Title In the woods
Author lonely whisperz
Genre Angst/Romance
Rating M - Content is only suitable for mature adults! Not meant for anyone below the age of 18!
Disclaimer Kiba and Hinata are both characters of Naruto belonging to Masashi Kishimoto! (Duh!) I am not profiting at all by publishing this piece of fiction. I have written and 'published' this work of fan fiction for my pleasure and the pleasure of other Naruto fans! Besides… It isn't worth suing me because I don't own anything but some old smelly socks and some unidentified gooey stuff under my bed. So… Yeah.
Summary What happens after Kiba caught Hinata (almost!) kissing Naruto...
Chapter One One-Shot : In the woods...

I couldn't believe she just told him that she loved him…

'Hinata… How could you?' I felt the back of my eyes stinging from tears I held back. I didn't need to be told like an idiot that if I hadn't told Akamaru to go and jump on Hinata's lap as she leaned closer to Naruto that they would have…

I couldn't allow that. Her first kiss was mine. I had told her that. Granted, I said it playfully and teasingly at the time but we had both known I was serious.

But that wasn't what made me so angry.

What pissed me off so much was that she had always confided in me. And we trusted one another. Yet she lied! I can't believe she lied to me… And I can't believe how stupid I was to think that she honestly wasn't in love with him anymore…

I watched from the tree as he awkwardly said goodbye to Hinata and went off looking confused… Uncertain. Well, I wasn't. I was not confused and I was very certain of one thing – Hinata is mine.


Hinata hugged Akamaru watching Naruto's back walk further and further away from her.


She wondered why she did what she did. He just returned with Jiraiya last week, after a whole year of exploring the world he had fallen so much in love with…

After making sure Sasuke had been returned safely to Konohagakure as Jiraiya had planned, Naruto had continued his journey to become the greatest ninja the world had ever seen… And had unknowingly left Hinata behind, the broken pieces of her heart crushed beneath his feet. Kiba was the only one who truly knew how she felt and had supported her through it all.

She knew that Kiba loved her. But she wasn't sure how she felt in return. When Naruto came back last week she had decided to pluck up her courage and admit how she felt for him. She wanted to confirm if her heart still longed for Naruto... Or if it had finally come to belong to someone more deserving of it…

"Oh Akamaru... What do I do?" She groaned as she hugged him close. She did feel love for Kiba… She just wasn't totally sure how she loved him, thats all… She grimaced as she felt her heart constrict and skip a beat at the thought of Kiba. Who would have thought being 16 was so complicated…


I was behind her before she realised. She was deep in thought. I didn't blame her. After all, Naruto had always been lingering in her heart… There had never been a beginning for them.

But I was going to put them to an end.

She finally realised I was standing right behind her. Akamaru had run off into the woods knowing better than to stick around.

"Ki..Ki..Kiba-kun… Wh..What are y..you doing h..here?" She asked me barely above a whisper, blushing so prettily. "We d..d..don't ha..have any pr..practice today…"

I didn't answer. I just looked at her my heart in my eyes. "Why Hinata… Why? I would have waited for an eternity…"

She looked away. I felt my blood boil.

"Look at me Dammit! I love you more than I can express and you damn well knew that! And you were still going to kiss him! You were going to let that bastard have your first kiss! Your first kiss is mine Hinata! Your first! Your second! Your third! All of them! No other man can touch you or kiss you because you are mine!" Even as I yelled I felt the tears I had tried so hard to hold back stream down my face. But I couldn't stop yelling at her. I was so angry…

I grabbed both her upper arms and backed her up against the tree directly behind her. She didn't stop me. She was reeling from the shock of my outburst. I was too but I needed an outlet for this anger… this frustration… this raging love I had in my chest for her.

She started struggling after I managed to shackle both her wrists in my left hand. Her wrists were so small and my hands so big. And in terms of strength Hinata was no match for me. We both knew it. I made sure not to apply too much pressure to her wrists.
My body pressed her against the tree securing her there and my right arm was holding her around her waist tightly. Her eyes were staring at me. She looked at me as if she didn't know me. I couldn't bear it.

So I finally took what was mine. I kissed her. I kissed her hard and deep, forcing her to respond to me. She tried to turn away from me and I bit the side of her mouth for trying to. My tears had dried but my emotions were still chaotic. I felt like I was drowning and she was my only lifeline. And she was. I needed her. She didn't realize just what she meant, how much she mattered to me. And I couldn't stand the thought of being left in the cold for Naruto. He didn't deserve her! She was mine first!

The kissing continued as did her silent and useless struggles. It only inflamed me more, emotionally and physically. She had yet to realize it but I was stiff and erect against her soft thighs. I kissed her over and over and over not caring. After waiting so long I was goingto take what was mine.

Finally I stopped to breathe. She gasped for breath as well. She was crying a little bit. I felt my heart squeeze. But then she made me. I had to do this. I needed this. Her eyes widened as she realised that I was stiff against her.

"Ohmigod… Kiba… Please don't do this… Someone will come. Someone will catch you and I wont be able to defend you like this," She begged me, the tears trailing down her cheeks. She cared. In my crazed state I still knew she didn't hate me, she still cared about me. But she was wrong. No one would come. The sun was already setting and many shinobi's were off on missions.

"Liar… You don't want me to stop" I whispered in her ear. " You're father wont miss you because he will just assume your training through the night again and you will be… You will be training… With me. Only… It's a little different than the normal training we would normally do hmmmm?"

