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My So-Called High School Life




Chapter 1




High School

I sighed slightly as I slammed my locker shut, and began the long journey across the school hallway. Already, the day was half over, and it was break time. Around me, people were laughing, flirting, joking around… and basically what all teenagers do these days.

Except me.

I desperately wanted to join them… and just laugh my worries away. But… I know I can't.

Popularity- that's what's keeping me away from having friends. It's what every girl wants, and only some girls could get. It's quite strange, how some girls were just blessed with that natural quality of being loved, and adored by everyone. Two of the best examples are: Pan Son and Bura Brief.

These two were the absolute hottest, prettiest, and most popular girls in the whole school. They seem to emit some sort of strange aura. I mean; what could there possibly be about them that just make guys stare lustfully, and make the girls fume with envy. They had the power to control everyone around them. All they had to do was smile and dress scantily and all the boys would fall head over heels in love with them.

If I wanted a guy to like me- I'd basically need to get plastic surgery.

Do I sound jealous? Well… maybe I am. I mean, who wouldn't be? Who wouldn't want to be filthy rich, extremely beautiful, and have everyone around them at their feet?

First, is the Queen Bee, Pan Son, granddaughter of the legendary Hercule and an amazing athlete. She's captain of the swim, soccer, basketball, volleyball and baseball team. She has shoulder-length silky jet-black hair with big dark sexy eyes, which seem to hurl you in. One look at her and BHAM- you're in love. I wish I had that. Sometimes, I'd compare the two of us. I had the same hair has hair, minus the silky. I even had similar eyes to her… but somehow; they just don't look good on me. She was amazing at everything; she inherited her father's brains, and her mother's looks… and both of their strengths I think. She's the toughest girl in school, step one toe over the line, and you're dead. She doesn't seem to believe in second chances…

The second girl isn't quite up to Pan's standards. Of course, she had everything Pan had- except brains. Which is kind of ironic seeing as her mother is rated one of the smartest woman in the world. But she does have one thing, which is a teeny bit better than Pan…money. She's the richest girl in school, yes, even richer than Pan's grandfather, Hercule. She also has thee hottest body, her long wavy aquamarine hair with intimidating pools of blue eyes, not to mention all the right curves. All she needs to do is bat her eyelashes and wink, and guys would chase her around the school. Men would die to get a stare at her. Since Pan owns all the sports, Bura's captain of the Cheerleading Squad, ever since she'd been on it, they'd won national champions almost every year. Only because all the guys joined football, just so they had an excuse to look at her.

Now do you know what I mean? Here's another example, if Orange Star High was "Teen People" magazine, these two girls would always be on the cover, and I'll probably be the girl- well, I'll probably not be in it at all. (1)

Of course, Pan and Bura aren't the only hot girls at school. There's other one's in their squad. But the one I remember the most, was… Lunch. She was gorgeous, though extremely dippy and stupid. Bura and her were almost best friends, Pan too of course, but she just couldn't share their love for shopping. Everything was going along smoothly…until the day Bura caught Lunch in bed with her boyfriend. It was at that second… when Bura's "dumbness" suddenly disappeared, and she brought out every dirty piece of trash she knew about Lunch… and posted it all over the school.

Bura didn't ruin Lunch… she destroyed her. After a week from school, Lunch suddenly disappeared, no one, absolutely no one, has ever heard of her again. But there were rumours. Some say she went to recruit plans to get revenge, some say she became a prostitute. But the most popular one was that she became a nun.

Anyways, after that little "revenge" planned out, Bura and Pan didn't let anyone else in their squad. It was just the two of them. Of course, they had friends, but… they never let anyone into their "groups". Which means, they never tell you anything, you can use against them.

Also, if you're wondering about Bura and her "boyfriend", after about a month of cold-shouldering him, they finally got together again; with him promising he'll never cheat on her again.

Anyways, enough talk about the girls. Now, let's get on to the guys. You know that saying that popular girls and jocks are made for each other? That saying, is 100 percent true. The two of the biggest jocks in school, are non-surprisingly, dating Pan and Bura.

Now the number one Jock in our list is:

Trunks Brief. He happens to be the older brother of Bura. He's a senior and he's dating Pan. It's probably true that god created Trunks just for Pan, or the other way around, because these two are perfect for each other. They're your typical Adam and Eve, Harry and Sally. Get what I mean?

But I don't blame Pan for wanting to go out with him. Trunks is absolutely breathtaking, his smile could make your knees melt. He had soft velvet lavender hair and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. They seem so innocent, with a hint of lust in them. His body looked like angels carved it out. Muscles. Pure Muscles. Not a single ounce of fat. He had the power to make any girl fall in love with him… and he did unknowingly make many girls fall for him… including me.

