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Fame II

The Library

"Done?" asked Bulma

"Two pages" responded Vegeta never taking his eyes off his book. Bulma sighed playing with her hair while she waited for him to finish. The cool morning had now turned into a nice Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect day to rest on the cool grass, feel the sun warm their skins while the soothing breeze kept them cool. She couldn't wait to smell the fresh air especially due to the library's lack of it; it wasn't exactly a place you wanted to spend half a day in. More so when it was so beautiful outside

"We should lay out today" Bulma suggested "I can wear my new black bikini" she added excited. Vegeta looked up from his book now

"Wear what's easiest to take off" he commented. Bulma rolled her eyes

"Please behave" she requested softly. Vegeta shrugged his shoulders attempting to carry on with his reading but was however distracted by her and the way she combed her hair with her fingers, letting her head roll back her eyes closed, all as if inviting him to take her right there. He could almost taste her skin

"We'll go to the pool at your place" Bulma said. Vegeta went back to reading as if no one was talking

"Come on Vegeta" she protested "it's a nice day"

"I have to finish Physics" said Vegeta

"We can finish later" Bulma proposed "I haven't started Physics either" she said. Vegeta continued reading

"It'll be nice I promise" she insisted. Silence

"Please" she continued

"What are the chances I finish reading this chapter before you shut up?" asked Vegeta annoyed

"Say yes and I will stop bothering you-"

"Fine" he responded annoyed. Bulma squealed

"We're gonna have so much fun" she said. Vegeta attempted to read once again

"I think I'm cutting my hair" Bulma commented holding up a strand of her blue hair. Meanwhile, on a table nearby, Marron had gathered with her own little group of nuisances

"Like, oh my god, like, I think I'm like cutting my hair like" the other blue haired woman mocked. The girls in the crowd shared a laugh

"So annoying" Marron rolled her eyes "daddy's little princess. I have a good one coming up for her" she narrowed her eyes at the couple

"Vegeta's so hot" one of the girls in the group said. Marron locked eyes with her

"You wanna go out with him?" she arched a brow. The girl shook her head quickly

"No. I just think he's really cute" she said. Marron smiled mischievously

"I can arrange it for you, you know?" she said. The girl looked to the ground

"No it's o-"

"What? You think you're not skinny enough?" Marron asked. The other girls stared at the one girl battling with Marron

"No. It's not that" the girl said in her defense

"Then what is it?" asked Marron snobbishly "your hair's fine. Your parent's have enough money-"

"He's going out with someone else Marron" said the girl self-consciously. Marron chortled. She stared at the pair again

"Not for long…"

Let's go to Chichi…

"Alright. Yes. You'll be arriving in five minutes. Yes Ms. O-what? Call you Chichi? Yes Ms. Chichi. Alright. Yes. We'll be ready for you. Bye-bye" the clerk in one of the David's Bridal California units hung up the phone

"Dr. Ox-King's daughter is getting married and she's coming to tailor her dress in minus two minutes!" she said out loud. The other sellers in the store seemed to go crazy. They were running everywhere adding a few touch-ups to the store here and fixing some of the dresses there. The clients were astonished

"Who's Dr. Ox-King?" asked an old lady seated in the waiting room among other women waiting for their daughters trying on dresses. Yet she received no answer. The employees at David's Bridal were taking the great Ox-King's daughter visit dead serious. A silver Lexus arrived and parked on the yellow line that signaled the entrance to the wedding dress settlement. Not that it mattered. The owner of the store had been friends with Dr. Ox King ever since they could remember. He had seen Chichi grow from a cute little girl to a fully-blossomed woman. It wouldn't bother him at the very least if she parked wherever she desired. His store was 'most as good as hers. She took full privilege of that

"Hello" Chichi entered the place wearing huge black Prada sunglasses, a black tank top, a white Capri pant and black Bebe flops for shoes. Her beautiful black hair was tied up in a messy bun but it didn't take away from her beautiful sparkling smile, her fair impeccable skin and her rather slim figure. Her dress was folded in one of her hands

"Hi" greeted the first clerk with reddish curly hair that reached her shoulders

"I'm Chichi" she reached out with her free hand "we just talked on the phone" she said

"Vienna" the clerk shook hands with her "what can I help you with today?" she asked

"Well" Chichi thought for a second "I'm going to be honest with you" she said

"Go right ahead" said Vienna warmly

"Ok" Chichi breathed out "I'm getting married and I have no idea what to do" she confessed. Vienna smiled humbly

"Well Ms. Chichi, no bride-to-be walks in here knowing exactly what she wants" she stated. Chichi furrowed her brows

"Really?" she felt better about the idea

"Oh yes!" Vienna exclaimed "we start from zero all the time. Do you know what type of wedding you're more inclined to have?" she asked

"I want a huge wedding" said Chichi her eyes as bright as ever

"Ok then. Let's get started…"

Vegeta's House

"Thanks for coming" Bulma said resting on a luxurious whole-body float moving about the huge pool of the Ouji mansion. The backyard alone was a dream as if walking in a beautiful tropical forest. Trees of all sorts were everywhere standing tall. The ground was covered in red roses, violets and white lilies. The pool was huge, oval shaped in marble, with a Jacuzzi in the middle of it and a cascade at one of the corners.

