TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo: "Wherever The Wind May Take Me"

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However, the characters I do own: Myself…of course…my two best friends: Jaella(who will be referred to as Usa in this story) and Brittany. And the mention of our favorite teacher, Mr. Zona, is a real person as well…heheh…um…don't mind me! Please, enjoy the story! Comments, suggestions, please just place them in your review or simply email me. Just, please…NO FLAMERS!!! sweet voice Have fun and I hope you enjoy the feature presentation!


Going Away?

"What do you mean you're leaving us? You can't do that to us, Marsha! We're your friends…wherever you go, WE go!" Cried a girl about 5' 6" with short, black hair, wearing all black clothes. She gestured wildly to a girl a few inches shorter than she with blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. This girl wore a sky blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Usa, please, don't start. We've been through this a million times already! I HAVE to do this. Even Mr. Zona said it was probably the best thing for me to do, and you know how much I've been wanting to go to Japan. I finally have the chance to do so and you guys want to take that chance away from me!" Marsha, a girl about 5' 4" with short, black hair and wearing a dark green t-shirt and dark green jeans, protested.

"No, we don't. We just want to come with you!" the blonde haired girl declared.

"You can't, Brittany! I mean, I know you guys care for me, but this is something I want to do alone…please, understand this. Don't worry, I'll write you guys every so often, okay?"

Brittany and Usa looked at each other, then back to Marsha and nodded. Without another word, they gave her a hug. "Don't forget your promise to write us!" Usa growled lowly.

"Yes, Sir!…I mean, Ma'am!" Marsha laughed, seeing the annoyed look on Usa's face.

Chapter 1

I'll Protect You

Marsha looked around her new surroundings. It had only been a few minutes and she was already starting to like Nagoya, Japan. This is amazing! I am so happy that Mr. Zona encouraged me to go! She thought happily.

She looked up, curiously upon smelling burning rubber. Small flames had started to form from a nearby building. "What the?" She stepped back as some men with guns came running out of the building.

"What's going on?" She asked to no one in particular.

The men turned to her. "Well, looks like we have a new face here in the city," one of them sneered.

She took a few steps back as they advanced on her. "Leave her alone," A firm voice ordered from behind the men.

"Well, well, well…if it isn't Usagi…Come to punish us, I suppose," one of the men smirked without even having to turn around.

"Leave the girl alone, get you and your scumbags out of the city and maybe I'll let you live," the voice continued.

Marsha peeked behind the men to see, to her surprise, a human-sized rabbit wearing a samurai outfit and holding a sword. That's Usagi? She wondered. Brittany and Usa will NEVER believe this!

The rabbit was staring at her now. She looked around and noticed that the men had left them; she looked back at the rabbit. "I…thank you," she murmured.

"You're welcome. My name is Miyamoto Usagi. Others know me as Usagi Yojimbo. You may call me whatever you wish," Usagi looked at her, now, expecting a response.

"Oh! My name is Marsha. Um…thank you for saving me, Usagi-san," she smiled, sheepishly, at him.

"You're new here, are you not?"

"Yes, I just flew into Japan from America just a few minutes ago, then those men showed up."

Usagi nodded his head, thoughtfully. "I see…" His voice trailed off. I better stay with this girl…those men might be back to finish the job they almost started, he thought. Marsha stared at him as he took her hand. "Marsha-san, I request that you stay with me. Those men will most likely come back and rest assured, I WILL protect you."

Marsha looked at him, not knowing what to say. Of course you would be at a loss for words too if a human-sized Samurai rabbit asked you right out to stay with him for protection from men you hardly even knew! What was she going to do? How would she respond?

To be continued!