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The Lord of Chaos


Feudal Japan, 35 years before Inu-yasha's awakening…

As the fires stirred smoke and steam from the mountain of Fuji, the young priestess laid in wait. She had traveled for many days and nights in pursuit of her enemy, and she believed that she had found him at last. With her one good eye, she scanned the area for him; used all her senses to probe for his presence. But all was quiet. Too quiet. Suddenly, she heard movement in the trees before her. She crouched low, and took aim with her bow…

But it was not the demon who stepped out of the trees. It was her master- the old priest who had taught her and two other apprentices the sacred craft. His shirt was bloody, and he carried a bow in his hand.

"Kaede," the priest called, "Kaede, come out my child. I have slain the demon. Ye need not keep the chase any longer."

Kaede was in tears. Her master must have followed her and killed the wicked beast himself to save her from death! She dropped her bow and stood up, crying happily, "Master!"

Her master turned and looked at her, smiling. "Kaede," he said gently… before lifting the bow and firing an arrow at her! Kaede didn't have time to gasp, she flung her young body to the forest ground - which was heated by the rumblings of the great mountain - and was barely missed being pierced by the arrow. Then she knew she had been deceived.

"Beast!" she cried, "How dare ye take the form of my teacher!"

"Your teacher is dead," said the being in his stolen skin, "I took his flesh because it suited me. It may comfort you to know that he died very quickly." he added laughing.

"Hellspawn!" she screamed as she leaped from the brush and fired at his black heart. But he was far too quick for her in this new body. With a kick and jab to her chest and stomach, he threw her down, and disappeared., his laughing filling the air, mingling in a nightamre chorus with the grumblings of Fuji.

"This is not over!" Kaede cried to the wilderness. "I swear vengeance for my teacher! I will not die until I have ye head on a pike! I will not rest until ye die!"

Then I put a curse on you, Young Kaede" the voice of the demon said, "That ye shall live as long as I live; that should I die by any hands other than thine own, ye shall die with me… No less than two sun downs later…"

Chapter One: Old Bones, and Young Blood

"Die!" Inu-yasha cried out as he swung the Tetsusaiga at the looming Bear Demon before him. The Bear sneered and with it's huge paws, it batted Inu-yasha away like a toy, sending him tumbling over the ground.

"Is this the best the village of Musashi can send now? For over one hundred years have I terrorized this region, and the best Samurai and Holy Servants have come to destroy… But all fail. They were much better sport than you were, halfbreed."

Inu-yasha growled as he used his sword to pick himself up, "I'm more than a match for you, you pathetic excuse for a throw rug! I'm just getting started!"

"Then hurry up and get started already," Joey shouted from his vantage point. "I hate it when he has to fight a demon when we're here."

"You wanted Kaede's homemade stew," Kagome replied, firing arrows, "And the only herbs to make it are in this region! Now shut up or help!"

"Leave this one to me, Joey," Yugi said, raising his Millennium Puzzle over his head, and calling out, "Yugioh!" With a flash of light, he and the spirit, Yami, had become one being. "Now, with ancient powers of Egypt," Yugi/yami said, "I call for the power of the Mind Crush!!" he threw out his hand, and with his Shadow powers, he sent a large pulsing wave of physic energy towards the Bear Demon, making it howl and scream as it was dumbfounded into a state of great confusion and pain.

"Now, Inu-yasha!" Yugi/Yami shouted.

"Backlash Wave!" Inu-yasha cried as he used the power of the Windscar, mingled with the Bear's own evil energy to throw it's power back at it. As the light from the Backlash Wave died down, they heros saw to their amazement that the demon had disappeared.

"What happened to it?" Yugi/Yami asked.

"Guess he wasn't so tough after all if he disintegrated," Inu-yasha said casually. "What a jip."

"Inu-yasha," Kagome warned him. It was then that Shippo came out of the woods clutching many herbsd in his hands. "I found them!" he cheered happily. Then, looking around at the felled trees and the crater in the ground, Shippo asked, "What happened here?"

"Yet another demon has met with an unfortunate end," Miroku said.

"Again?" Shippo asked, "Geez, Inu-yasha, if you keep slaying demons at this rate, we're gonna be out of the job."

"Will you can it?" Inu-yasha asked.

-----------Scene Break----------

As the returning heroes entered the village, they saw a large crowd gathered at Kaede's garden. When Kirara set them on the ground, they rushed over to see what had happened.

