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My So Called High School Life




Chapter 5




The Party

(-Trunks POV-)

"…Maybe I please speak to Marron." I held my breath… "Please let her be home… oh god… please!"

"One second." The voice replied back, and Trunks sighed in relief, as he waited for Marron's mother "Eighteen" to call her daughter over.

"Hello?" said a small, cute voice, "Trunks? Is that you?"

"Err- yeah."

"OOOhhhh! You haven't called in a while! I guess your parents haven't been fighting lately huh?" She squeaked over the phone.

"Well… we haven't been seeing much of dad lately… mom thinks he went off somewhere in the forest to train or something. She hasn't bothered to look for him. He always comes back sooner or later."

"I see." She replied back, obviously deep in thought, "So… why'd you call me then?"

"I have a small favour to ask you." I asked quietly, using my best, and kindest voice I could muster, "You see, I have a friend, her name is Hotaru. She's having some… wardrobe malfunctions, and I was wondering if you could possibly take her shopping for some new clothes."

"Oh, yes of course!" I could tell Marron was beaming, by the way she squealed and thumping noises could be heard, possibly Marron jumping up and down at the idea. "I'd LOVE to! I haven't gone shopping in a while! The last time I went was… almost a week ago!"

"So, does that mean you can come?"


"So… I'll see you in an hour or so?"

"You bet!"

"Okay!" I sighed in relief, "Thanks again Marron, I own you one!"

"Think nothing of it!" She giggled, "Anyways, bye Trunks, see you!"

"Bye." I replied before I hung up the phone with a big smile on my face, and I turned to Hotaru, who was staring at me with a bewildered look. "Good news Hotaru! Marron's coming in about an hour!"

I expected Hotaru to jump up and down in joy… but all she did was merely stare at me with a mixture of shock and excitement on her face… "I…I… don't know what to say…Thanks?"

(-Hotaru's POV-)

"Oh god… what did I get myself into this time…" I felt scared, yes. Trunks was taking me shopping with some girl I've never even met before! "I'll bet she's JUST like Bura…" I thought miserably.

But I couldn't help it…

I just felt,

Just a little bit…


This whole day has been such a…blur. From the start… when I first arrived at Capsule Corp. to this moment… when Trunks is taking me… shopping?

"You… okay?"

My head snapped up, "Err- I'm fine." I replied back, his blue eyes seemed to bore into me. He was… so…

…Oh god, I don't even want to say it.

For the next hour, the both of us, sand side by side on the sofa, both of us, not speaking a word… we were too absorbed into our own world…

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and a cheery, high-pitched girly voice was heard.

"Hi Mrs. Briefs! Nice to meet you!"

"Why Marron! This is a pleasant surprise! Did your parents come too?"

"Nope, just me and mommy, but she left already, she has urgent business to attend to."

"Shopping business? I'm guessing?"

"Yup!" Marron replied happily before dashing into our room, "Hi Trunks… and you must be Hotaru!"

I smiled timidly, "Yeah… Nice to meet you… Marron."

Her eyes glittered at me, before she took my hand and pulled me to my feet, "I'm so excited! I can't wait to go shopping! It'll be so fun! The two of us!"

I stared at her, this girl, who barely knew me, was already starting to talk to me as if I was her best friend, "Err- yes… it'll be… fun."

"So what are we all waiting for! Let's go!"

(-Author's POV-)

"Too Pink."

"Too Red."

"Too Blue."

"Too Monkey-like."

"What? How was that monkey like?"

"It's brown!"

"So that makes it monkey-like?"

"Well… yeah."

"Trunks, Trunks…" Marron sighed slightly, in a mocking way, "You are the worst shopper in the world! You don't' judge a dress by it's colour!"

"You… don't?"

Marron rolled her eyes, "Of course you don't! You also have to look at the style of the dress!"

"If the dress is an ugly colour! There's no point in looking at the style!" Trunks argued back.

"That's not true!"

"Of course it is! I go shopping with mom all the time! I know how a woman shops!"

"No you don't!" Marron whined slightly, her eyes narrowing down.

Hotaru stared, bewildered, at both of them, as they shot back and forth… "Oh dear… what did I get myself into?"

She looked around the store, staring wistfully at rows and rows of glamorous dresses; her eyes then landed on the pile of clothing that Marron had picked for her… "I quite liked the blue one…"

The blue one was simple and chic. It was a tight-form fitting dress, which ran all the way down to her knee. The top was v-shaped, held by thin straps with silver buckles.

"Hotaru, which one do you like?" Marron suddenly asked her, breaking Hotaru off from her trance.

Hotaru's face snapped up at being addressed so suddenly, "Err- I'm not sure." She admitted, "But… I quite like that… blue one."

"This one?" Marron inquired as she held up the gorgeous blue dress.

