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Fame II


I know she can't get enough of me. I don't have to be a genius to guess. I can tell by the way she looks at me my body alone takes her breath away. She says she can't get enough of my lips. Seven months ago this whole thing we're in never crossed my mind…

Seven months ago I was fixated on two things: drinking and women. Drinking didn't affect the way I played. I could do it a day before and a day after a match and I was still a far way from sucking. I am that good. I didn't see the need to stop doing it; it wasn't much to handle at all. Women were always easy as long as we didn't drop a game they were always there. Then she came. I was attracted to the fact that she wasn't scared to speak her mind. True, I wanted to strangle her until she shut up. Not too many people had the balls to defy me, that the woman did I found to be quite intriguing. Her strongest qualities, I soon discovered, resembled my own; feisty, proud, stubborn, clever and extremely competitive. She was a reason to quit drinking, to stop throwing to waste this life that felt so empty. Millions of awards and first places, none of that shit made me feel big. If anything I felt smaller with no air to breathe.

Drinking and fucking was a dead-end. I wanted to show her I was more than what her eyes saw, what her mind thought, what she herself knew, not because I cared but because I had to, otherwise, she'd win…or at least think she had. That was the last thing I wanted. Every time we addressed each other I battled to show her who I was while she battled to show me who I truly was. My defense mechanism? I pushed her away. Her defense mechanism? Letting me realize why she was indispensable on my own. It worked. I felt at her mercy and there was nothing I knew how to do to stop that.

Eventually she found out about my parents and me. He beats her up, yells at her and she lets him fuck her brains out. He beats me up and she refuses to face me until the bruises and the scars are all gone. He's negligent, she's a coward and I'm vindicated. Staring at the ceiling while he hit her or fucked her got to the point where it was enough. The woman gave me a place to stay, ironically, and I didn't have to deal with the maddening noises anymore. That was good enough for me to let it matter even when I didn't offer much of the seriousness she wanted me give to what we had. I didn't trust it, she wanted me to. It still is an ongoing battle today

Being with her suddenly became the eye of the storm. No messed up shit happened when I was with her aside from the change of hormones she has every month which drive me to the edge. Her bitching gets louder and more consistent and I have no choice but to spat back at her which makes her cry which I don't get which gets her started all over again. It lasts a couple of days too enough to say she's more than anybody can stand those days.

Seven months ago, like I said, I didn't think of any of this. If anybody had told me I was going to last this long without sex and alcohol I would have thought of it a lie. It has been a while since I've been able to feel grateful for the things I have. That I can lose it all in the blink of an eye? Possible; it wouldn't surprise me. I know I don't deserve this. But I am here now. I can keep it going until my time is up…

Things You Need To Know:

PSAT's scores: Bulma-1495, Vegeta-1492, Goku-1485, Chichi-1490, Raditz-1455, 18-1470, Yamucha-1450, Christine-1495, Krillin-1485

Where everyone decided to go: Bulma-Columbia, Chichi-Princeton, Christine-Yale, 18-undecided, Vegeta-Notre Dame, Raditz-undecided, Yamucha-undecided, Goku-Ohio, Krillin-undecided

How long everyone has been together: Bulma and Vegeta-10mths, Chichi and Goku-5yrs, 18 and Raditz-8mths, Christine and Yamucha-7mths

FYI: the girls are still virgins…

Football Season Status: season is about to begin. It lasts all through fall

Last Year Football: they won the national title for the fifth consecutive time

Story Begins: fall semester, first day of school as seniors!

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