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"I'm coming. I'm coming," Kim heard a familiar voice say after knocking on the door to Monique's apartment.

"Okay, who is…it?" Monique trailed off, "KIM!"

"Hey, Monique," Kim said.

Monique wrapped her arms around Kim and said, "Oh my God, where have you been? It's been, like, forever since we've chatted, girl."

"I know," Kim said, "and this is my boy friend, Ron Stoppable."

"Nice to meet you," Monique said, extending her hand to Ron.

Ron took her hand and said, "Same to you."

"Come in," Monique said, "I was hopin' to have some "me" time today, but I'm fine with having company."

Monique's apartment was a strange mixture of sports equipment (mostly extreme sports) and frilly collectables. Ron found that it made him feel a little weird, but in a good way.

"So, how'd you two meet?" Monique asked.

"It's a long story," Kim said.

"I've got time. Sit down," Monique said, "Want anything to eat or drink?"

"No thanks," Kim and Ron said in unison.

"Jinx! You owe me a soda," Kim said.

Ron rolled his eyes, but said nothing. He let Kim explain how they meet, adding his own tidbits every once in a while. She didn't tell Monique about what she used to do, before Ron met her. After Kim had finished, Ron had noticed the necklace around Monique's neck.

"Hey, what's that?" Ron asked stupidly.

"Oh, it's a necklace Wade gave me."

"Sorry," Ron said, "I know that was a stupid question."

"It's okay," Monique replied, "It's kind of weird. Wade put a tracking device on it so that, if I was kidnapped, he'd be able to find me."

"How paranoid can he be?" Kim added.

"Yeah, he's odd at times, but I love him anyway," Monique said, admiring her necklace.

"What I want to know is who would kidnap you," Ron asked.

"Well…Dr. Drakken for one," an unfamiliar voice said.

Kim yelped as green plasma shot her in the back. A raven-haired woman wearing a green and black jump suit came out of nowhere. Ron got up to protect Kim. He never got the chance. The woman blasted him with plasma too. He did a flip over the chair that he'd been sitting in and landed face first on the ground. He hurt everywhere. He heard Monique scream as the woman carried her away. This wasn't good. Far from it.

—Sometime later—

"You sure about this, Ron," Kim asked as she checked the burns on Ron's chest (a hard thing to do while he was using a computer).

"If we can get a lock on that tracking device, we can find Monique," Ron said.

"Why don't we just tell the authorities?"

"They won't make it in time."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Besides," Ron deflected, "This, what's-her-name lady—"


"Yeah, she probably has some way of keeping track of what info on her kidnapping is spread out."

"If she hears that the authorities are on the case…"

"She'll just hide out," Ron finished.

There was a beep, and Ron said, "I see you."

"How do you know that's the right signal?" Kim asked.

Ron pointed at the symbol representing Monique's position. A little heart.

"Oh," Kim said, "But how are we going to get there."

"Have you forgotten?" Ron said, "The Ron spread a little fetti and got you somin' somin'."

"A jet?"

"A jet."

—In Drakken's lair—

"Wakey, wakey," Scarz said to Wade as she slapped him.

"Where am I? What do you want with me? Who are you?" Wade asked.

"I answer the last question first," she said, "I am the scourge of the seas and skies. I am Captain Scarz. As for where you are: none…of…your…business! And it's not what I want, but what he wants."

"Professor Wade Load," a black-haired, blue-skinned man with a scare under his left eye said, "I want you to tell me everything about your resent cybertronic research."

"Not going to happen," Wade said, "I have a strict rule against giving dangerous technology to psychos."

"He's got you there, Drew," Scarz said.

"Enough, Jenna," Drew replied, "I told you not to call me that!"

"What my brother is trying to say," said Scarz, obviously ignoring her brother, "is that, if you don't do as we say, we'll have to take…extreme measures. Shego!"

A raven-haired woman came forward…with a hostage. Monique.

"Look familiar?" Shego asked.

"I've never seen her before in my life," Wade said.

"Nice try," Scarz said, "Actually, that was the worst attempt I've ever heard."

