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Ten Things a Sweet Guy Would Do

Chapter Ten: Come up Behind You, Put His Arms Around You, Squeeze You Tightly Against
His Chest, and Whisper Softly into Your Ear.

January 14, 2006

His eyes widened as he saw what she was holding in her hot little hands. It was the list that he had lost a few days ago; he thought he misplaced it somewhere in his room, left it in a pair of pants that went through the wash, not allow it to fall into the hands of whom he wanted to see it least. Maybe it was a good thing, he mused, still looking at the list in her small hand. Maybe it was a good thing that she knew before I could mess anything up.

"I don't want you to think I went looking for this through your stuff. Hell, I didn't know that you'd do something like this, especially for me," her tone turned soft as she looked into his crystal blue eyes. "When I found it, I was confused, but when I thought back to that e-mail we found during class that one time, the pieces of the puzzle began to click together." Her hands became her focus as she continued to speak, "I know I'm not well with voicing anything other than negativity sometimes, but I really think that was the sweetest thing that anyone could ever do for me. You went above and beyond, as usual, and made me fall even more head-over-heels in love with you.

"I was so shocked when I found this, believe me... but, Danny, you really didn't need to go through all of that for me. You could've just told me." Her smile was gentle and reassuring, allowing him to know he was in the clear and had no need to worry about anything. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach that she might flip out on him, but since he realized he was fine, he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I know I could've told you," Danny started, "but I wanted you to know how wonderful you are and that any guy would be lucky enough to go through that stupid list for you. That's what you said, that no one would ever even bother. You were wrong, Sam... I'm that guy, and the only guy for you, might I add with an overprotective, jealous edge, that would and will ever go through that for you." His tone sounded final, as if he was proposing to spend the rest of his life with her then and there, but she knew how protective of her he was, and she let it go easier than she thought she would. Now since she was his girlfriend, he would be doubly protective, as was expected.

She blushed one of the darkest reds she thought imaginable; she didn't know he loved her that much to put so much effort into a project that might've not even worked, for her. Hell, she knew she sometimes felt second-best to some of her other classmates that have caught Danny's eye once or twice before–that was another reason why the whole situation baffled her from the second she found the fallen piece of paper. But... now, she knew. She knew that... despite her negative thoughts sometimes, she could trust and believe in him until...

...death do they part. That did sound nice.

"Did," she began, clearing her throat, "you have another list like this? Or, did you just have one to work with?" she asked, finally gathering enough courage to look back at him, only to find him looking away.

"I only had one," he said softly, now turning to look into her violet eyes when he felt her gaze on him. "Why?"

She looked down at the list in her hands getting an idea, then said, "Tell me the last three things we did together, even if I wasn't aware of the things you did."

"If you weren't aware?" he questioned, then thought for a minute. "Uhm, I think... oh, I remember now. You mean, when we were watching that movie? I did," he coughed, and she smiled at his nervousness, "smell your hair. Even though that sounds really creepy, I just... wanted to know what it smelled like."

"Okay, next?" her eyes traveled up the list, going backwards from eight to seven.

"Next? Um," he paused, "that was the dance, right? I danced like a royal idiot with you then. You, by the way, were absolutely sexy dancing like that," he added as an afterthought. "Why didn't you tell me you knew how to dance?"

"Goth image," she said passively, going up the list from seven to six. "Next?"

"What are you doing? Why do you keep wanting to know?" he asked, trying to look past what she was doing and at the list.

Tugging the list away from his prying eyes, she smirked, "No touchies. Next?"

"Next," he started, "was when you were seducing me, wasn't it?"

"Guess again, Fenton. You just thought I was doing that," she said, rolling her eyes playfully at him. Yeah, I was, she thought, smirking evilly.

"I see that look on your face! But, um, I don't quite remember... was it when I asked you to the dance?"

"Yeah, and you managed to do number six by doing just that," she said, then handed him the list. Watching him scan the list, she spoke, "Now go from number eight to six and tell me what you see."

"I see..." he quieted as he read up the list. "Something absolutely weird."

"Did you memorize them?" she asked, tilting her head a bit in curiosity as she watched him.

"No, I don't think so. I mean, I probably read over them about a million and one times trying to think how I was going to pull everything off, but... I don't think I could've had a mental checklist of them. You know how well at multi-tasking I am," he trailed off, giving her a look.

"Then, Danny, you did all of these without even looking at the list. You did... you did them unconsciously, and pretty well, I might add. It..." she grinned, and then suddenly leaped forward and laid a big, albeit sloppy, kiss on his lips. Wrapping her arms around him as she did so, she brought both of their bodies closer to one another.

She couldn't shake the feeling that was consuming her; there were no more pent up emotions, layered thick with jealousy and resentment towards others (those 'others' were any females within a fifty foot radius that tried to get Danny's attention). She felt genuinely happy for the first time in a long time. And... he was the one who brought her that happiness. Somehow, she wasn't that surprised.

Pulling away with a grin, she laughed at the look on his face: eyes half-mast, mouth slightly open, looking to be on cloud nine.

