Searching for Seto

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Chp1 Kidnapped

Seto Kaiba closed his laptop as he looked at the time. 1:30 a.m., it is really late he thought. He then heard a crashing sound from downstairs. Getting up he opened his door and slowly walked down the stairs so he wouldn't alert the intruder. Looking around Kaiba didn't see anyone. He heard a sound behind him so he pointed ht e flashlight in front of him.

Kaiba couldn't recognize the man because he was wearing a black jumper and a skiing cap that covered the person's face except their eyes.

" What are you doing in my house?" Kaiba yelled.

The intruder didn't answer, so Kaiba want to get the phone, but before he could pick up the phone the man hit him with a bat.

" Mission accomplished sir," the person said into his cell phone.

" Excellent," the amen on the other side of the line said, " Our plan is finally coming together."

The next day at school everyone was talking about what was on the news in the morning.

" Hey Yug!" Joey shouted, " What happened on the news?"

" Don't you know?" Yugi asked.

" If I knew then I wouldn't need to ask you," Joey said.

" Well, Kaiba was kidnapped earlier this morning," Yugi explained.

" That is just too bad," Joey grinned.

" It is isn't it?" Yugi frowned, " poor Mokuba. We should stop by after school."

" Maybe Kaiba was taking a walk and got lost," Joey suggested.

" Talking about Kaiba?" Tristan questioned.

" Yes,"

" I think that it is just too bad, but he deserves it," Tristan said.

" Either way we need to get to the bottom of this," Yugi informed.

" Can't he officers do that?" Joey asked,

" Yes, but we should help too,"

" I was afraid you were going to say that," Joey frowned.

Waking up Kaiba saw complete darkness. He could hear people, but couldn't see anyone.

" I demand to know what the heck is going on!" Kaiba hollered.

Kaiba could feel the bind covering his eyes being loosened. A tall man wearing a blue suit with dirty blond hair was staring at him.

" Aww, Mr. Kaiba. We thought you would never get here," he said.

" Who are you!" Kaiba yelled.

" My name is Fredrick Uppermyer," He introduced himself, " and you are in a little organization called GOA. Gamers Of Australia."

" Australia? How did I get here?"

" My friend Charyll helped me," he informed pointing to the man in the black jumper with a ski cap.

The man took off the ski cap surprising Kaiba. It was a girl. I woman kidnapped him.

"Why did you kidnap me?" Kaiba asked.

" We want something of yours," he smiled.

" What?' he asked raising an eyebrow.

" Kaiba corp."

"Why it is all the way in Japan," Kaiba questioned.

" Yes, but we the Gamers Of Australia can mover over to Japan and take over,"

" Why Kaiba corp.?"

" It is a fast growing company in business and money," Fredrick stated.

" I try," Kaiba grinned, " but you can't have it."

" Well, then we can't let you go," Fredrick frowned.

" What! You can't keep me here!" he roared.

" Actually we can and that is what we intend to do. Good day Mr. Kaiba," he waved locking Kaiba in the room.

" What Kind of trouble have I've been placed in?" Kaiba asked sitting in the cold dark room.

Yugi knocked on the door of the Kaiba mansion. Everyone waited for the door to open. An old man maybe a butler was starring at the gang.

" We are here to Mokuba," Yugi explained.

" Master Mokuba is in his room. Follow me and don't touch anything,"

They walked into Kaiba's mansion. It was huge with a grand living room and an oversized kitchen. Stopping the butler opened the door where Mokuba was.

"Hey Mokuba," Yugi smiled,

" Hello, Yugi,"

" I will leave all you alone," the butler said.

" Why are you here," he questioned looking at the gang.

" We wanted to see if you were okay," Tea said concerned.

" Yeah and if Kaiba is really gone," Joey said looking in Mokuba's closet as if Kaiba was in there ready to pounce on him.

" Joey," Tea glared.

" I'm not doing so well," Mokuba, sighed, " I have a huge decision on my shoulders."

" What?" Yugi asked.

"I know once my brother disappears or dies I have to take over Kaiba corp," Mokuba spoke shuffling his feet.

" That is a big problem," Tristan said.

" Mokuba don't worry because we are going to go look for him," Yugi promised.

" What about school?" Tea panicked.

" Tomorrow is the last day of school before summer," Duke reminded her.

" And no one does anything on the last day of school," Joey added.

" Yugi, how are we going to find Kaiba? We don't know where to look?" Ryou asked.

" Easy he isn't here, so we should look outside of Japan,"

" We can make pretty posters," Tea grinned.

" Pretty posters? No way! What we need is a Fancy airplane to search with," Joey corrected.

" You can use our private plane," Mokuba offered.

" Really cool let's go!" he shouted jumping up and down.

" How about we meet here at 8:00. Bring your stuff it is going to be a long trip," Yugi instructed.

" Okay," they said.

" Big brother we are coming to find you,"

The door opened, but Kaiba couldn't tell who it was until the person flipped the switch. It was Charyll, his kidnapper.

" What do you want?" he rudely asked.

" I just want to give you your lunch," she said with a southern accent placing the tray on Kaiba's lap.

" Is it poison?" he asked examining the food.

" The only poison here is your attitude," she smiled untying his hands.

