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I am Steve Barkin Chapter 3

Thanks for meeting me here at the hospital. I am sure that Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable will be happy to meet you. They are really two fine young people.

Excuse me, what rooms Mr. Stoppable and Miss Possible in. Oh, my name, I am Mr. Steve Barkin, their principal. Security list? What security list? Oh, excuse me, I didn't realize that they had to take precautions. These people, yes they are with me, will that be okay? It will, thank you, thank you very much. What was that room again. 454? Thank you.

It appears that they had to enforce some security rules for Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable. Only those on a security list are allowed even to know where they are. Then when we get to the room there is a guard. Apparently some of the news media have been trying to get into see them so they had to start limiting who can see them. We have been cleared. Let's see fourth floor.

Okay, here we go, 450 to 490, their room should be this way. Yes, there is the police officer. Excuse me officer, I am Steve Barkin, I am the principal of the high school where Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable attend. Thank you, these people are with me.

Good evening, Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, how are you this evening. Well, I hope. Oh, so you will be staying a little longer. Nothing serious I hope. That's good. Mr. Stoppable, did you take good care of Miss Possible here. Why, Miss Possible are you blushing? He did what Miss Possible? Mr. Stoppable, I am proud of you. You took a couple of hits trying to protect her didn't you.

Oh, excuse me, let me introduce my guest. Ladies and Gentlemen, this beautiful young lady is Miss Kimberly Ann Possible. That battered and bruised young man over there is Ronald Adrian Stoppable. They are the famous Team Possible. Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, these fine folks have been visiting the high school for the past couple of days. They wanted to meet you and I thought you would not mind.

Oh, yes, here are your assignments from school. Oh, why the long faces all of a sudden. I was sure that you were just ready to jump on your latin, algebra, history and civics classes. Oh, don't have your book, don't worry. I made sure all your teachers each sent all the text books and worksheets that you would need. I also have notepaper, pens, pencils, calculators and reference books that you will need. I have also made arrangements for a teacher's aide to be here in the morning to go over your assignments.

May I ask what you two were laughing about when we came in? Oh, Miss Possible, what did you do. You got to use the bathroom and forgot what? Oh, they took all your clothes because they were so dirty and the hospital gowns lack what? Miss Possible you forgot the hospital gowns didn't have what? Miss Possible, my, I have seen you blush before but this is a record. Mr. Stoppable did you see something of Miss Possible that you have never seen before? Oh, that's right the ski trip, I remember that little incident. Now, Miss Possible, no need to growl, if I remember correct a certain young man gave up almost all of his skiing to be with you and be of help, after he assisted you in that incident. I am sorry, I should not tease you like this.

Ah, Kim, Ron, are you two really okay? I mean you really had me worried when you two got off of the helicopter. Haven't you two had enough, I mean you two were lucky this time, but what if, no let's not go there. I do not want to even think of it. Promise me you two that you will be more careful. I know that these missions mean a great deal to you, but the two of you are so young. You should be going to dances, going on dates and having fun with your friends, not flying all over the world fighting these guys. You two are really something, just like Veteran's Day. You care about everybody else before you care for yourselves. Oh, by the way Grady sends his best. Well, I think we have stayed long enough. Kim, Ron please take care of yourselves, we all we be glad when you get back to school. Good night you two.

Thanks for coming with me tonight. I am glad that you were able to meet them. I know that they are a special pair. They really need a break. They have had at least 5 missions this month. But do you hear them complain, no, and you never will. The two of them have the greatest sense of responsibility that I have ever seen in two young people. They know the risks and they know that they are missing a good part of their young lives but they believe that they are making a difference. I am sorry, this is somewhat embarrassing. I should not do this. I will not lie to you about the weather this time. My eyes are watering for a reason. But, I think you understand. While I was in the army I saw so many young people die in battle. I became a teacher and a principal to get away from that. Now I look at those two wonderful young people risking their lives on a weekly basis fighting thugs and creeps that make the people I fought look like schoolyard bullies. Then I look at the other students at the school. They complain when it is too hot, or too cold, or they didn't like their homework, or something is wrong with their clothes, or so many other things that mean so little in the long run. Then those two come back to school after a mission quietly with no fanfare, with their homework done and no complaints. I really makes me angry. Those other young people have no idea of how good they have it. Well, here we are. Thank you again for visiting our school and coming with me to visit those two young people. I have to call Grady when I get home. Mr. Grady? Oh, he is one of the men in my unit who survived the war. Kim and Ron honored all of us that special day. Grady wanted me to call him and give him an update on Kim and Ron. I think some of them are flying in to help look after those two and visit. Yes, we all owe those two a great deal. Thank you again, good night.

I thought I would continue Mr. Barkin a little further and maybe get him out of the school enviroment and a little more personable enviroment. I hope you like this part. I am working on an adventure that inculdes Barkin with Kim and Ron. My next "I Am" will most likely be the tweebs.