"That one?" Trunks stared slightly, "Are you… sure?"

"Trunks! Stay out of this! You can't judge a dress before the person tries it on!" Marron glared slightly.

"Yes you-" Trunks began, but stopped mid-sentence. He seemed to finally realize he was fighting a losing battle.

"Come Hotaru! Try it on!" Marron smiled, ushering Hotaru into the change room. "It'll look great! I just know it!"

"But-" Hotaru began… but it was too late, she was already in the change room. "Ah well, might as well try it on." She thought, as she locked the door.

She carefully slipped from her sweater and skirt; she took a last look at the blue dress, before she carefully slipped it over her head. She took a deep breath, and opened the change room door…

"What… what do you think?" She asked meekly.

Marron and Trunks stared… Hotaru felt her face turning redder and redder.

They continued to stare…

"If, if it looks bad, I'll just take it off…" she trailed off… "I'm just… I'm just gonna… find something else…"

"No, no Hotaru!" Marron whispered breathlessly, finally snapping awake, "It's perfect! You look gorgeous in it! Look in the mirror!"

Hotaru turned around, and let out a small gasp as she saw her own reflection. She didn't look like… herself.

The dress accented her curves perfectly. "Wow… didn't even know I had curves," she thought to herself. The dress showed off her slim, pale legs and long milky arms. The dress made her seem more… awake. Rather than her old, boring, turtlenecks, which makes her seem neckless and small. This dress defines her elegant neck and perfect shoulders flawlessly.

"Hotaru… you look… amazing." Trunks croaked, nearly speechless. "I never knew that dress was so…" He trailed off weakly, "We have to buy it. I don't care how much it is. It looks stunning on you."

Hotaru blushed a million times harder; she buried her face in her hands as she dashed back into the change room. "Trunks just… he just…"

She leaned against the door, and took a deep breath, and whispered the words to herself carefully, and clearly.

"Trunks Brief just complemented me."

"Okay… one second, let me finish your makeup…"

"Hurry up Marron! We're already late!" Trunks stared impatiently at the clock, they basically spent the whole entire day shopping… buying jewelry… clothes… shoes…etc. etc.

"Shut up Trunks!"

Marron carefully inspected the last of Hotaru's face, before she finally declared herself finished.

"What do you think?" She smiled proudly, presenting Hotaru's face.

Hotaru blushed like a tomato, but she couldn't help but notice; Trunks had the same expression he did when he saw her in that dress. An expression she couldn't quite… place. His face was usually some sort of sexy smirk… but this time, it was completely expressionless…

"How… is it?" Hotaru asked shyly, smiling slightly.

"Perfect." He smiled slightly, "We better get going, or we're going to be late."

"Have fun you guys!" Marron smiled, ushering them out the door.

"You're not… coming?" Hotaru asked, frowning slightly.

"Nah… parties aren't my things. My mom's probably going to come pick me up soon anyways."

Hotaru smiled regretfully, "I really wish you'd come." She whispered slightly, "At least I'll have someone to hang out with."

"You can hang out with me." Trunks grinned, pulling Hotaru by her arm, leading her out the door. "By the way, Hotaru, are you afraid of heights?"

"No, not that I'm aware of… why?"

"You'll see." They arrived outside, but not towards to garage, but to an open space area of grass and flowers.

"Trunks… there's no car here." Hotaru frowned, "How are we getting there?"

He merely smirked slightly, before he picked up Hotaru bridal-style.

"What are you-"

But before she could finish her sentence, he lifted her into the air…


They arrived 10 minutes earlier than planned… which was a good thing. It took Hotaru 5 minutes of walking around… to get her out of her daze from flying for the first time. She was so shocked, she closed her eyes for half the time… before she started to enjoy the fact that she was in the arm of Trunks… snuggled close towards him… she could smell his cologne…

"Oh god… I'm insane." She thought bitterly as she threw up in a garbage can. "I can't believe…"

"Are you okay Hotaru?" Trunks patted her awkwardly on the back, "Sorry, I didn't know you were air-sick."

"It's okay." She smiled weakly, before she threw up again. "I'll be okay in a few minutes… you go inside first, I'll join you."

"Are you sure?" he asked uncertainly. "We can go home if you-"

"No." she replied, surprised at her own firm voice, she continued in a more quieter one, "I don't want to spoil the day, you go ahead, I'll be right there."

"Okay. See you inside." He gave her one last smile, before he disappeared into the mansion, which was blaring with music.

Hotaru stayed in the corner for about twenty minutes, she checked her reflection on a cracked mirror, and to her relief only a bit of her makeup smudged. She quickly fixed it up, and took a deep breath.

She carefully walked towards the front door of the Mansion, she hate to admit it, but the mansion was amazing. With expensive stain glass windows, and quadruple garage doors, with an elegant front entrance, decorated with an assortment of roses. Hotaru's hand actually shook slightly when it reached the doorknob.