Bulma had worn her black bikini after all. Big black shades protected her eyes from the sun

"No problem" said a blonde resting beside her on another luxurious whole-body float. It was 18. She had worn a plain brown bikini with big brown shades

"Vegeta's being a party pooper" complained Bulma. 18 rolled her eyes

"Tell me about it. Raditz is being the exact same" she breathed out "what is it with our men?" she asked out loud rearranging her position and her bikini. Bulma shook her head

"I know" she said "last week we had a fight over who got to be on top. Can you believe that?" she asked. 18 sighed

"That's absurd" she said "Raditz and I talked about it" she smiled to herself. Bulma took off her shades to take a good look at 18

"You're kidding?" she smiled wide "oh my god!" they squealed together. Meanwhile Vegeta and Raditz were seated under an umbrella close by though they never heard a thing concerned with other matters

"So what are you thinking?" asked Raditz. Vegeta arched a brow

"About what?" he asked in his usual deep tone of voice. Raditz shrugged his shoulders

"You know" he said "college or pro?" he questioned. Vegeta swallowed yet kept silent

"Just a suggestion-"

"I don't need suggestions" Vegeta quickly refuted

"You need to tell her man" Raditz said "if she finds out on her own…" he left it to Vegeta to figure out what would happen. Vegeta stared at Bulma. He tightened his jaw

"There's nothing for her to find out. I haven't decided yet" he concluded. Raditz sighed

"Ok. I'm just saying…"

The Son Household

"Mmmm I like this one!" said Goku joyfully. They had gotten to the part of the wedding plans that had officially become his favorite: picking out the cake. He and his grandmother were deciding the flavor it would be

"This one is vanilla whip cream custard. Would you like another bite?" the woman in charge of the cake samples asked

"Yeah!" Goku exclaimed. He felt as if he was in heaven

"No" Lillian interrupted "there are over two hundred samples Goku. You need to be able to try all of them" she said. Goku shrugged his shoulders

"Sure! No problem!" he said. Lillian smiled then pinched his cheeks

"You're a sweetheart" she said walking away to arrange more boxes of cake samples as they kept coming in. Goku leaned in towards the sample woman

"I'll have that other bite" he said. The woman smirked then looked to the side to make sure Lillian wasn't looking

"Sure. But it's between us" she said. Goku nodded

"You betcha!" he whispered. The lady handed him more cake

"Mmmmm…this is great!"


An hour later great was the least word Goku could use to describe the flavor of the cakes

"No more. Please" he sat back on the nearest couch

"Goku honey" said Lillian "you've only tried a hundred. There's a hundred and fifty left" she added. Goku made a revolting gesture

"I think I'm gonna be sick" he ran off to the bathroom. Lillian shook her head

"And I thought he liked to eat" she spoke to herself. Chichi made her way to the house

"Hey" she greeted taking a seat aside Lily with a thick album-like book in hand "the clerk at David's Bridal gave me this" she opened it and both women read through it. The book was a planner, a wedding planner at that. The first page contained a list of things to get done before the actual wedding took place. The list, Lillian thought, was longer than she expected…a lot longer…

"I…" the older woman cleared her throat "well…" she smiled feeling overwhelmed "this is…wow…" she breathed out

"I know it looks really long but I want a big really beautiful wedding" said Chichi. Lillian nodded. Chichi had been like her own daughter and she had treated her like so the moment Goku had introduced her to the family. She lacked a mother, sort of a similar situation to Goku's, her mother having died at birth. Mothers were usually in charge of their daughters' weddings. Because of this particular situation Lillian felt compelled to act out the mother role. She didn't mind it at all and Chichi seemed to be more than ok with it

"Well we do have a location" said Lillian "we need to set the date and time, get reservations and find a wedding planner" she added. Chichi furrowed her brows

"Why do I feel like this is going to be stressful?" she asked. Lillian patted her back

"Now, now it won't be that hard. We'll have Angelo organize the wedding. You need to focus on the little things" she said

"What are the little things?" asked Chichi

"Well you have to announce the engagement" Lillian said first "then you have to make an estimated guest list and an estimated invitation list" she read off from the list "choose wedding themes and colors, take care of caterers, photographers, videographers, choose the dresses and men attire, accessories for you, your best men and your bridesmaids, arrange the honeymoon plans, get a DJ for the reception, get musicians for the reception, yadda yadda" she muttered "we need florists, we need to buy the wedding rings, rent the reception equipment. Then actually order the wedding cake, the invitations, the dresses and the men attire, actually manage the transportation for the wedding, arrange the marriage license, yes but all of this is close to the actual day. We need to get everything settled for out-of-state people so your uncle Syd and his wife, your cousins Vickie and Rich, your other uncle Raphael and his…uh…well partner I guess Daniel, Myrna and Eddie, Kylee and Johnson-"

