Underneath Her Clothes

Under her red velvet dress, Rogue wore bruises and no panties. The bruises were from her and Logan's sexual escapades of the previous evening; the lack of undergarments because she hoped for a repeat tonight and didn't want to have to deal with any unnecessary clothing.

I cannot wait until this damn fundraiser is over, Rogue thought, taking a slow slip of her white wine spritzer.The clear liquid burned down her throat, soothing the ache that radiated out from between her legs.

For a time.

Her cheeks heated and a full-body flush broke out on her skin – almost darker than the burgundy cloth that hugged her curves – as she thought about the things she and Logan had done last night to give her those bruises…and what they might do again that very evening to give her more. The feeling of being watched snapped her out of her lustful reverie and she turned, her brown eyes meeting fiery hazel from across the room. Seeing the predatory look her love sent her – and watching him stalk closer – Rogue whimpered and thought, Maybe I don't have to wait until this party is over.

It wasn't as if her mingling and rubbing elbows with snobby rich people was vital to the actual collection part of the fundraising. She and the other members of the junior team were only there as an example of the 'fine, upstanding young people' that Xavier's School for the Gifted taught. Jean and Ororo were busy chatting up the only two single men in the room. She – and definitely Logan – wouldn't be missed for a scant fifteen minutes.

Seeing the fire smoldering in those hazel eyes, Rogue ducked her head, unable to hold Logan's gaze any longer without trembling. She upped her estimate to a full hour.

God, she loved having a man with a healing power.

Shivering as she felt warm, strong arms circle around her waist, Rogue moaned inaudibly as Logan's lips caressed the curve of her ear.

"What say you and I take a little…break…from the festivities, darlin'?" Logan proposed needlessly. He already knew she'd be willing.

God, he loved having enhanced senses. Smell came in so handy, especially at times like this.

Rogue was nodding almost before the endearment had slipped from his lips. "Where?" she asked. "They'll notice if we slip back up to our room."

"The kitchen?" Logan asked. Marie perched on the countertop as he worshiped her with his mouth, hearing her husky cries resounding off the metal and linoleum of the room…

Sounded real good to him.

She shook her head, whimpering as one of his hands snuck up underneath her dress and started to finger her. "The catering staff has been – ah! – in and out of there all night." She panted and shifted, trying to move her clit away from his probing fingers so as to let her brain come back online long enough to think of a place for them to go and continue what Logan had started. "H-how about the coat room?" she suggested.

Logan grinned rakishly. Marie, laying back on a bed of mink coats, wearing just the stockings and garters that were her only garments underneath her red velvet dress? "Sounds good." Damn good.

"To me, too, sugar," Rogue agreed in a sultry tones as he led her around the edge of the dance floor.

If this was what it got her, she should forgo underwear more often. Not like she really needed anything underneath her clothes…except Logan.