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Serena looked up and was instantly lost in his dreamy eyes. For a moment, neither of them said anything and just stayed like that, Darien was still cupping her chin. Both blushed and it was Darien who first leaned forward.

And Serena lift her head up and leaned forward as well...

Darien's heart beat like a drum, and he thought maybe even Serena could hear it.

And serena felt breathless, she thought she might collaps any moment now; because of the whole 'can't breath' thing and also because her knees felt really, really weak when she saw Darien looking at her like that...

And now they are only a few inches apart...

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" suddenly a group of evil, devious (AN:okay I know those two words means basically the same...but I'm really upset at them for what they're about to do!), annoying, and supid, stupid boys speed to Serena and Darien on their bikes and almost hit them (AN:see what I mean!).


Moments later a blonde, 14 year old with funny hairstyle was lying on the ground, moaning from the hardness of the ground and the shock it gave her.

And...what do you know? Darien fell right on top of her (AN: I know...typical).

"That...hurt..." Serena said while she tried to push Darien away. "Seriously, Dar...you're...crashing me..."

It took a moment for the 5 years older guy to get off of her, and when he fully recovered from the fall, he apologized: "Sorry...Serena. And a word of advice, next time when you are about to get hit by a bike, don't bring me down with you!"

The young blonde looked guilty and shameful for a second, then looked down and gasped. Immediately Darien saw what she was looking at...

On her pretty blue shorts, was the most evil sight a daughter would ever see (well, besides accidentally seeing her parents getting it on)...it was the sight that would make any mother cringe in fear and feel the urge to scream, to escape from this cruel, harsh world...

There, on Serena's shorts, was...

(AN: music pleez!)


A big, sloppy spot of Serena's CHOCOLATE ice cream that was yet to be finished prior to the group of evil, evil boys charging at her on their bikes.

There was awkward silence...

"Shit..." Serena muttered under her breath as she slowly got up from the ground, still shocked from what's found on her shorts.

"Yeah...pretty hard time, this must be for you..." her date said with fake remorse in his voice.

"Ugh! SHUT UP!"

"Sorry..." Her date apologized for the second time in 20 seconds.

"Mom's gonna kill me!"

Suddenly Darien's had an idea. "Look...my place isn't really far from here, so maybe we'll go there and you can change while I try my best to clean the stuff out?"

The petit blonde had no choice, and she wanted to see Darien's apartment for later when she would need to plead and cry outside his apartment after he would have terrible dreams involving breaking up with Serena in order to save her life...so she agreed to give his idea a try.


Darien scanned through his closet before handing Serena a baggy pair of his old gym shorts. "Here...don't worry, they're washed." He said after Serena made a worried face.

She went to the bath room to change while Darien got a bucket of warm water. A moment later, she returned to the living room with his gym shorts hanging on her small waist...barely.

"Hey, Dar...you think you have something to keep these from falling down?"

"Uh...let me look for it..." Darien replied as he searched in around for something that would do...although he thought 'it might be really funny if they DID fall down'...and he couldn't help grinning at the thought.

"What? Why do you have that evil look on your face...Darien?" Serena picked up something and asked suspiciously.

"Huh? Oh, nothing." He quickly dismissed his rather unhealthy thoughts and handed Serena pin to hold the shorts on temporally.

"Uh-huh..." she was still not convinced.

"Anyways," Darien quickly said to change the subject, " I'll try to get the stuff out now, okay? You can just hang around and relax, I guess."

"Thanks, Darien...you're such a good friend."

Opps, wrong choice of words. And she saw it on Darien's face. "Um...what I'm trying to say is...um..."

"It's okay, Serena...I know what you mean." He assured her and smiled.

The young blonde girl nodded, relieved of his understanding, and wandered around the living room, watched a movie, then scanned through some of his textbooks while Darien tried to get the chocolate off her shorts.

(AN: Poor guy.)


They sat the silently as the motorbike speed on the road. The day was beginning to darken and their almost-perfect-date was about to end.

Serena thought about her shorts and smiled. No, this date IS perfect. Being around Darien, no matter how things turned out, would be perfect.

He had actually managed to get the big blob of chocolate off her shorts...after, oh, about 3 hours. But Serena was thankful for how determined he was not to get her into trouble with her mom.

She felt sooooo lucky. She didn't dare to tell him that while she watched as he cursed under his breath when getting the shorts cleaned, she thought about their future together. The life they would share together. Maybe getting married, and every Saturday, maybe Serena would work in the garden while Darien did the laundry. Then they'd spend the rest of the quiet weekend together, peacefully.

Okay maybe she was going a bit overboard.

But she was sure she loved him now. And no matter how things would turn out in the future, she always will.


Darien saw in the mirror that Serena seemed to be in her own little space right now, staring into space. She was blushing slightly and her lips curled up to a little smile that made her look so darn cute.

Too bad that she seemed lost in her own thoughts and Darien couldn't do what he felt like doing being a guy in his position or he would have gave her an affectionate kiss...like he always wanted to, unfortunately though, he got to watch the road.


"Serena? We're here." Her thoughts were interrupted by Darien's voice.


"I said, we're here."

"Oh..." she looked ahead and sure enough, saw her house. She wondered if Darien could tell what she was thinking about. 'Did he know that I was thinking about him?' the mere thought of it made her blush harder.

Slowly, as if stalling for time, Darien removed his own helmet and got off the motorbike, then removed Serena's helmet for her. Serena got off and together, they walked to the front porch of her house.

"Um...I...had fun today. Really. And thanks for the shorts thing." The blushing blonde said timidly.

"Yeah...me too, and uh, you're welcome."

They stood there awkwardly for a second, then both of them leaned forward...

And their lips were pressed against each other's. They never wanted this moment to end.

(AN: this should've happened a long time ago, if you ask me.)

After the breathless kiss, Serena almost didn't want to go inside...but she had too, the summer breeze was making her cold.

"Uh...I would invite you in...but my parents—"

"Yeah I know." He said and smiled, which made Serena feel so much better.


"I'll call you. Okay?"

Serena nodded and headed inside. Still blushing.

Once inside though...it was a different story.

She heard the shrieking voice of her dad: "Serena, who was that young man outside? And I saw what you two did, don't deny it! And why is he so old!"

Her mom also wouldn't shut up: "Serena...Ohh, my baby is all grown up! You must bring your 'friend' over sometime! He looked like such a nice boy. What's his name? What kind of family does he have? Have you met them yet? Serena! Are you listening! I'm telling you, bring that boy over..."

"Shit..." Serena muttered under her breath out of frustration while leaning against the closed door. She should NOT have came back.



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