"Should I do that more often?" she asked, nudging his head to snap him out of it with her left hand.

Snapping out it, he shook his head and look into her eyes, "Huh?"

"Hm, I should..." she mused, then kissed his lips again, this time more briefly than before.

"If it has to do with that, yes, you should," he agreed, smiling, as he ran a hand through her silky, raven hair. "But... hey," he began, "do you want to go flying?"

"Flying is nice," she grinned, remembering her exact words from when they were younger, then kissed him again.

Monday came all too soon for them, but it didn't seem to matter, anyways; they still got to see each other at least once an hour, and they had already planned something after school. A "study session," if you will; a blatant lie, but it worked as an alibi.

They had talked about it and weren't too sure how well everyone would take the news. It wasn't like anyone cared enough to make a big deal about it, but the few that were closely knit in their "circle" would absolutely freak a bit. Like... his parents, her parents, Jazz, Tucker, Valerie... Basically with either the classic "told you so" or "it's about time." Both Danny and Sam tried to be casual with the secret kisses in between classes and the not-so-random hand brushing (minus the blushing).

Hopefully no one would get suspicious...

"Guys? What is with you two today?" a curious techno-geek inquired, his arms crossed over his chest. Finally, he had cornered them, and he was going to get the answers he wanted. They had been leaving him out of things for the past couple of days and he wanted to know why. Sure, he had been distracted himself, but that really wasn't the issue here, in his eyes.

"What?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow. "Is there something wrong?" He knows. He knows, he knows, he knows...

"Yeah, something is," he began, glaring at Sam, then at Danny. "What have you two been doing behind my back?"

"Behind your back?" Danny asked, then laughed, "That's hilarious. Tucker, you've had your head in the clouds; you know, with that new girl you met at the Nasty Burger. I will, also, not explain in detail how creepy it was to see you two on the beach dry humping each other, by the way," he gave him a pointed look, then shuddered (as did Sam, remembering that bit of information that she wanted to push out of her mind forever and a day). "We haven't been doing anything weirder than usual," he added as an afterthought. "Don't worry about it."

The bell signaling the end of the locker break and the beginning of lunch rang. Sam closed her locker, where they were currently located, and turned to her two best friends, "Ready?"

Receiving nods from both her boyfriend and, a now on-edge, Tucker (from hearing that information), she began to walk in between them and into the cafeteria. Splitting up to gather their own necessary food items, the two men headed for the lunch line, and the lone woman headed directly for their usual lunch table.

Sam, being the first to sit down, pulled out her salad from her bag as well as a bottle of water. She, having manners, waited for the two guys to get back (even though they would probably just inhale the food on the walk over to the table). She just... felt nervous... for some reason.

She couldn't pinpoint why, but she calmed down a bit after seeing Tucker reach the table. Immediately as he sat down, he began shoveling one meat after another into his hungry mouth, gushing with a full mouth at how delicious it was.

Rolling her eyes, she opened her salad container and stuck her fork in. Where was Danny? He should be here by–

Without the chance to finish that thought, she felt two strong arms wrap around her and hold her tightly; she knew who it was immediately, and the look on Tucker's face proved her intuition. Feeling a sudden pressure on her shoulder, she relaxed slightly, and tried to get a better look of her "attacker."

"I love you," he whispered in her ear, and she felt that oh-so-familiar blush creep onto her cheeks.

Tucker coughed, nearly choking on his food when he heard what Danny said.

Laughing, she said out loud, "Ten. You have completed your mission, young Phantom." She remembered something overly cheesy was the last task on the list. As an afterthought, she added, "Oh, and I love you, too."

"Mission?" Tucker asked, finally clearing his throat. "You... wait, what? I'm lost."

"Hold on a sec, Tucker, I have to kiss my girlfriend," he grinned, then kissed Sam full on the lips, definitely in view of everyone in the cafeteria. After about a minute or so, they were making out still, and now drawing attention from whomever saw their public display of affection. And...they didn't even care–for once.

"Let me get this straight," Tucker said as they walked out of the front doors of Casper High, still somewhat put off by his two friends sucking face in the cafeteria. "That stupid chain e-mail actually was put to good use? And that's what's been happening for the past week-and-a-half?"

Danny nodded and smiled, but Sam beat him to answering, "Yeah, he finally got it through that thick skull of his–right Danny?"

"Right! Hey, what?"

"Still clueless!" Tucker smirked, laughing with Sam at their inside joke from a couple years back.

"How am I still the 'clueless one'? What was I clueless about, again?" Danny whined, looking back and forth between his girlfriend and his best friend.

"You're not clueless anymore, Danny," Sam assured him. "That was a long time ago, and you, being the sweet guy you are, finally cracked that mystery."

"It definitely was no myst–"

"Tucker," Sam groaned, cutting off her friend mid-sentence, feeling the need to smack her forehead in aggravation. Or, better yet, smack him in the face.

"You were a freaking billboard!" Tucker continued, ignoring the tone of her voice and the look on her face.

"That's enough out of you, Foley!"

Danny laughed and wrapped his arm around Sam while they continued walking on. This is going to be interesting...

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