It was a busy Friday afternoon and Serena, Raye, Ami, Lita, and Mina were sitting in the arcade, taking a break from their busy day of shopping. It was the last school day before summer vacation were finally over and, well....WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! TWO MONTHS OF NO-SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

"Well, girls...we did it! Another school year is over!" Said Lita.

"YEAH!!!!!!!!" The girls cheered in agreement.

"Hi guys! What will it be today?" Andrew greeted.

While the girls took their orders, someone walked in to the arcade...Serena turned around and when she saw whom it was...she flinched.

The girls noticed and all turned around to see what had made Serena do so...and they weren't surprised who they saw that made Serena act that way...

"Darien..." They whispered all at the same time and had a grin on their faces, well...all except Serena, who went: "ahhh....shit...." and instead of a grin, her face turned to a rosy colour.

"Hey buddy...I'll be with you in a minute." Andrew told Darien who he saw him.

"Sure...Hey girls!" Darien greeted, "Hey Serena." He gave her an evil look...she blushed harder.

The girls exchanged the "awwww" glance and gave Serena the "why-don't-you-make-a-move-stupid" look.

Serena did nothing...and said nothing more than "Oh...hi there, Darien..."

The girls were disappointed, and they showed it...well, as soon as both Darien and Andrew walked away.

"Serena! Why didn't you say anything else?!"

"Ask him out!"

"Make a move!"

"You know,'re pathetic."

Mina, Lita, and Ami all looked at the person who had said the last comment. "Raye! Don't say that!"

"What? Trying to help her, that's all." Raye responded with a big grin on her face.

(Somethings never change.... author sighs...)

" is going?" Andrew asked.

" know, the same, I guess." Darien responded and took a sip of his coffee.

"No...I meant...with Serena." Andrew said, almost whispering so that the girl wouldn't overhear their conversation, he chuckled and looked at the petit blonde girl sitting in the corner with her friends.

" are going no where..."

"You still hadn't ask her out yet?"


"Oh, come on, Darien! You told me yourself that you really, really liked the girl!"

" I know...I don't know what's happening to me..."

"Yeah, that's true, usually you are smooth with the ladies."

" I'm asking her out today. That's my plan..." Darien told Andrew and took a big sip of his coffee.

"Good, well, good luck! Not that you usually need it..."

" me, I'll need itwith Serena!"

"What's wrong with asking him out first! You already know that he likes you anyway! It's just a matter of time!" Suggested Mina.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!! What if he changed his mind about me after he found out who I am? Maybe he just went home and thought about it and said: 'hey, you know what? If Serena's Sailor moon...then I'd rather give her up and date someone else!' Said Serena.

"Not going to happen! Come on Rena! Have some confidence!" Cried Lita.

Serena sighed...what was she going to do? She can't really ask Darien out...can she? She didn't want to be rejected...but...Agh!!!!!!! All this thinking is making her head hurt!

"Um...guys...I should go home...maybe it's the air here or something...but I don't really feel well and I think I'm going to go home early today..." Serena said and tried to sound sicker than she actually is.

"Oh...but Rena! We still have sooooo much shopping to do!"

" I know...I'm really sorry guys..."

The truth was, she probably could've stayed, but then again, she really wanted a quiet afternoon with her thoughts and besides, all the suggestions and ideas from the girls are starting to bug her.

And she stood up and walked away from the girls' table...towards the door...

Andrew and Darien both saw Serena leaving.

"Kinda early, isn't it?" Said Andrew as he checked his watch and gave Darien a look.

"yeah...well, here I go!" Darien took out a few dollar bills and put them on the counter, then chased after Serena.

"Call me with the good news!" Andrew said as Darien walked out of the door.

"Serena! Wait up!"

The blonde girl froze, she could recognize that voice anywhere...

She turned around to see Darien standing behind her.

His face was ever so handsome, more handsome than she had remembered...and his lips...god, she had really missed those sweet, soft lips...the ones that gave her her first kiss, and her second, and her third...

"Hi." Was all he said.

"Hi." She replied.

The air was filled with silence...well, and the nice smell of Darien's after-shave, Serena had noticed.

"'ve you been?" Darien asked timidly.


"Yeah, okay, I guess...."

Serena looked into those dreamy eyes of the man of her dreams...

Her cheeks turned to that rosy colour.

Darien cleared his throat...and opened his mouth to speak....

'Okay, here we go....' thought Darien.

"I um...I was wondering if you are dating anyone?"

"" The shy girl looked at the ground.

"So...does that mean I can take you out this Saturday?" Darien asked hopefully.

Serena wanted to squeal and jump and run back into the arcade to tell her friends, but she just said "yeah...You can take me out." And smiled.

Whew! Thought Darien. "Great...I'll pick you up then."

Serena smiled again.

"Um...are you going home now? I can give you a you want." The young man offered.

"Yeah...thanks, that'd be great."

And off they went.

(Mean the arcade.)

The girls had seen it all, they all went "Awwwww" as Serena smiled at Darien and had that look on her face. They knew Darien had asked her out and she had accepted.

"Wow...that's so...romantic." Said Mina.

"Yeah..." Everyone else agreed.


­­­­­­­ That night Serena squealed in happiness as she jumped up and down her bed.

She was going to have a date...with DARIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She finally calmed down and hugged her favorite teddy bear....she pretended it was Darien and kissed it....

Can't blame a girl for dreaming.

As she slept, her mind swirled with images of Darien's handsome face...

"Darien..." She whispered to herself in the darkness of her room...moonlight casting gently on her sweet face.

That night Darien sat on his bed...and held a picture of Serena smiling happily into the camera. He had gotten it from Andrew to keep...

God, he loved her.

Thinking about her sweet face when she had accepted to date him...he put the picture on his bedside and turned off the lamp beside the bed and drifted into peaceful sleep.

"Serena..." He whispered to himself in the darkness of his room...moonlight casting gently on the picture of the sweet and gentle girl.

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