Yup, you heard me. I have a big crush on Trunks Brief. You're probably thinking I'm being shallow, I guess you're right- I am. But I couldn't help it. It was love at first sight. The first time I looked at those gorgeous blue eyes of his… I melted. His eyes- they're what haunts me the most. I dream about those eyes every night. I would do anything to stare into them; they had a knack for making me forget my troubles…

You see; I am fortunate enough to sit behind him in History class. It's strange how a person can be so close in your reach… yet so far.

I love the way he tilts back in his chair and ruffles his hair from behind. I can smell the sweet scent of his aftershave intoxicating me and making me forget about everything except for him… maybe that's why I've been failing History… hmm…

I love it even more when he turns around and asks me a question on a test. I can feel his blue eyes looking at me, even though I wanted to stare so badly into them… I couldn't. I was scared, scared of rejection, scared of…him. It knew it was considered cheating, telling him an answer on the test, but who cares. If I were lucky, sometimes I would have enough guts to tell him the answer. That's the way it has always been, it seems like there's some sort of barrier between us… preventing me from talking to him. I wish I could just take a stone and shatter that barrier… I wish he were mine… I wish my dream was my reality, and then everything would be perfect.

But none of this matters, because no matter what I do; nothing works. He's too in love with his slut-faced-ho-bag girlfriend Pan. He's too blinded by her beauty and seductive ways that he's forgotten about everyone else, yup, that "everyone else" includes me. He waits by her locker everyday, and rumors say that they make out behind the bushes everyday after school. These rumors hurt me; they hurt me so much.

And the second Jock on our list is…

Goten Son, a cousin of Pan (3) He's also Bura's boyfriend -This is my cue to roll my eyes- Let's say these two are more err- public about their feelings, I mean, they were sent down to the office 5 times for getting caught making out behind the book shelves in the library. How sad is that?

Goten's captain of the soccer, basketball and swim team -Trunk's is captain of the rest of the sports teams- He's built like trunks, except more lankier and slightly taller. He has spiked black hair with the sexiest eyes, which makes him look so hot when he smirks. He had the total image of a rebel. Just like Trunks and Pan, Goten and Bura were also made for each other; like a lock and a key, or a pencil and a sharpener. (4)

"Hey Robot! Why do youlook so scared! Did you freak yourself out again by looking in the mirror!" I heard a boy yell at me with a look of malice in his eyes.

Oops, back to reality! I sighed; this is what I have to go through with 5 days a week. It's so horrible, considering I'm the most unpopular person in the whole entire school. I always sat alone at lunchtime, I was always last picked for class teams, and I was always the one left partnerless on projects. I was in the "Freak" category all by myself. What I do to deserve this fate? I'm nice to people, I help around... but no one seems to NOTICE all the good things I do, but even if I accidentally do something stupid, small, or big, EVERYONE notices.

"She can't LOOK in a mirror! It'll shatter into a million pieces!" A girl yelled this time doubling over with laughter at her own lame pathetic joke. Now that is someone more pathetic then I, it's just too bad no one else thought that.

It was all so disgusting! I didn't know which was worse; watching them laugh, or theircomments. I could feel tears pushing out of my eyes, a sob came out and I ran for the washroom.

I hated them, I hated them, I hated them. I hated them with my life, soul and guts. I wish I weren't so weak so I could inflict as much pain as possible on them; I wanted to make them feel what I felt. I couldn't wait to graduate from Orange Star, and forget about this hellhole.

It wasn't fair; it just wasn't fair. I never did anything wrong or hurtful to anyone or anything, and all I get is all this crap. So much for Karma! (5)

I bit my lips hard trying not to cry until blood came out. I plunged my self on the toilet seat and locked the door. I just sat there… until I heard some mocking voices outside.

"You better come to class, or else the teacher's gonna get mad!"

"Unless you're too busytouchingyourself! Cause obviously, NO ONE would ever want to go out with a little skank like you!"

I knew immediately who it was; it was Bura and Pan. Those bitches! Oh yeah, sorry, I think I forgot to mention to you that I HATE them! I clenched my fist tightly, they took everything I'd ever dream of having: Trunks, friends, and respect. I knew it wasn't just hatred boiling inside of me, it was also envy, but I didn't care.

I shook madly as I vowed to myself. "I promise, one day, I'm going to get back at them, give them a taste of their own disgusting medicine. I swear on my own grave, that one day, they're gonna wish they never messed with me."

I waited until they left and came out. I washed my face and straightened my clothes before I trudged back to class.

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm Hotaru Tomoe; and welcome to my so-called pathetic High School life.


(1) "Teen People" is a magazine issue for those who don't know.

(2) I don't own that line, I got it from the movie "Mean Girls"

(3) I know he's actually uncle, but can we please pretend its cousin?

(4) LOL! God that sounded so wrong! The pencil and sharpener thingy! LOL!

(5) Karma is "What comes around, goes around" for those of you who don't know.

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