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Author's Note: I've had this idea in my head ever since I got the actual e-mail. It was really 25 things a sweet guy would do, but I cut out the ones that wouldn't really apply to Danny and Sam. So, I hope you like this, and watch out for the next ten chapters!

I tell you what the ten things are, so you have something to look forward to.

Ten Things a Sweet Guy Would Do


December 27, 2004

Everyone, once in their lives (or more), has either received or sent out a chain e-mail. The e-mail would range from 'you will find true love if you send this in five minutes to twenty people' or 'send this to fifteen people, or otherwise a little girl without a face and red eyes will come and kill you at two in the morning while you're sleeping.' Believe me, they vary in size, shape, and message, but they never cease to do one thing: annoy people. This time, however, it brought a whole new purpose to seeing things for a young Daniel Fenton; his new mission in life (or for the next fifteen days) was to prove his best friend, Sam Manson, wrong. The opportunity never presented itself so readily, and he had to bite.

One Monday, on a dull, grey morning in February, three sleepy teenagers sat around in the computer lab. They were there typing their reports on Edgar Allen Poe's dark themes in literature and poetry; Lancer was running the class, of course. Sam seemed to be finished (of course), Danny was typing at a snail's pace, and Tucker was just checking his e-mail, oblivious to the assignment in general.

"Not another one of these," Tucker grumbled to himself, moving to delete the unwanted e-mail. The dull chatter in the classroom didn't bring any unwanted attention in his direction.

Catching Danny's attention, he turned his head to see what Tucker was doing and asked in a hushed voice, "Porn spam?"

Sam dryly remarked, rolling her eyes, "You'd know about that, Danny."

"One time, Sam, it was one time!" Danny pleaded, though avoiding eye contact with her. She just smirked and kept clicking around the computer she was on, playing a game of solitaire.

"Anyways," Tucker spoke with emphasis, saving himself and Danny from Sam's all-knowing ridiculing. "It's one of those lame chain e-mails."

"Those are kinda funny," Sam commented, leaning forward to see past Danny to Tucker. "They're completely fake, too. What girl with no face but mysteriously has red eyes is going to come to your room in the middle of the night and kill you?"

"I met her once, she's pretty nice," Danny joked, receiving a playful shove from Sam.

"This one's," Tucker's voice suddenly turned girly, "'Ten things a sweet guy would do.' Who even sent this to me?" He removed his hat, scratched his head, and placed the hat back on as he tried to figure out who the e-mail address belonged to.

"Oh, now that's fake," Sam mumbled, rolling her eyes. "Read them, I want to see what bullshit they say guys can do to win over a girl," She seemed more interested than before, and was now leaning over Danny to see Tucker's computer screen. Neither Sam nor Tucker noticed the light blush on Danny's cheeks. Her hand was placed on his leg to keep herself up, and if she turned her lead a little bit to the right...

Tucker started, "Ten things a sweet guy would do: stare at you when he thinks you're not looking, call you for no reason at all, be cute when he really wants something, be so cute that when you hit him, it actually hurts, stick up for you, but be respectful of your independence, knows how to make you smile when you're down, dance with you even though he feels like a dork, try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice, plan a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally do just because he knows how much they mean to you, and finally come up behind you, wrap his arms around you, squeeze you tightly against his chest, and whisper in your ear. Wow, how corny."

"I would like to know what guy would actually do those things for a girl," Sam moved back, now sitting upright in her own chair. "Not any guy I know."

"How can you be so sure?" Danny questioned, finally looking at her.

"Well," she paused, trying to word her response. "I think I mean more along the lines of," she paused again, shrugging, "no one would do that for me." Seeming more shy than before, she paid more attention to her near-forgotten game of solitaire than to anything.

"Okay class, quiet down!" Mr. Lancer shouted from the front of the classroom. "Now, you must save your papers to disk..."

Whatever else Mr. Lancer had said, Danny didn't catch any of it; a plan was formulating in his head. He was going to prove to Sam that somebody cared for her in a more-than-platonic way. He was going to prove that he could be the sweetest guy, and he would do those things on that list, even if they were ridiculous. He had to try, just for her. Would it work? There was only one way to find out.

End Note: I need to focus on finishing two other stories I've started, but I know this one will be the most fun in writing. So, watch out for the next chapter soon!

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