Know Your Stars..

I got the idea for this fic when I was watching "All That" on 'teen nick'.

Every episode there is about a two-minute skit where one of the stars of the show sit in a chair on the stage while blue lighting moves around them and someone, we never quite find out who; starts to speak in a low announcer voice saying "Know your stars.. know your stars" and then he announces strange phrases and false facts about the cast members. The cast member usually is quite disturbed, embarrassed, and wondering who this guy is. One episode is even dedicated entirely to "The Know Your Stars Guy" as he goes by. All the cast members try to find the "Know Your Stars Guy" and when they finally do find the studio he is recording his voice in they "attempt", attempt the key word here to break down the door. Finally they do but everyone is scared of the "Know Your Stars Guy" and so only one of them goes inside and ends up getting their butt kicked by the "Know Your Stars Guy"…

But what would happen if the Yu Yu Hakusho cast were the ones getting the facts told about? This should be good.

Eva: Hello and welcome to my fic! This is my first fan fiction I actually published, but not quite the first one I wrote. My first fic is pretty long, but I'm almost done with the first chapter so be sure to keep checking back for that story and the continuing chapter from this story!

Yusuke: Blah Blah Blah. Just get on with it already!

Eva: umm.. sorry Hiei will you please say the disclaimer?

Hiei: mumble Eva doesn't own Yu Yu Hakusho, All That, My Little Pony, or any of the other things mentioned in this fic.

Eva: Thank you Hiei, now on with the story!

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."

"Yusuke Urameshi.."

"He Got An A on his last Biology Test.."

Hey! I did not get an A on my biology test!..I got a C- thank you very much. Besides Biology is the only class I have that give multiple-choice answers. That way I have a better chance."

"Yusuke Urameshi.."

"He secretly holds sewing meetings in his basement.."

What the hell?! I do not hold sewing meetings in my basement!! I don't even know how to sew!!

"Sure you don't.."

Who is this anyway!?

"Yusuke Urameshi.."

"He can stuff 12 lemons up his nose…"

WHAT!?!?! Ok look buddy, you have one sick mind to tell false information like this to people..I don't think anyone can stuff 12 lemons up their nose!!!...except mabey Kuwabara…So there!!

Camera starts to fade away from stage

"Now you know Yusuke Urameshi.."

They do not know me!! I don't hold sewing meetings in my basement, or stuff lemons up my nose, and I have never gotten an A!!! Hey get back here!! I'll find out who you are and then you'll be sorry!!

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."

"GAH!! Whos there! Its those ghosts again!"

"Kazuma Kuwabara.."

"ahh! How do you know my name!?!"

"He keeps an African Gazelle as a pet…"

I do not keep an African Gazelle as a pet!! But I do have a kitty

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."

"Kazuma Kuwabara.."

"Watches "My Little Pony" while his friends are not looking.."

"Huh!?! I do not watch my little pony! I've never even seen that show!! Besides isn't it from the 80's or somethin?"

"It is..but that's why you have it on dvd isn't it?"

"What the heck is your problem!? I just said I've never even seen that show before! Why would I have it on dvd!?"

"I don't know. Maybe you should watch it sometime. Considering you have it on dvd."


"Kazuma Kuwabara.."

"Once tried to balance his refrigerator on his nose…"

WHHAATT!?!?! I've never balanced my refrigerator on my nose!..he he. Ok there was this one time..But it was just to see if it was possible!

"And did you succeed?"


"Then try try again."

"GRR!! Ok just go away!! .. wait.. where are you!?!

Camera starts to fade away from stage

"Now you know Kazuma Kuwabara..."

"They do not know me! I don't do any of that stupid stuff!!"

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."



"He loves pink fluffy bunnies.."

"Do I look like someone who would love pink fluffy bunnies?"


" -- stupid nigen. I hate pink and bunnies. So there."

"Sure you do."


"I know you are but what am I!"

"a baka.. Who is this anyway?"

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."


"He started World War II."

"As much as I hate the human race I did not start World War II. I wasn't even living in the human world when this war was going on."

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."


"He once climbed Mt. Everest and died."

"If I died why would I be sitting here right now?, and I have never climbed that mountain or any other mountain for that matter."

Camera starts to fade away from stage

"Now you know Hiei..."

"They do NOT know me. This stupid information is not true. Who is this!? I will find out who this is and then you will die!!"

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."


"umm..hello? who's there?"

"He once stole a Christmas tree from an orphanage."

"I have never stolen a Christmas tree from an orphanage. That very thought offends me.."

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."


"He butters his pants every morning."

"what!?! o.O I have never buttered my pants!? Why would someone even do that? Your supposed to butter toast, not pants.."

"And we thought you were the smart one…"

"Hey! I am very smart thank you."

"Know Your Stars..Know Your Stars.."


"He secretly wears dresses and makeup when in his house.."

"WHAT!?! Ok. I do not. I repeat do not wear dresses."

"But you do wear makeup."

"I don't wear makeup either!! Really, who is this!?"

Camera starts to fade away from stage

"Now you know Kurama..."

"They most definitely do not know me.. I mean Its common sense that I don't butter my pants or steal Christmas trees or wear dresses and makeup! If I buttered my pants wouldn't they be all covered in butter!? Wait! Come back! Im not done telling these people the truth! Get back here!!

To Be Continued…

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