"It's not, or never." She thought to herself, before she pushed the door open.

She gasped slightly as she saw her surroundings. There were people everywhere! On the banister, on the chairs, in the hallway… and heck, even on the tables!

Never in her life, has she seen such a crowded and disorganized place. Everyone was either chilling and talking to their friends, or dancing maniacally on the floor… or making out behind the stairwell…

Hotaru couldn't help but notice, that already, 50 percent of the guests were drunk. They moved around in a staggering sort of way, holding a bottle of beer which splished and splashed as they went. "Wow… never knew you could get drunk in 20 minutes…"

She let out a big gulp and nervously shifted around, "Oh god… why did I come, why did I come!"

Suddenly, she felt an arm grab her, and she whirled around, hoping it was Trunks. But to her utter disappointment, it was some guy from school.

"Hey… baby…" the boy slurred dripping his beer in the carpet, "Wanna… go upstairs… and… you know… get laid?"

Hotaru frowned in disgust, "No… it's okay, I'll just, stay here."

"Come…on…" the boy slurred some more, his voice becoming harder and harder, "You know you wannnttt… to…."

"No! Really, it's fine!" Hotaru cried helplessly, trying to get his arm out of his grip. But surprisingly, for a drunken person, his grip was pretty hard. "Please, let me go!"

But a horrid split second, Hotaru thought the boy was going to slap her, but he merely glared at her, and muttered "Bitch" under his breath, and stomped away.

She let out a deep sigh of relief, "Close call…"

"Who are you sugar?" another voice whispered seductively in her ear, she whirled around, to find the least expected person: Goten.

"You… don't know me?" Hotaru's eyes widened.

"Of course I don't know you, if you went to my school, do you think I'd miss a pretty face like that?" He smirked, "But you do look quite familiar… I might've saw you somewhere…another party, perhaps?"

But his great pondering was interrupted by another familiar voice, "Goten!"

Hotaru whirled around again, only to find Trunks grabbing Goten by the shoulder, and pulling him away. Goten gave her a wink before he was dragged away, mouthing the words, "Wait for me."

Hotaru stood there, quite nervous, not knowing exactly what to do. "Oh god… where should I go…"

Suddenly, an idea flashed to her, "That's it, I'll hide in the washroom!"

And she began to make her way through the crowd…

"Where is she Trunks?" Goten mocked, "You said you'd invite her."

"Let me remind you of our last conversation." Trunks said curtly, before locking the door behind shut. "You were the one that forced me invite her… remember? But yeah, she's here."

"I said no such thing." Goten smirked slightly.

Trunks rolled his eyes, "So, where's Pan and her so-called boyfriend? I can't wait to beat his ass."

"Nah, you won't be able to do that." Goten's smirk grew even bigger, "Don't you know who her boyfriend is?"

"Of course I don't dumb ass! If I did, do you think I'd still be asking you?" Trunks growled, clearly annoyed with Goten's taunting.

"Fine, fine…" Goten sighed, sensing danger from his troubled friend, "She's going out with… Uub."

Trunks nearly died right there, "What… she's going out with… him?"


"She dumped me… for that guy?"

"Looks like it."

Trunks looked like he was about to throw a temper tantrum, but instead, he merely leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes.

"Dude… can I go now?" Goten said as edged toward the door, "There's this really hot chick there, and I need to get to know her."

"Don't even think about cheating on my sister." Trunks growled. "Or I'll tell her."

"Come down man…" Goten rolled his eyes and looked slightly put out. "I'm not going to cheat on anyone… I just want to… get to know her."

"Very funny." Trunks muttered sarcastically, but paused slightly, examining Goten's answer. "Who's the girl anyways?"

"I didn't get her name, since you dragged me away…" Goten said in an annoyed tone, "But man… she looked familiar, I know I've seen her before, but… I just don't remember where exactly."

"What… what did she look like?" Trunks asked urgently, beginning to finally realize whom the girl Goten was talking about was… it was dawning upon him, that he caught a glimpse of Hotaru there before he dragged Goten off. "What was she wearing?"

"Umm… she had black hair, skinny, she was wearing this tight blue dress that went up to her knee… and I gotta tell you, that dress looks expensive. All satin and stuff, you can tell she came from a rich family."

Trunks closed his eyes; he could feel a smirk beginning to form on his mouth. "I know that girl Goten. Actually, so do you. We know her quite well."

"Really?" Goten's eyes glittered excitedly, "What's her name?"

"You sure you want to know?"

"YES! Just tell me goddamn it!"

"Fine, fine. But it's going to be a real shocker." He taunted.

"Don't make me hurt you!" Goten growled impatiently. "What's her name!"

"…Hotaru Tomoe."

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