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I am Mr. Steve Barkin.

Welcome, to Middleton High School, please come in and take a seat. We will just be a minute. I have to patrol the halls during class change. You have to keep watch on the students or they will get slack. You have to be on watch all the time with these students, PDA's that is public displays of affection are not allowed. Skipping class, being late for class are all things you have to be on watch for. I came out of the army and went to college to get my degree. The school system hired me to get this school into shape. I am happy to say that our test scores have increased each year and our graduation rate has also increased.

Let's go out into the halls, I'll show you the school and let you see some of the students. You might want to stand close to the wall or you might get run over. There goes the bell and here come the students. See that young man over there with the sort of spiked hair, that is Josh Mankey. He is one of the best artists in school and captain of the basketball team. That is Brick Flagg with him one of our football players. Both are nice young men, decent students especially Josh. The young lady with the brown hair is Bonnie Rockwaller. She is one of our cheerleaders. I have a little trouble with her once in awhile. Excuse me. "Rockwaller, cell phones are not allowed in school. I see you use it again, detention!" Sorry, she is one I really have to watch. That girl can change boyfriends like one changes socks. She also causes trouble for the captain of the cheerleader. Those two go together like fire and gasoline. That young man in the wheelchair is Felix. A fine young man, he doesn't let the fact that he is in a wheelchair stop him. If you ever want a good game of basketball, take him on. I am serious; with that motorized chair of his and his natural talent he is really good. That young lady with him is Monique. She is another of our fine students. She works a job at the mall and still makes good grades. There goes Tara, another one of our cheerleaders. Like I said, we have a pretty good group of students here. For the most part they work hard. The detention hall is only about half full on most days. "Big Mike, Vinny, Junior, detention on time today!"

I sure you have heard of our two most famous students. Here they come, right there, the red haired young lady and blond haired young man. That is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. They are one of the most unusual couples in the whole school. Not a romantic couple mind you but a friend couple. I have been told that those two have been close since pre-K. Those two are about as opposite as they can get. Miss Possible is captain of the cheerleaders, honor student, and a wealth of other honors. Mr. Stoppable there is a fair student and has spend quite a bit of time is detention, mainly for being late to class, missed assignments and such. Otherwise there is no finer young man in this school. Miss Possible has spent a little time in detention for being late to class. I know it's bad but sometimes I hope that she would do something so I could put her in detention. She had such a positive effect on the other people in detention that the detention room is empty of a couple of days after she leaves. "Possible, Stoppable, let's speed it up a bit. If you two are late for your next class you will be spending time together in detention. Stoppable, have you turned in the extra homework yet? If not, I will see you in detention." Sorry about that. Those two have some communication equipment in their lockers and sometimes they get a little carried away. Oh, the communication equipment? Yes, well for those two it is allowed. I tell you why in just a moment. "Rockwaller, Flag, Mankey, 60 seconds till the bell. Move it!" Sorry about that. Yes, now that the bell has rung let's return to my office. "Possible, Stoppable, too late, detention, this afternoon. Maybe, she can get some of those guys straight again."

Have a seat please, thank you. Yes, those are pictures of me in the army with my men. That plaque there was given to me my Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable last Veteran's Day. Yes, those two did a wonderful thing that day. But, those two are the most extraordinary two young people I have ever known. I am sure that you have heard some of the stories about them. I am sure some of what you have heard is not fully true, but most is. I was telling you about the communication equipment in their lockers. The person who contacts them and arranges for their missions contacts them through that equipment and smaller versions that they carry with them. Those two young people take on some of the craziest, scariest high tech and low tech villains that I have ever heard of. Everyone here is used to helicopters, and other modes of transportation picking up those two and taking them off to face what ever horrors that they will face. I myself have seen the two of them running out of the gym during a dance, both of them in full formal dress. Miss Possible in a long dress and heels and Mr. Possible in a tux. A helicopter landed on the field over there, the two of them hopped in and off it went to Brazil that time I think.

Those two young people have been around the world more than some students here have even left the state. But, you know no matter what they did on a mission, they would be in school the next day. That one mission I just mentioned, they were in school the next day. Mr. Possible sporting a black eye and Miss Possible moving a lot slower than she normally would. Their gym teachers both told me that when they dressed out for gym that day, the other students said that both of them were covered in cuts and bruises. Yet they dressed out and participated in gym class.

I really don't know how the two of them do it and keep their sanity. I mean growing up as a teenager is tough enough these days, with grades, proms, dances, friends, getting ready for college and all of the other things these teenagers face. Now, Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable have all of this and still have to take on these missions at the drop of a hat. I know that the pressure has to be tremendous on the two of them. Yet, somehow those two keep each other going. Even the students here have noticed how the two of them help each other and respect them for it.

You ask me how two teenagers can fight all these high-tech villains and survive. Well, Miss Possible is one of the most athletic students in this school. I also know for a fact that she is expert in marital arts and she is very smart on her feet. Mr. Stoppable on the other hand has extraordinary luck and skill at avoiding trouble. Just last year he was on an exchange program to Japan. I really never found out what happened but when he came back something about him had changed. He had always been confident but now his confidence was higher. Also after one particular mission, he seemed to almost overnight lose a fear of his of monkeys. Some of the students saw him get in a fight one time when he was helping Kim. They said he moved so fast that he could not be seen. They said it was like Kung Fu but he acted like a monkey at the same time. Whatever it was, he took down some tough characters without a single bruise to himself.

Yes, we are proud of all of the students here a Middleton High. We do have a fine group. With leaders like Josh and Monique, and students like Brick and Bonnie, yes we have a fine group of young people here. All of them building in their futures and the future of this city, this state, and this country. Then we have Kim and Ron, I pray for their safely each and every time I see them leave on a mission. So far they have been lucky, as neither one of them has ever been injured badly on a mission. I don't know how I would deal with it if either one of them was killed or badly injured on a mission.

Hmm, helicopter coming in on the ball field. Yep, there they go, watch them. Even when they run they do it together. Some students here say that those two know what the other is going to say and do before they even do it. Watch this, there goes Ron and out comes his hand to help his friend. He knows that she is capable of climbing in by herself, but that is Ron, he is there to help her no matter what. There they go, wonder where they are going this time. Europe, Asia, North Pole, South Pole, who knows. I wonder what horrible freak or fiend they will be fighting this time. I just hope and pray they will be safe. Well, thank you for coming today. Please come again.