Due to incredible lack of demand, I have felt it necessary to write a sequel to my first fan fiction story, "The Octopus' Spawn." So if you haven't already, try reading it before you continue your journey to this story. I'll wait right here.

You're ready? You've come back? Good. you're going to see more angst, more humor, more Marvel characters, or your money back. Austin Smith, long-lost son of the legendary supervillian Doctor Octopus, is now going to college--and finds himself falling in love with the girl he least expects. Enjoy!

My Only Love and My Only Hate

Chapter 1: Austin

7:00 am. Smith residence, Elsinore, CA

"Do you have everything, Austin?" asked Anna Smith, Esquire, of her only son.

"Hey, did you pack a toothbrush?" asked Samantha Laufey, his aunt.

"Did you get that phone card I gave you?" inquired Rachelle, his cousin.

"Did you pack sweaters? It gets pretty cold in New York," reminded Magni, his fraternal twin sister.

"Geez! I'm going to New York for Chrissakes." Austin held up a sweatshirt and began cutting four large circular holes in the back. His father might have thought it was okay to run around New York City shirtless, but damned if he was going to. "Not Jupiter or something. Where's the school supplies?" The lid of his suitcase refused to zip up, protesting against the ungodly amount of worldly possessions Austin had stuffed in it. Austin sat on the lid and began bouncing on it.

"Give me that." One of Austin's tentacles reached for the notebooks Magni handed him.

It had been four years.

Four years since Austin Smith, so far raised by his single mother and aunt, found out rather unpleasantly that his biological father was none other than the legendary supervillian Doctor Octopus.

Four years since he was kidnapped by his father and taken to his hideout.

Four years since the accident in which his father's duplicate set of actuators were welded on his body.

Four years since his life changed—forever.

But life goes on, doesn't it?

Austin had graduated from Elsinore High School with honors, became valedictorian, earned a science scholarship, and hadn't killed anyone, in spite of himself.

Okay, so he'd beat up Brandon McCloud and Duke Kelly that one time…but hey, that was once, compared to countless times they had beaten him up over the years. They just got a taste of their own medicine.

Austin began packing the trunk of his car.

Where are we going, Brother? The tentacles asked inside his head.

College, in New York.

What's college?

I'll explain later. Grab those boxes, will you?

The tentacles obeyed, wrapping themselves around a box…except for one rouge arm, who had grabbed one flap of the box with a pincer, with disastrous results. Notebooks spilled all over the driveway.

You idiot! You spilled that box! Clean it up right this minute, and next time, wrap around the box like everyone else!

I am sorry, Brother. I was being stupid.

What's new, Number Two?

Austin tried to shut the trunk of his green Ford Taurus. It wouldn't shut. However, the trunk complied with a slam from a tentacle.

"Austin, you're going to ruin that trunk," sighed Laufey.

"Whatever," Austin said, gingerly lowering himself in the driver's seat. He wave goodbye to his family, turned the key in the ignition, and drove off, heading east.

About a hundred yards from the driveway, the car screeched to a halt.

"Wait!" Austin called. "I just remembered—I forgot my toothbrush!"