Title In the woods
Author lonely whisperz
Genre Angst/Romance
Rating M - Content is only suitable for mature adults! Not meant for anyone below the age of 18!
Disclaimer Kiba and Hinata are both characters of Naruto belonging to Masashi Kishimoto! (Duh!) I am not profiting at all by publishing this piece of fiction. I have written and 'published' this work of fan fiction for my pleasure and the pleasure of other Naruto fans! Besides… It isn't worth suing me because I don't own anything but some old smelly socks and some unidentified gooey stuff under my bed. So… Yeah.
Summary Do Kiba and Hinata get their happy ending?
Chapter Two Bonus Chapter – After the storm…

The damp hot air of the summer night was decidedly uncomfortable. Hinata sat at the balcony of her room with a fan trying to cool down.

It figured that the air conditioner would break down two days after the heat wave struck Konoha thought Hinata grumpily. She took a gulp of her ice – now warm - lemon tea.

She wasn't sure how much longer she could last in the heat. She was sweating all over even though she had stripped right down to her baby-blue cotton panties and white spaghetti strap cotton top. She had even taken off her bra because it was so constricting.

Sighing, she briefly considered sneaking into someone's air conditioned room for the night. Maybe Shikamaru's room. He would probably be too lazy to chase her out. On the other hand, Ino would kill her in the morning. Sakura's room was air conditioned too but Naruto would be spending the night with her…


Hinata's heart stopped beating for two seconds. When it began to beat again, it was twice as fast as it should have been. She was going to kill…

"Kiba!" She turned around on the lounge chair she had been lying on to face him. He was grinning like a fool despite the fact he had almost given her a heart attack. A sweaty fool, she noted. He was perched on her balcony's railing like cat, wearing a sleeveless cotton top, a pair of black lounge pants and sandals.

"What! I just thought I'd drop by and see how my little princess is doing and this is the sort of welcome I get?" Hinata suddenly found Kiba on top of her, his arms on each side of her, nuzzling her neck.

Groaning, Hinata pushed him off her. "Kiba! It's too hot for that!" She blushed as she said this because although it was true, she had felt herself flare up inside from his proximity and touch.

Kiba had always had that effect on her for some reason.

She blushed deeper as he laughed at her. She remembered the first time they had done made love. After the incident when Kiba had lost control two years ago, they had comforted one another and it had unexpectedly led to both of them losing their virginity.

"Your thinking about it." Hinata's eyes looked straight into his. "I don't know what you mean? And aren't you feeling hot at all? The two of us are going to melt!" She looked away, not wanting to be more embarrassed than she already was. Kiba adjusted their positions until he was comfortably lying on the lounge with Hinata practically right on top of him with her head on his chest, his arm around her waist and their legs entangled.

Kiba grinned at her obvious attempt to sidetrack the topic. "You know exactly what I mean. I'm talking about two years ago, after I had lost it, you took advantage of me and stole my virginity." He waved his free arm with flare, his expression comically self-pitiful. Hinata felt herself becoming even more heated as she giggled and blushed some more.

"I-I-I did not! I-It was b-both of us and y-you know it!" Hinata thumped him lightly on the chest. "Really?" His grin was so infectious that Hinata couldn't help but smile back at him even though she was trying to be seriously annoyed. "Because I seem to remember that it was you who took off my shirt and your tube top and it was you who kissed any objections I had away and it was you who was on top. My ego was crushed that during my first time, I was the one on the bottom instead of the top."

She absolutely refused to look at him, opting instead to fiddle with his hands. His hands were so much bigger than her own small hands. Rougher and more callused. His fingers much longer than hers and so warm.

"Hinata…" He grasped her hand. "I love you." Hinata looked up at him. He always knew how to push her buttons.

"Your mean." She pouted at him, knowing full well he thought she was adorable when she pouted and would kiss her soon.

"Yes I am but you love me anyway." He nibbled on her lower lip and kissed her deeply as she pulled him closer. Their hands touched, caressed, pinched, stroked and fondled until both could only feel their heads spinning from the physical pleasure.

"Kiba... Kiba… It's too hot! I-I can't take it. It's too hot!" She moaned as he nipped her neck and sucked lightly. She could feel herself perspiring uncontrollably and her skin was feeling too warm and sticky.

Kiba didn't want to stop. He could feel his erection becoming painful. He panted against her throat, wanting to take her then and there but needing control so he could breathe.

"Hinata… I need you. Please…" He was begging and he knew it but it didn't matter. It was Hinata. All he was aware of was his insatiable need for her at that moment.

Her hands grabbed his head and tugged his lips on top of her own. He immediately complied and kissed her hard. Tongues dueled, tasted and entangled one another. Their hands never stopped moving on each others body.