"What's going on?" Kagome asked.

"Priestess Kaede was in her garden, then she clutched her heart and fainted!" said a villager.

"What?" Sango exclaimed.

"Oh no!" Tea cried in distress.

"Where is she now?" Kagome asked worridly.

"The carried her back to her hut to rest," the villager said. The young warriors ran as fast as they could back to Kaede's hut, where a few village women were taking care of her. "Oh, Lady Kagome, thank goodness your back," said one, "She needs your advanced knowledge of medicine." The young ones went in, and found their old mentor laying on a pallet, sweating as if she were in a sauna while young ladies tried to feed her broth.

"Get that mush away from me," she grumped. "I don't- AH!" she gasped from pain.

"Kaede!" Kagome called, and the girl ran to her old friend.

"Kagome child," Kaede grunted, "Get these hens out of here. They don't know what they are doing!"

"You heard the lady," Inu-yasha said, pushing them all out, "Leave! Out! Scram!"

"Miss Kaede," Tea said, sitting on the side opposite Kagome, "What happened?"

"I don't know," Kaede wheezed, "I was simply planting some mint in my garden, when suddenly a great pain overtook my heart and my senses. I fell to the ground, and though I knew what was going on around me, I could not move."

"Geez," Joey remarked, getting out the herbs they'd gotten earlier, "Will these help?"

"This is not the time to be thinking with your stomach," Tea scolded him.

"Exactly how long ago did you start feeling ill?" Miroku asked.

"I believe it was… just after the sun was highest in the sky," Kaede said sleepily.

"That was two hours ago." Yugi said.

"Wasn't that when we wear fighting the demon?" Sango asked as she applied a cool rag to Kaede's head.

"A demon?" Kaede said, waking, her eyes getting a little wider.

"Yeah, some third rate Bear Demon not worth fighting," Inu-yasha said, crossing his arms. "All that big talk about being the 'scurge of Musashi'. Feh!"

"Scurge of Musashi?!" Kaede exclaimed. She struggled to get up, but Kagome, Tea, and Sango begged her to take it easy and lie down again. "Inu-yasha… Did this Bear have a scar upon his brow? And eyes like jade beads?"

"Yeah, why?" Inu-yasha asked.

"Then it is accomplished…" Kaede said, falling back on her palette. "My death may come swiftly now."

"What?!" Kagome exclaimed. "What are you talking about?!"

"Whoa, dyin'?" Joey said, backing up.

"What are you babaling, you old bat?" Inu-yasha asked, distressed. "You can't fie on us!"

"Aye, my dear children. I have never told you much of my own past, but now that time is so short, I must explain all.

"In the months after my sister's death, the monks and priests of this village shrine sent me away to train under a most skilled and holy man in the mountains. After I demonstrated my skills of healing and archery to him, he accepted me as an apprentice without question. In a simple monastery, I trained with two young men and another young girl and our Master. As we learned and grew, we became a small family, with our great teacher as our father… And as years passed, the pains of my childhood began to lessen.

"But, one horrid day, a village near our temple home was attacked by a fierce and horrid demon who had guised himself as a dragon. The two men and myself- the last of our Master's pupils- were sent to vanquish the wicked thing. Though we fought bravely, even into the darkest hours of night, my companions were injured, and I was the only one who could bring down the wicked creature. So as the first light of morning came to the sky, I sent one swift arrow to the fell beast, and it pierced his brow… But it did not kill him. Instead it angered him, and to punish me, he slew my comrads and my master.

"I followed him to the great mountain of Fuji, and I vowed to slay him, but he used deceitful methods escape me. And thus, he cursed me… Cursed me that I would not die until I slew him, or until he was slain by another. And then, two days after his death, I would follow."

"Way to go, Inu-yasha," Shippo said, knocking him in the noggin, "You killed Kaede!"

"I didn't know she was bound to some old demon!" he yelled.

"Oh Kaede, you can't die," Kagome said, starting to cry.

"It is the fate of all, my child. Death is the one equalizer: young or old, rich or poor, death soon finds them one way or another."

"Ladt Kaede, you will not die," Miroku said defiantly.

"How can we stop a curse, though?" Tea asked, "Even you're not that powerful a monk, Miroku."

"True, but I have heard from passing travelers of a miracle cure for all diseases and curses that lies in the deepest forests near the great mountain."

"I think I heard this before," Kagome said.

