even born. Why?"

"They just seem rather close is all. I mean, if I were someone else, I'd think that those two were… well. An item." She shrugged in fabricated innocence. Marron blinked, then turned to look at the pair sat up in the bleachers.

"No way. I mean… they are close. But they always have been. They couldn't be… no. They couldn't be. Could they?" Cindy smirked, heading back towards the podium and leaving Marron alone with her fresh doubt.

"Hay Marron!" The blond turned around as she closed her locker. She watched as the raven-haired Son girl headed through the changing room towards her, stopping before her, a smile lifting the corners of her lips. "Well, we came."

"Yeah." Marron replied half-heartedly.

"What's wrong?" The older girl lost her smile.

"Nothing." She said hurriedly, waving her hands in front of her for emphasis. "I just have a… test next period is all. I'm… a little nervous."

"Oh, I understand. I get that all the time." Faith regained her smile "Hay could you do me a huge favour?"

"Erm… sure, what is it?"

"I was hoping me and Trunks could hide out on the island for a while after school." Marron raised one eyebrow.

"What did you do?"

"Oh nothing much. We just need to keep a low profile, you know." Faith said, rubbing the back of her neck guiltily, a Son Grin ™ set on her face.

Marron gazed at the girl in hopes to gain more information. When all she received was the cry of the school bell she sighed, shrugging her shoulders in defeat.


"Thanks Marron! I owe you one." Faith cried happily, flinging her arms about the young teen.

"Alright, alright. It's no big deal." Marron laughed, pulling herself away. "Now, don't you think you should be heading to class?"

"Oh. Yeah." Faith turned on her heel and walked down several lockers before dialling in the combination and pulling the metal door open. The blond sweat dropped as other girls began to pile into the room.

"Faith? What are you doing?"

"I have gym now." Faith said, turning her ebony gaze to her in bewilderment.

"Oh. Never mind then."

Trunks gazed out at the expanse of Satan City, domed buildings littering the city in all directions as its residence wandered about the streets, each focused on a different task, a different life.

Giving a sigh, Trunks slumped against the railing that kept him from falling off the roof of Orange Star High. Letting the gentle breeze whisk his lavender hair he allowed his mind wander. No matter what he did he couldn't get his thoughts off her.


His mate.

He smiled. Yes. His mate.

His fingers raised to his shoulder, running over the bit mark at the base of his neck. He could still feel her sharp white teeth sinking into his flesh, her tongue caressing the fresh wound.

Trunks closed his eyes as memories flooded through him. The feel of her body pressed against him, her bare skin sending bolts of lightning up and down his spine as her hands grazed over his back, lips pressed tightly to his own. The feel of her hair tangled in his fingers as her soft scent flickered across through his senses.

"Ahem." Trunks eyes shot open and he spun around to find Marron stood behind him, tapping her foot impatiently. Behind her stood a flustered Faith; he raised one eyebrow at her.

.:Still haven't learnt to shield your thoughts huh:. Her voice rang through his head and he realised his mistake. Red sprung to his cheeks.

"Are we gonna get going or what?" The pair were dragged back into the world of the waking by Marron's voice.

"Oh, right." Trunks said, turning back to the city and was about to take to the air when something hit him. "Erm… where are we going exactly?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at the girls.

"You didn't tell him?" Marron asked, rounding on Faith who in turn looked thoughtful

"I know there was something I was supposed to do." She murmured, more to herself that the others, before she turned to Trunks. "We're going to go hide out at Marron's place for awhile. Let the others… simmer down before we head back."

Trunks nodded and lifted into the air, heading into the clouds. Faith hovered above the concrete roof and was about to follow when she remembered Marron.

"Erm… do you know how to fly?"

"Nope." Marron shook her head. "I never really learned. I normally just take an air car to school." Faith rolled her eyes, dropping back to the ground.

"Alright," She said, moving to stand beside Marron and lacing her arms around the blond girl's waist. "Hold on."

Marron let out a sharp squeak as they left the ground, clinging tightly to Faith. The raven-haired Son paused for a moment for her ears to stop ringing before bursting upwards and through the cloudbank where Trunks was floating in mid-air waiting for them.

"Let's go." Faith declared and the three of set off towards the coastline at an alarming pace.

It only took about half an hour before the three teens landed on the sandy beach of the tiny island. The pink Kami House sat before them while an elderly man sat lounging in a deck chair beneath the lone palm tree.

"Hay there, Roshi." Marron chirped happily, having now overcome the ordeal of the speedy flight. The old man looked up from his previous position, staring at the inside of a magazine.

"Aahh, back early I see. Ooo and you brought some friends." His face broke into a grin and in a flash, he was stood before Faith, his cheeks red. "Why hello there, beautiful. So nice of you to come visit an old man. Very nice indeed." Trunks couldn't help but scowl at the perverted old man as his eyes roamed over Faith's body, his fists balled into fists at he fought the jealousy raising up with him.

"Back off old man." The dead pan voice alerted the group to the presence of 18, stood leaning against the doorframe idly. "She's taken. Right, Trunks?" The smirk that broke out on her face as she turned her blue eyes to Trunks was startling to say the least.

"W-what?" Trunks stuttered, his anger forgotten.

"Your mom called." Krillen stated matter-of-factly, his comment directed towards Faith, as he came to stand beside his wife in the doorway, sporting a matching smirk. The pair blushed.

