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Always There

The air was thick with the smell of blood and exhaustion, an injured figure stood before a terrible octopus thing, his sword singing in the delight on finally destroying it's foe. Inuyasha took in breath by shuttering breath, his chest stinging by the awful gashes inflicted upon him by the demon he planned to kill...ever so slowly...


It had proven to be an extremely difficult battle so far,but hopefully the last. The tired but still determined hanyou took a quick glance to the side, where Kagome was helping an equally injured Sango to stand. Miroku stood behind, holding his staff tensely in his uncursed hand, ready for back-up if needed. Shippo and a transformed Kirara were huddled around them as well, staring at Inuyasha with prideful eyes, though concern was evident in all of his companions' faces.

He gave a reassuring smile toward his pack.

Yes, his pack.

He cared for them so deeply. Of course he was considered too young to be the leader of his own pack, but somehow it had just happened. Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Shippo, even Myouga and Kaede, and let's not forget Kagome. The one he knew had helped him to discover his pack. Without her, without any of them, well...

...his life wouldn't be worth shit.

They smiled weakly back, and he turned his attention back to the matter at hand. Destroying the bastard that had cursed all their lives. Inuyasha knew, however, that without Naraku none of them would have met.

That didn't mean he had to show any mercy.

"Prepare to die, you bastard." Inuyasha growled as Naraku began to laugh, a booming, evilchortle that sent a chill down each of their spines.

"Inuyasha, what has happened to you? When did you begin to care so much for these pathetic humans? For these weak, little demons? I thought you didn't need anyone. " The bastard's slimy face suddenly lit up with a disturbing smile. "Ahhh, what a wonderful weakness..."

Inuyasha, as normal for him, began to lose his already fraying temper. "You're the one who's pathetic, Naraku. I will destroy you this day and send you to hell where you belong!" Inuyasha knuckles began to turn white due to his death grip on Tetsusaiga.

Naraku laughed again. "Stupid hanyou, you are the one who is going to die...but why don't I cause you as pain as I can muster before you go? When I am through, you won't have the will to go on. You'll beg me to end your suffering."

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YO--" The hanyou's yell was cut off when he began to hear a sizzle in his ears. Inuyasha's hair on the back of his neck tingled and stood on end by the feel of the electricity in the air. He looked at his huddled companions in confusion, but they held no answers. Moving his gaze back to Naraku, he saw in surprise at the vast amounts of energy and miasma floating in a ball around the demon's tentacles.

"The pain begins, Inuyasha." Naraku than pointed the ball of destruction towards...

Inuyasha's pack.

They stared open-mouthed in horror at the crackling doom about to be released. Shippo jumped on Kagome's shoulder and shivered in fear. Miroku, keeping a brave face, grabbed onto Sango's hand. They all sized up as much courage they could find, and readied themselves for the painful death they all knew they were about to all go through.

Then Naraku, with a final chuckle, released it.

"NO!" My pack, they'll all die. I can't have that happen. They mean too much to me. I...

Inuyasha began to run, adrenaline and the love for his friends..no..his family, sending him at a speed he had never once undergone.

have to...

He jumped and was surrounded by a bright light. "No... INUYASHA!" Kagome's plea sounded so far away when a powerful wave of warmth blew harshly on his body.

save them.

The pain came after.

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