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Jazz's Ghost

Chapter Six: Back Again

As Danny and his friends walked around the town looking for Jazz's Ghost they found Summer coming out of the woods. She passed by them, not noticing that they were there untill Danny said "Hey Summer. Where have you been?"

"Oh, hey Danny. Any luck finding Jazz?" she asked

"Not yet. So what were you doing in the woods?" he said

"Just walking around. I have something to do right now. I'll see you later." she said walking down the street.

Danny got the feeling that something was wrong. Her eyes, he noticed, were a little red, like she had been crying and she left pretty much in a hurry. He was starting to feel weird inside.

"Hey Danny, let's go." Tucker said pulling at his arm. The continued their walk past the woods untill they made it back to town again. It was some time past noon so they decided to stop and get something to eat. On their way they passed the store with the t.v at the window. The news was on and Danny stopped suddenly and looked at the screen.

'The missing girl Summer O'Conner was found two days ago wandering the town. Though when police found took her back to her home she disappeared again and has not been seen since that afternoon. We believe that she may still be out there. So again if you have any information as to where she went please contact the police station immediatly.'

"They couldn't have found her." Danny said.

"Danny,what's wrong?" Sam asked.

"They found Summer."

"They couldn't have,she's suppose to be in Jazz's body right now. Maybe it's a mistake." Tucker said.

"I doubt it," Danny said.

"Well, if Summer is in Jazz's body, then whose in her's?" Sam asked.


Summer walked as fast as she could all the way to Amity Park before she finally collapsed into a nearby bench. The park was empty except for a lady on the other side of the park and her son. She new since the night before that some one was watching her, that same person who had followed her here. Who was hiding some where nearby out of sight from everyone. By now, Summer had a pretty good idea who it was.

"Jazz, I know it's you," Summer said as she stared at the ground "Why don't you just say what you have to say and stop following me already?"

"Because, I don't know how I got here. How can I be sitting on that bench and be standing all the way over here at the same time," Jazz said coming out from behind a nearby hedge. Blonde hair all in a mess, jeans all torn up at the knees and a shirt, dusty with dirt.

"My mom would absolutly just die if she saw me like that," Summer said with a giggle "Any chance you'd want to stop by there for a minute."

"It's not funny. Who are you? And why are you in my body and me in yours?" Jazz asked.

"I'm not so sure why we got switched. All I know is that right now i'm suppose to be dead and are you." she answered "My name's Summer."

"What do you mean dead?"

"Well,from what Danny told me, You were hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and you died a few days later I guess. About the same time me and my friends were shot and I ended up floating in to your body. That answer your question."

Jazz nodded. "How do we switch back? Will we still be able to stay alive?"

"How should I know?" she said "We were both dead when our spirits entered into different bodies. There may not be a chance we can go back to the way we were."

"Are you saying we might stay like this forever?"

"I don't know, and you ask too many questions."

"I just want to figure out how this happened and if there's a way to fix it. I really want to be with my family again." Jazz said.

The past week or so she had wandered around, lost and confused in a body that wasn't hers. People who kept thinking she was some one else and who she didn't even recognize. She had finally just fled from them in search of her own body and hopefully the answer as to why she was like this now. It had not been an easy week for her and she doubted it was any easier for Summer having to be away from her own family and friends.

"You can still see them, but you'll just have to act like you're some one else. Untill we find out if there is a way to fix this, you can't tell any one." Summer said to her "The only ones who know are Danny and his friends."

"But what if we don't find a way to change back?"

"Don't be so negative. We'll find a way, don't worry. Just trust me okay?"


"Good. I think we should get you some clean clothes. Fix you hair and uh..get you into a shower." Summer said " 'cause if you're gonna be me, then I am so not going to let you walk around looking like a dumpster. Much less smelling like one."

The two quickly walked over to the Fenton's house, which lucky for them, was empty at the moment.


"Mom?Dad?Is any one home?" Danny said as he entered his house. Tucker and Sam had already left for their own homes about an hour ago as Danny continued walking around town one more time.

After no one anwered he just shrugged and said "Guess they went out." then he headed upstairs to his room. As he passed Jazz's room he thought he heard voices coming from behind the closed door. He pressed his ear against the door and one voice he recognized it was Jazz's or well Summer's since she was in Jazz's body. But the second voice was hard to recognize so he opened the door just a crack and looked inside.

Sitting on Jazz's bed was a girl with long curly brown hair. She looked familiar to him some how but since he couldn't see her face, it was hard to figure out who she was. Summer was on the other side of the room aparently looking for some thing since most of the drawers in Jazz's dresser and desk were left open.

"Man Jazz, you really have a low supply of make-up." he heard Summer say.

"I don't usually wear make-up. I really don't need it." the girl answered.

"Jazz?" Danny whispered. Was that girl really his sister? As he thought this the door was suddenly opened and he fell head first into the room.

"Have you ever heard that it's rude to eavesdrop?" Summer said rather upset as she helped him to his feet.

"Danny?" he could now see the face of the girl in the room. It was the same face he had seen on the t.v many times, always followed by the same story. It was Summer. Or at least her body was, the person in it was his sister. At least he hoped it was.

"Jazz?" he said. She nodded.

"And here I was saving it as a suprise but you just had to ruin it for me." Summer said as she flopped onto the bed next to Jazz with her arms crossed over her chest. She didn't look so pleased at the moment.

"I can't believe you found her," Danny answered as he ignored Summer's comment and hugged Jazz, who in turn hugged him back. Saying "I missed you so much little brother."

"I missed you too Jazz."

"Very touching. I only found her because she had been folowing me the past few days and I barely figured it out today who she was."

"Thanks for your help Summer." Danny said.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Now, I have some thing to say that conerns both of you. So sit down and let me talk."

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