I pushed myself harder against her letting her feel how I felt. She gasped. I knew she was shocked. She had never done anything more than hold hands with boys. And even then it never meant anything unless it was me…

I took my right hand and unzipped her jacket. It was in the way. I let my eyes wonder down her tube top that left nothing to the imagination. It was summer so I expected her to be wearing something light. Her breasts were large for her proportions. But pert and soft.

I groaned. The deep guttural sound from my throat very obviously expressing the extent of my arousal. I kissed her hard. I forced her to respond to my tongue as I tasted her lips and fought her own tongue. I grinded my erection against her hard. I didn't care. She knew what she did to me and now she could feel it first hand. I moved my attentions to her throat. I bit gently at first letting her become accustomed to the pain. Then I sucked on the spot. And I sucked it hard. I didn't hear her gasping at the painful sensations, my sharp teeth causing her discomfort. I doubt I would have stopped even if I heard. The world could collapse around us and she would be the only thing that mattered. Here… In my arms.

I continued biting and sucking her on her neck each time harder. She was mine and each time she looked at herself she would now know it. I would know it. I loved the thought of marking her as my own. The primal instinct inside me screaming that I mark her. I sucked harder.

I didn't stop grinding as I did all this. The conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain swamped her wave after wave. She was not much shorter than myself so when I grinded my length into her she received it directly between the most sensitive and private area of her thighs.

Her breath was warm against my hair. I had released her hands without realizing it some time ago and she had entangled them in my hair. Sometimes pulling sometimes pushing as if unsure whether she wanted this. I didn't give her a choice though. I still had her pinned against the tree and my grinding never stopped. Deeper and deeper. Slowing down then getting faster again. But the proof of my arousal unmistakably there. I couldn't stand this.

I pushed her jacket off her shoulders and my own onto the ground. She seemed to be mesmerized by the sight unable to move. I grabbed her and forced her down onto the cold earth. I bit her on the side of her neck as my hands took hold of her waist in an iron grip. My erection was dripping and I was wild for her.

I grinded myself slowly against her thin elastic shorts. The only thing between our pleasure were both her shorts and my pants.God! How I wanted to be buried in her warmth. I just wanted to fill every inch of her with my large throbbing cock. I wanted to tear her apart and truly own her body. My cock throbbed painfully. I just kept on pumping my hips against hers. She was screaming now. I only saw red. She rocked against me sobbing for more. For release.

My groans and her moans mingled till I didn't know who's was who's. I could feel every inch of her soft pliant generous body which I had craved so long. I took in her scent like an intoxicating drug. She smelt like green tea. I could taste her skin, her lips, her blood on my tongue…

And we struggled against each other, both wanting release yet wishing to satisfy the other first. Finally she cummed screaming. She arched against my grinding arousal and moaned in pleasure. And I joined her.

I laid on top of her breathing hard. She didn't push me away though. After a few minutes, I somehow found strength to roll over to my side still holding her close against me but I couldn't find it inside myself to look at her. I kept my chin on top of her hair just enjoying the mild scent of green tea which she exuded and musky sweat that must have come from us both. The only sound I could hear was our laboured breathing

I felt the tears slowly trickle downwards and I didn't bother to wipe them away. I didn't want stop the little bit of emotional relief my body could offer with these tears. I hated myself. What had I just done…

Hinata was looking at me. I tried to find something to say to her but nothing came to mind and all I could do was look at her sweet face that searched my eyes for an explanation. For a reason. What reason? I didn't have one. I was ashamed of myself.

Finally I said the only thing my mind kept repeating over and over.

"I'm sorry…"

She seemed taken aback. Then she smiled. What was so funny? The world was a cold wasteland and I deserved to feel this way. I was no better than trash.

Then she kissed me.

It was so gentle and her lips were so soft against my own. So sweet. Her love washed away the bitterness within me and I allowed myself to hold her thanking the gods for the angel they sent to me…

The End... (?)

Author's Note

Muahahahahaha! Reposted! Yeah! ;-) Its basically still the same as before BUT it has been cleaned up and is now (hopefully!) a little easier to read and enjoyable!

Added after reviews from the first time I posted So no one will be confused . I admit it can be a bit hazy…

First, no they do not have actual sex. They just grinded and touched till they both came - read: "The only thing between our pleasure were both her shorts and my pants. I just kept on pumping my hips against hers.". They both make each other so hot that they don't need actual penetration. X-D Besides! Kiba didn't want to hurt hinata or traumatise her to such an extent. He was simply... giving in to primitive urges to take and mark what was his :-P

Hmm... As for anyone who thinks its rape... (Long explanation) Like I describe in the very short hinata POV she does love him but was simply confused as to how(as a bf, bro, etc.) and how much:-P Kiba simply made her love him completely because she realized just how far she pushed him due to Naruto's return and her emotional indecision. She hadn't thought she was capable of being loved to such an extent or driving anyone to such a maddened chaotic state till she was with kiba (my fic anyways). Besides, Personally I don't think she wanted to push him away or hurt him if she could help it. And since he didn't penetrate her or even take her tube top off for that matter she didn't stop him and EVENTUALLY ENCOURAGED HIM - read : "Her breath was warm against my hair. I had released her hands without realizing it some time ago and she had entangled them in my hair. Sometimes pulling sometimes pushing as if unsure whether she wanted this"

So... that's my take on my own fic X-D Hope it makes everything less confusing. I will have to note all this down next time so there wont be anymore confusion. Thanks for reviewing!