"We can explain." Faith insisted, serving only to make Krillen's smile widen.

"What's to explain? I think you two make a great couple."

"Wait a sec!" Marron exclaimed "Couple? And explain what? What the heck's going on?"

"It's nothing. Really!" Faith tried to explain. "It's just a simple misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding huh?" 18 spoke up "Finding Trunks in your bed seems pretty straight forward to me."

"WHAT?" Marron shouted, rounding on the pair who backed off a step, cringing as the loud voice stung their sensitive hearing.

.:We screwed:. Trunks asked telepathically as the pair sweat dropped.

.:Oh yeah:.

.:Run away:.

.:Oh yeah:.

"Well guys, this has been fun, but we have to get going." Trunks said hurriedly as the two lifted to the air.

"Yeah. You know how it is. Homework and all that. Well… see ya." With that the two demi-saiyans blasted away from the island and into the skies.

"HAY! Get back here and explain yourselves RIGHT NOW!" Marron cried through the cloud of sand that was blown up in their hurried departure.

Tiny wings beat the air fluidly as the fragile creature flitted in and out of the trees. The figures stood tall and proud, the plumes of greenery that covered their branches lapped at the setting sun, making the rays of light dance.

The young butterfly felt exhaustion closing in and lowered itself to ground level and landed gracefully atop an abandoned shoe, its partner sat beside it, accompanied by another pair of haphazardly forsaken boots.

Fluttering its gold hued wings, the creature gazed out at the pool of crystal water that lay before it. Trees crept up to the water's edge, shielding the tranquil scene from the rest of the world.

A large sycamore tree towered above the rest, one thick limb reaching out over the water elegantly. From it, an ample type hovered over the water by way of three ropes tied to the branch.

Fully rested, the butterfly beat its wings once more, taking to the air and floating elegantly over the tyre and the two occupants that lay upon it.

"Hay look, Trunks. A butterfly." Faith whispered happily from her position lying over her mate's body.

In reply, the lavender-haired Saiyan merely smiled, looking down at the girl that lay in his arms, his hands clasped down on her waist with her own placed atop them.

"Remember when we used to come here when we were kids?" Faith asked softly, tilting her head back to make eye contact with him.

"Yeah. This was our spot." He breathed, gazing deep into her onyx eyes as childhood memories played through his head. "We spent weeks finding this tyre."

Faith giggled lightly "Came in use though. This was the greatest hide out in history."

"We certainly spent a lot of time here." He smiled, staring up at the canopy overhead.

"Which reminds me." He looked down just in time to see a reckless glint flash through Faith's eyes before he was yanked from the tyre and sent crashing into the cool water below.

Trunks burst up through the water's surface and dragged in huge lungs-full of air before setting his frown on the girl in front of him. Faith merely giggled from where she sat, perched innocently on the edge of the swing, her bare feet dipped into the water.

"What was that for?"

"That was for when you pushed me in the water the last time we were here." She shrugged idly "I never got to pay you back."

"Oh really?" A playful smirk broke out across his face before he grabbed hold of the girl's legs and yanked her into the water with a cry.

Trunks smirked maliciously as her head erupted from the water and she gulped down air. Once she was over the initial shock and had regained her breath, she smirked.

"Oh, you think that's funny do you?" Letting off a battle cry she launched herself at Trunks pushing him back under the water. Without thinking, he grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her down with him and the pair sunk through the clear water, bubbles of air clinging desperately to their forms.

Trunks opened his eyes to meet the smiling ebony gaze of the demi-saiyan girl, tendrils of loose black hair billowing behind her in the water.

Reaching up one hand, he ran his fingers down across her cheek, savouring the feel of her soft skin, memorising every curve of her face.

Faith lent forward, brushing her lips teasingly over the tip of his nose then pulled back to stare him in the eye. She winked and she was gone, wriggled from his grasp and swimming away, darting between the rocks.

.:Catch me if you can:. She sang through his head, every syllable bubbling with laughter.

Grinning, Trunks sped after her. Her ki was dropped to an unreadable level and there was no chance of finding her scent in the underwater world but the tingling that still haunted the tip of his nose drove him on, urging him to find her faster.

Time disappeared to the very back of his thoughts as he hunted the girl, searching in and out of the rocks. Every now and again he would catch a glimpse; a foot, a flash of denim, a strand of hair.

Finally, the cry of his empty lungs became too great and he was forced to the surface, shattering the calm face of the water as he floated there panting.

"Took you long enough." The giggling voice touched his ears and he looked up. Faith sat on the banking, her legs stretched out on the grass in front of her, wet hair sticking to her face and down her back. She winked teasingly.

"How long have you been sat there?" Trunks asked, moving through the water towards his mate.

"Hmm," Faith placed a finger to her chin in a mock thinking pose "Oh, about three minutes or so." She smiled with fake innocence.

"Well," He reached the edge and moved his body up over hers, forcing her to lay down, until he was eye level to her, resting his weight on his hands either side of her face. "That wasn't very nice."

"Aww. I'm sorry. I shall just have to make it up to you, wont I?" As she spoke she placed her hands up against his chest, grabbing hold of the soaking shirt and pulling him down so his face hovered precariously over her own, revelling in the feel of his warm breath upon her lips.

"I guess you will." Trunks whispered before he sank into the burning heat of her kiss.

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