Shego held up a picture of Wade and Monique. The one she had hanging on her wall…right by the door.

"Now, what do you say?" Drew asked.

"I say, 'Give yourselves up, blue boy!'" a familiar voice said.

"You," Drew said, "I…wait, who are you?"

"Ron Stoppable," Scarz said.

"And Kim Possible," Kim added, "Better do as Ron says, Shego."

"Surely you know who I am," Drew said, "and that you're way out of your league."

"I don't have a clue," Kim said.

"Think for a minute," Drew said, "It'll come to you. I'm a genius."

Ron looked at the man and said, "Look, dude, we've never—"

"Doctor…Dr. D…Dr. Dra…Dr. Dra…a…Drak…Drakken. Dr. Drakken. Drakken!"

"Dr. Drakken?" Kim repeated.

"I see my reputation precedes me," Drakken said.

"Shego," Kim said, "tell your boyfriend that, if he doesn't let Wade and Monique go, things will get ugly."

"HE'S…NOT…my BOYFRIEND!" Shego shouted and charged at Kim, her hands flaring with plasma.

"We met again, Stoppable," Scarz said.

"It will be my pleasure to kick your but again," Ron replied.

Scarz threw five throwing stars at Ron. They missed, but once they made contact with the wall, they exploded, forcing Ron to the ground.

"Scarz, what do you think you're doing?" Drakken shouted, "Do you know how much this lair costs? It's not cheep!"

"Shut up, Drak," Scarz replied as Ron recovered and tackled her.

Ron had somehow managed to detach Scarz's belt and hit her with it. He then tossed it aside and hit her with several vicious kicks. Scarz blocked the first few. But, when Ron combined punches with his strikes, she had trouble.

Meanwhile, Shego was busy making constant strikes against Kim. Stikes that Kim blocked with ease. Wade began to wonder how that was. Shego shot three plasma bolts along the wall to box Kim into a corner. It didn't work. Kim stepped on Shego's face and jumped over her.

"As low as ever, Shadow Fox," Shego said, "So how much are you getting this time?"

"Nothing," Kim said, "And my name is "Kim Possible"."

When she said "Possible", she kicked Shego into the far wall, knocking her out.

"Shego has failed?" Drakken said, "But she never fails."

"First time for everything, doc," Ron said, throwing Scarz on the floor next to Shego.

"Surrender, Doctor…what was it again?" Kim said, a sly smile on her face.

"It was Doctor Duh…Duh-something," Ron said.

"Oh, you…you…you think you're all that, but you're not!"

"Wrong," Ron stated.

He punched Drakken. Or he would have, if Drakken hadn't moved. Ron geared up for a second punch.

"Ah! Not in the—OW!"

—Sometime later, somewhere else—

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, Professor Load, welcome to Global Justice," Doctor Director said.

"Yeah, why are we here?" Kim asked.

"Good question," Ron said, "Are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there a god, who has a plan for us?"

"I mean: why has GJ called us to their headquarters!" Kim stated, sounding aggravated.

"How would the three of you like to be a part of Global Justice?" Director asked.

"Whoa, like that," Ron said, snapping his fingers, "Don't you think we'll need time for training or something."

"Maybe a little," Director said, "But your recent…shall we say "adventures", have brought to my attention that you two are naturals. And I've been thinking of asked Professor Load to be a part of our laboratory staff for some time."

"I'd love to work for GJ," Wade said.

"I'm in, if Kim's in," Ron said, then turned to his girlfriend, "What do you say, KP? Want to start a "Team Possible"? Ha. It sounds catchy."

Kim thought for what seemed like forever. She smiled. This was it. The opportunity she'd been waiting for, and never knew it. Her answer was short. She thought about making it more eloquent, but nothing sounded better to her than the two words she used as her answer.

"I'm in."

That's it. It's over.I will be starting Harder Than the First Time (a totally unrelated fanfic) in a few weeks. Sorry that I missed the deadline, but I ran into a snag writing the fight scene. Hope you liked it.