Eventually, Kiba managed to get his top of along with his pants. Hinata quickly followed suit, moaning as his hands instantly took possession of her breast the moment they were freed. His callused fingertips on her sensitive nipples were unbearable but exquisite at the same time. She arched her back unconsciously when he started to nibble them.

"Kiba!" She couldn't decide if she needed them to stop or continue. The only thing she knew was that she was being driven insane from all the sensations.

He looked her straight in the eye as he bit and suckled her heavy breast continuously. Hinata forced him onto his back, taking him by surprise, and took control of the situation. Wiggling her hips wickedly, she lowered herself on his belly knowingly teasing him, enjoying his poor attempts of hiding his obviously lust for her.

Pay back time.

She tweaked his nipples gently, circling them with her fingers, looking at them with fake confusion as though she wasn't sure what to do with them. Lowering her head, she lightly flicked her wet warm tongue over one of his nipple. He bucked in response.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, she repeated the motion a few times as her hands explored his lower regions playfully. Kiba quivered and gasped involuntarily as her hands grasped his hard throbbing member at last.

Unable to take it anymore, he scooped Hinata into his arms and carried her into her room before dumping unceremoniously dumping her atop her bed. He studied her for a moment, feeling lecherous pleasure at the sight of her. She was sweaty and breathing heavily, bright eyed with desire and need.

He grabbed her and kissed her forcefully on the cool sheets. The contrast against their hot skins and the warm air was delicious. He stroked her inner thighs, reveling in the way she clenched against his fingers and groaned into his mouth.

"Oh my… Oh my… Kiba please…" her fingers dug into his shoulders insistently. She kissed his jaw and throat and pleaded with him to finish what they had begun.

"I cant wait any longer…"

That was all Kiba needed. He readjusted their positions swiftly, so that he was right outside her opening. She was wet and ready.

"Are you ready for me?" His voice was hoarse and filled with barely restrained need. The answer was obvious but it was a question Kiba always asked Hinata before uniting them. She couldn't speak. She nodded her head slowly, wondering if it was possible to die from passionately embracing the way they were doing.

He filled her, careful not to hurt her. Hinata gasped and arched her back from the shock of the contact. He stretched and filled her inside she wanted to scream. Instead she moaned as loudly as she dared, whimpering as he slowly began pulling in and out of her.

The rhythmic motions became faster and slower, torturing both of them. Hinata started moving with him, squeezing him inside her, increasing the pleasure for both of them.

Then the pace increased. Kiba plunged into her womanhood hard and fast, her moisture easily lubricating his length. Hinata's head thrashed back and forth uncontrollably as she felt her climax nearing. She grabbed his forearms as leverage to keep up with his insistent pumping.

Her climax was immediately followed by Kiba's and he fell heavily on top of her. They stayed that way for some time until Kiba found strength to roll over, still united with Hinata, onto his side with Hinata in his arms.

Kiba stroked her hair, and kissed her forehead while enjoying the contact they maintained. He was almost sure she was asleep but didn't have the strength or will to move from his very comfortable position.

But she wasn't asleep.

She caressed his neck with kisses and lightly stroked his chest, awed by the difference of their size after only a couple of years. "When did you get so big?" She hadn't really meant to ask but when she was this tired her brain couldn't always follow instructions well.

"Oh. I don't think I've gotten THAT much bigger. Besides, it only helps increase the pleasure of being together doesn't it?" The answer was obviously referring to his happy friend in his northern regions.

Annoyed, she playfully pinched his nipple. "I wasn't referring to that! I meant your size as in height and width!" She blushed at the thought of THAT getting bigger. It's more than big enough as it is…

His chest rumbled against her head as he laughed quietly. Hinata cuddled closer to him, sighing contentedly. He held her closer and felt joy swell in his heart at the thought of her being in his arms forever. His angel…

"Hinata… I love you. Stay with me forever…" He whispered in her hair.

Her hand stilled on his chest.

She gazed into his eyes and cupped his cheek in the palm of his hand before gently kissing him.

"I love you Kiba… And even an eternity wouldn't be nearly enough for me to love you…" Her eyes shone with love. Kiba knew then and there that all was right in the world and nothing would ever take that moment away from him.

They slept in each others arms that night, dreaming of an eternity they would spend loving each other.


The End…

Author's Note

Yes! I know! Could have been better! Maybe I will rewrite it in the future but for now… This is it! So just enjoy it:-P Terribly cheesy ending if I do say so myself. Hahaha… I wanted this old fic to have a happy ending. LoL! Surprisingly, this fic has had a lot of good feedback. Honestly, I hadn't expected quite so many fans of it. Anyway, Kiba and Hinata got together after the first chapter and this chapter is set a couple of years after that. Hope y'all liked it! Dedicated to Kane-Laura591 (You were the only one who put it on alert and I didn't have the heart to simply end it) & all of you peeps out there that read and fav'd this fanfic! ;-)