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Chapter 1: Meeting for the Fourth Time

His name was Ronald Jonathan Stoppable. He was a reporter twenty-four years of age. Twenty-four years old and he was still single! Ten years ago, he would have said that by his mid-twenties he'd be a husband and maybe even a father. He was a real family guy; but, for some reason, none of the women he dated wanted a family man. Maybe this trip with his uncle Maxwell wasn't such a good idea. All he'd be able to think about was how rotten it was to think that no woman wanted to be with him.

"Where are they?" Ron said impatiently.

"Lord Monty Fiske will be here soon, Ronald," his uncle replied, "Patience is a virtue, you know."

"Doesn't mean that it comes easily. And we don't want to be late to the ferry, uncle MX."

He always called his uncle Maxwell Xavier Stoppable "MX". He thought it sounded cool.

"Don't worry, Ron. We'll make it," Max said, putting a hand on Ron's shoulder.

"Speak of the devil," Ron said as a black English-made car stopped in front of them.

The driver stepped out of the car–he was slightly shorter than Maxwell–and walked around to open the passenger's side front door. A tall, long-faced, black-haired man stepped out of the car. Ron got some seriously bad vibes from the man. He wasn't sure why, but he knew that the taller of the two men was miles of "bad road".

The shorter man opened the back door for the other passenger. Ron was surprised to see a young woman, about his age, step out of the car. A beautiful woman, gorgeous really. Her fiery, red hair cascaded down her back in a ponytail that ended at her waist. The second she stepped out of the car, their eyes met; so Ron gave her his I'm-pleased-to-met-you smile. She smiled back.

Green eyes and red hair, Ron thought, It's like Christmas. And I love Christmas.

For the next few weeks the only person in his age group he would be able to interact with was this attractive red-head. Suddenly, this trip was looking better and better.

Her name was Kimberly Anne Possible. She was hired as a photographer by Lord Monty Fiske. Even after becoming twenty-four years old, she hadn't found "Mr. Right" yet. It was a little depressing. Okay, so it was incredibly depressing. None of the guys she dated seemed to like the real Kim Possible. Maybe taking this job wasn't such a good idea. All she'd be able to think about was how rotten it was to think that no man wanted to be with her.

When she stepped out of Monty's car, the first person she saw was a young man, about her age. The blond young man was slightly shorter than she was, not that Kim ever cared about height. He smiled at her so she smiled back.

"Lord Monty Fiske," said an older (and shorter) man, "glad you could make it."

"Hello, Max," Fiske said while shaking his friend's hand.

Max motioned to the younger man and said, "This is my nephew, Ronald Stoppable. Ron, this is Lord Monty Fiske."

"Pleased to meet you," the younger Stoppable said shaking Fiske's hand (and not sounding very honest).

"Likewise," Fiske replied, "This is my valet, Bates. And this is the photographer we hired, Kimberly Possible."

"It's as pleasure to meet you, Ms. Possible," Ron Stoppable said, sounding much more honest then when he talked to Fiske.

"Same here," Kim said extending her hand.

As Stoppable shook her hand, she gave his face a quick once-over. He had a set a freckles on each cheekbone, which brought out the hazel-color of his eyes.

Hm. He's cute, Kim thought, Maybe this trip won't be as bad as I thought.

"Wait a sec," Stoppable said, "Kim Possible?"

"Uh, yeah."

"You were in the cheer squad. The Middleton Mad Dogs of Middleton High."

"Oh," Kim said, finally making the connection, "You were the guy from the school paper that interviewed me. Weren't you?"

"Coollio. You remember me!"

"You're not an easy person to forget. You're also the guy who bumped into me in our freshman year when you were running late, kept blowing things up in the chem lab–"

"I didn't always blow things up in chemistry class," Ron said, sounding annoyed.

"Right," Kim continued, "Not after you started partnering with that Renton kid."

She didn't mention the time she saw her boyfriend (at the time) Josh Mankey beating him up. He probably didn't want to be reminded of that experience.

"Well, it's nice to see a familiar face," said Kim.

She thought back to the interview to remember what Ron looked like seven years ago. He was a little taller and had more muscle mass than in high school.

"If I had known how handsome you'd become, I would have considered going out with you," Kim said.

"If I had been brave enough, I would have asked you to go out with me," Ron countered.

"Now, who was concerned about being late to the ferry?" the elder Stoppable man asked.

"Yeah," Ron said, sounding a bit disappointed, "Let me get those for you, Ms. Possible."

Ron reached down and grabbed her bags off the ground. He then simply smiled at her. That is what she found odd (and a little attractive). Usually, when guys took her bags for her, they thought that gave them the right to make indecent compliments about her. But Ron seemed to be genuinely gentlemanly.

"Thank you, Mr. Stoppable," she said.

Ron gave her a weird look and said, "Ms. Possible, you can call me "Ron". Mr. Stoppable is my father."

She turned to the fairy–laughing–and said, "And you can call me "Kim", Ronald."

"Okay. But I don't get why you'd want to be called that, Kim Ronald," he said.

Kim laughed even louder. This trip was, indeed, going to be enjoyable.

As they neared the dock, Ron said, "Can I call you "KP"?"

"KP?" she said turning to give him her own weird look.

"Your initials, Kim Possible," he said, putting down one of the bags and writing a "K" then a "P" in the air.

"Sure. But don't expect me to call you "RS", Mr. Stoppable."


I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship, "KP" thought, And maybe it'll become something more someday.

I always wondered what would have happened to Kim and Ron had they never met in Pre-K. The story will eventually explain why I made them twenty-four in this fanfic. Also, Rufus will not be in this story (sorry). Please review.