" I wouldn't be this angry if you didn't kidnap me," he hollered.

" You're cute," she grinned.

Kaiba blushed at her statement. No one ever called him cute before, but the girls at his school, but they only wanted money. This lady was sincere. For the first since he was kidnapped he took a good look at her. She had wavy red hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She had a smile, and appearance that could make any guy melt.

" Hello? Mr. Kaiba," she waved her hand in his face.

" Call me Seto," he smiled.

" Okay Seto enjoy your meal,' she said leaving, but she waited around the door.

" Oh and um I just wanted to tell you,"

" Yes," Kaiba said.

" Your drooling and it really nasty," she giggled shutting the door.

Kaiba mentally slapped himself. He was not a lover. Love was for the weak, but why was his cold heart beating?

At exactly 8pm everyone was standing in front of Kaiba's plane with their luggage.

" Airplane food here I come," Joey said taking his bags and jumping in the plane.

(Authors note: () this means Yugi is talking to his Yami.)

(Are sure you want to do this?)

(Yes Yami I am.)

(Okay, but I will be here if you need me.)

" Okay guys sit back and let me show you how to fly this plane," Joey announced pushing a red button.

A screen pulled down from the ceiling while Joey was explaining to Yugi how easy it was to fly a plane.

" Mutt don't touch my plane!"

Joey jumped at the sound of someone's voice. When he saw it was Kaiba he shook his fist.

" This plane has a powerful alarm system. My brother programmed it, so only the employees, my brother, and me can use it," he explained.

Mokuba walked over to the controls and pressed a blue button.

" Mokuba how nice to see you," he smirked.

" Is he really-

" No, Yugi, it is just a tape he made," Mokuba, said pulling back a lever.

" How did he know it was me then," Joey asked suspiciously eyeing the screen that was slowly moving back into the ceiling.

" Well he assumed you would touch it,"

" Well," Joey began.

" Hey man I found food," Tristan interrupted.

" Peanuts?" Joey asked.

" A whole buffet," Tristan smiled.

" Yes!" Joey cheered.

" Where are we going first Yugi?" Mokuba asked putting the plane on autopilot.

" Taiwan," Yugi said.

"Okay," Mokuba said typing it in.

" Yugi what if Kaiba was still in Japan, just somewhere far?" Tea asked.

" Trust me he isn't in Japan," Yugi smiled, " I hope."

After Kaiba finished his meal he looked in his pocket for his cell phone. He dialed Mokuba's number and waited. Mokuba's face showed up on a little screen.

" Big brother!"

" Yes, Mokuba it is me quiet. I am going to tell you where I am. I'm in-

" Now Mr. Kaiba can't have anyone finding you now," he said stuffing Kaiba's phone in his pocket.

" Give me back my cell phone," he growled.

" Let us have Kaiba corp."

" Never,"

" Then bye, bye, cell phone," he grinned.

" My only way out of here," Kaiba frowned.

"Big brother!" Mokuba shouted.

" What's wrong?" Yugi asked.

" My brother called me but then some man took his phone from him," Mokuba said.

" Hey Mokuba can I see your phone?" Yugi asked.

" Okay, but what are you going to do?"

" Wait and see," he said.

Yugi went to the category pictures. Then he looked at every picture, but saw nothing. Then he searched last calls, and saw a picture of Kaiba and then scrolled down to see a man's face.

" Mokuba can you hook this phone up to that screen?" Yugi asked.

" Yes why?"

" I think we have a clue that is going to make this search easier,"

Kaiba woke up and came face to face with Charyll. Suddenly he could feel his face warm up.

" Are you okay Seto?" she asked, " I heard screaming."

" I'm fine now that you are here," he smirked.

" I don't think your going to be fine anymore."

" Why not?" he asked.

" Well, because, this," she said slapping him.

" Ouch! Why did you do that?"

" I'm supposed to slap you until you give us Kaiba corp."

" Why is a beautiful girl like you working here?'

" Good car insurance, dental fees, you know everything a girl wants,:

" Everything?" Kaiba asked getting close to Charyll's face.

Charyll slapped Kaiba really hard making him hit the floor.

" Why did you slap me this time?"

" You were too close to my face," she smiled kissing Kaiba on the cheek.

"Oh," he said touching his cheek.

" I almost forgot your phone has been destroyed," she grinned closing the door behind her.

" Oh," Kaiba grinned, " Wait my phone! That cost me $1,500!"

Mokuba hooked the phone up to the screen. Instantly the screen showed a picture of a man.

" So what are you going to do?" Mokuba asked again.

" Zoom in on that little logo on his suit," Yugi commanded.

" Okay, but what is that supposed to do?"

" GOA, now what does that stand for?" Yugi wondered.

" Gamers Of Australia," Joey answered stepping out of the kitchen.

" No, that can't be possible," Yugi shook his head.

" You're right that is a crazy thought," Joey laughed.

" We are going to have to ask the people in Taiwan," Yugi said.

Will the gang be able to save Kaiba? Will they find out what GOA stands for? What is going on with Charyll and Kaiba? Find out in the next chapter.

Next time on Searching for Seto:

Joey's eyes went wide as he put his hands on his head.

" No," Joey hollered, " Leave me alone Kaiba."

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