Author's Note: This was my contribution for the R&B 'Shippers United Secret Santa event. The request was for a Christmas party story where Ra/BB and Ro/S find themselves under the mistletoe. I hope you enjoy it (even though Christmas has already passed).

Christmas Kiss

Cinnamon scents and holly leaves,

The dazzling lights on the Christmas tree,

People gathering, stories told,

And all seem young, even the old,

As they stop and enjoy the season,

Taking time to remember the reason,

That they have gathered on that night. . .

To celebrate their victories,

To celebrate the year,

To celebrate what some consider,

The most joyous time of year. . . .

Standing alone by the window side,

Gazing into the blinding winter storm,

She sighs,

Watching the crowd reflected in the frosted glass.

The dance, the gifts, the song,

Appealing though unnerving to her senses. . .

Wanting to join, but wanting to remain apart.

The storms picks up, the winds blow cold. . .

And now,

Content with her thoughts and this wintry scene,

She turns, ready to return to the multitude,

If not for the one standing in her way.

His smile, brighter than the lights of the room,

The song in his eyes more joyous

Than any they heard that night. . .

Then his eyes upturn, and amused hers follow,

Only to stop at the sight they see.

A breath taken in, surprise taking hold,

Then released as her eyes return to his.

"Just look at her blushing, as if I cannot see."

"What is this I am feeling? What is he doing to me?"

A question, so evident on his face,

Hoping, dreaming, wishing. . .

Though unable to speak, the words lost on his lips,

Though ready to receive tradition's kiss.

"Perhaps just once won't hurt."

"Got to love tradition."

The space between them disappears,

Along with any lingering fears,

And their eyes close. . .

. . . only to open a moment after.

A smile now present on both of their faces,

As they remember the moment they shared,

Hidden away amidst the candlelit glow,

Standing beneath the mistletoe.

She smiles, seeing her friends. . .

Delighted in knowing that

They finally found each other,

Though not really understanding why it happened now.

Was it the music that they'd heard. . .

Or the gifts given and received?

Could it be that the moment was sparked

By the lights glimmering on the tree?

Lost in thought she failed to notice

Another standing by her side,

Grinning at the scene of his friends,

Wishing them the best silently.

"They've finally found happiness."

"I do not understand why now that they

Have given into how they feel. Is it something

In the air? Could you explain it to me?"

Smiling at her, he points to a place,

And she sees something that

She really didn't notice before.

An ornament of the season. . .

"Though very simple that little plant

Bears such a strong tradition.

For when two people pass under it

They are to stop, expected to kiss.

And though simple, sometimes this

Can lead to something special, something more."

Thinking of all that she just learned,

She debates for a moment, then takes his hand,

Leading him over to the particular place. . .

And under the mistletoe they stand.

She takes a breath then looks in his eyes,

Holding his hand as she gathers her nerve. . .

"Like this?"

Leaning in to him, just like the couple before,

Enjoying the moment but wishing for more,

A wish shared by him as well. . .

But still it had to end.

"Was that okay?"

She asked, afraid,

Looking away into the winter's night.

And he smiled, putting his hand upon her face,

And quietly said,

"Just right."