"A holy chalice that purifies and brings long life when water is drank from it."

"What?" Inu-yasha asked. "That's a legend! The Cup of Amaterasu doesn't exist anymore than that legendary sword that created Japan exists."

"What's he talking about?" Tristan asked.

"In early Japanese mythology," Kagome said, "peopled believed that the great Sun Goddess, Amaterasu created a sword. And then dipped the blade into the ocean. When she lifted the blade back up, for perfect drops fell back into the sea, and these drops were the Islands that make up Japan. She supposedly gave the sword- and a chalice- to her son, the first Emperor of Japan. But like Inu-yasha, said, it's just a legend."

"Right," Inu-yasha chimed in, "There's no Sun Goddess, there's no sword, and there's no Chalice."

"We could still try to find it," Sango said, "We can't just give on Kaede."

"Can't she still break the curse?" Shippo asked.

"The curse cannot be undone unless I myself slay the demon," Kaede said. "And Inu-yasha has done that already. Do not fret over one as old as I. At least my greatest foe is gone…"

--------------Scene Break--------------

He crawled for many miles. His body was aching, his mind was filled with visions of his long centuries of life. How could it be that one as strong as himself could be defeated by a mere half-breed? Not even the strongest of the strong could hurt him. But now he had only one thought: I must live!

Then, as he broke through the brush, to a stream flowing strong, a foot stepped in front of him.

"Xunhuo… So, after three hundred years, you come to death at last?" asked the being before the fallen demon.

"Do not… hinder me… I must live!" said Xunhuo.

"FOrgive me, I only wish to assist you."

"Assist me to death?" Xunhuo asked, "I am not blind to all that occurs in this land… I have seen you… Naraku, devourer of demons-!"

"You are mistaken," Naraku said, bending down. "I would not absorb into my body as I would others. Instead I would give you an opportunity for revenge. Nine opportunities, to be exact. Even now, our mutual enemies are on a quest to save the old Priestess Kaede from death, which will soon follow your own. But I know that you desire greatly to kill her yourself for the marked she placed on your head."

"What do you propose?" Xunhuo asked.

"I will give you a new body, and new demons to command. You simply need to specify the image you want."

"I want a shape that hides me… An image that will bring fear into the hearts of all those who look on me, yet does not rouse their suspicion… But what is that catch, Naraku? This would not come without a price!"

"Of course it comes with a price," Naraku said, his smile showing under the Baboon faced hood, "You belong to me now."

"I belong to no one!" Xunhuo spat, "Especially not a half demon who parades himself in a Baboon cloak for the lust of a dead human woman!"

All went silent. Then, Naraku said "Perhaps I misjudged you. Very well. Have it your way. You may proceed now on your way to oblivion." he placed his hand on Xunhuo's forhead, and sent a torrent of red lightening energy through him, stabbing like thousands of tiny daggers, throught his body even to his bones!

"I accept!!!! I accept!!!" Xunhuo cried in agony, "Please, no more!!!!!

"Much better," Naraku said, taking one hand away and replacing it with another. With this one a thick sludge emerged and from him, covering and eating away the flesh on Xunhuo's body, leaving bones. Bones that laughed as Naraku tore a patch from his own Baboon cloak and stretched it to form a hood and cloak of black mist, which shrouded the bones of Xunhuo, and became like a new skin for him. And from that hood glowed a single, flaming Eye.

"Xunhuo, the Swift Fire, is no more," Naraku said as the hooded being stood, "Behold, Takashi, His Eminence. And these shall be your servants: Takumi, the Artisan, Takeshi the brave, Ryota the Stout, Nobu the Expansionist, Rokuro, the Sixth, Minoru, the Seed of Evil, Kazou, the Perfect Evil. Together you are the Nine Terrors of Musashi. Doom shall be your language, fear shall be your shadows. And these shall be your steeds." Naraku opened his cloak, and nine steeds galloped out. Their hooves were as sharp as knives, and their nostrils snorted fire.

"Ride now to the village where Inu-yasha and his company takes refuge," Naraku said as the nine mounted. "Kill them all."

"I will bring you the Han-you's head on a spike." Takashi said. Then, the nine turned their mounts towards the north east, and rode out. "To Edo!!"

--------Authors' Note--------

Ok, maybe yall recognized a scene from a little known film called Transformers the Movie (which we also don't own)? Well, that was my brother's idea (Optimus Prime is his hero) SO, anyway, please reveiw!