"Rick, Omar, and Gabriel and Sam I know" Chichi slid a strand of her hair behind her ear "I didn't think it'd be so much" she breathed out. Lillian tsked

"There's not much to worry about here. You can dedicate a whole day to reservations. That would be like five things you'd be getting out of the way. Then dedicate a whole day to ordering things and so on. Gohan and I will help out too" she said. Chichi half-smiled

"Thank you so much" she said. Lily smiled

"Oh sure honey it's no problem at all!" she said "you should determine who your bridesmaids will be so they can help out too" she suggested. Chichi scoffed

"Oh I know who they are already…"

Vegeta's House

"Thanks for laying out with me" Bulma said sarcastically wrapping a towel around her body as she got out of the water. Vegeta rest his hands on her hipbones as she walked into him. He kissed her neck

"Hot" he whispered. Bulma snorted

"Sizzling" she giggled wrapping her arms around his neck "Chichi called. I'm one of her bridesmaids" she announced

"No shit" said Vegeta tonelessly. She smacked his arm playfully

"You're walking with me" she added to the announcement. He frowned

"It's the least you can do Vegeta" Bulma said

"How long is it gonna be?" he asked

"It's a huge wedding. We're talking about a three-hour deal" Bulma provided the FYI. He sighed. Just as he was about to speak a tall man entered the pool scene. Just a shade darker than him and a bit more facial hair Vegeta's father was an exact replica. Silence suddenly seemed to overcome the area

"Hey Radz" the man greeted. Raditz walked over to him and they engaged in a manly salute

"Hey Mr. Ouji" he said timidly. 18 joined them quickly

"Hello Mr. Ouji" she smiled at him. Vegeta and Bulma made no attempt whatsoever to greet him

"How is it going?" Vegeta's dad spoke to Raditz

"It's going good. We were actually just…uh…just…um-"

"We were leaving" 18 finished for him "we're gonna get something to eat" she said. Vegeta's father nodded

"I see. Well you kids have fun then" he said

"We will" the pair said in unison then walked off disappearing through the door Mr. Ouji had just entered through. Vegeta stared at his father as he made his way towards them. Bulma wrapped her towel around her waist not sure whether to stay after greeting the man or just take off after greeting the man with 18 and Raditz

"Son" Vegeta's father greeted with a nod "I see you have a new woman" he stated

"Bulma" Vegeta gave his father a death glare "my father" he said bitterly. Bulma reached out for his hand

"Hi. Nice to meet you" she said. Vegeta's father shook hands with her politely

"Same here" he smiled

"What are you doing here?" Vegeta asked sternly. His father chuckled

"I came to see you" he said attempting to sound friendly

"That's civil of you now what are you doing here?" he asked again. Bulma swallowed thinking it best to leave them solve their issues on their own

"I'm gonna go" she said "I'll call you, k?" she kissed his cheek

"It was nice meeting you" she shook hands with the man again

"You too take care" said Vegeta's father. Vegeta watched her go

"Quite a woman" Vegeta's father attempted to compliment "I would've expected nothing less. If I taught you something was to choose right" he said

"Don't flatter yourself. She has nothing to do with you" Vegeta said. The man swallowed

"I" he breathed out "I guess I deserve that" he walked over to the shade under the umbrella and took a seat. Vegeta followed his example

"I talked to Rogers down in Miami. He's got a great offer for you-"

"Stockton already offered eighty million" Vegeta said "and I'm still going to college-"

"Don't waste your time Vegeta. You belong in the pros. You gotta do something with that god-given talent of yours-"

"I am doing something-"

"What!?" Vegeta's father scoffed "college? NCAA? What the fuck is that? Do you even know what you're doing-?"

"Yes" Vegeta smirked "I'm pissing you off" he said poised. The older man narrowed his eyes at him

"You little shithead. When are you going to grow up? Be a man-"

"Not even a man and already a better one than you are" Vegeta said. They stared at each other in complete silence

"You know what?" Vegeta's father spoke "it's your fucking future. It's your fucking career. I'm not wasting my time with you anymore. Always trying to get the contracts for you" he stood from his chair and began to walk away

"I never asked you to" Vegeta said making him stop. Vegeta's father swallowed. He stared straight ahead of him for what seemed like hours feeling a deep sense of regret. Suddenly all their years together rushed through his head. He remembered Vegeta the way they were, so happy the three of them, happy…happy…he had not felt happy in a long time

"You asked what I was doing here" the man spoke with his back turned to his son "I came here to say I'm sorry" he said "I'm sorry for everything" he added. Vegeta chortled behind him. He walked around his father and stood before him

"Go. Fuck. Yourself" he turned his back on him and walked inside the house without minding the shape he had left his father in. His father held his head feeling he had lost his son, not for a moment or just a few days, but forever…

The Son Household

"Aw honey" Chichi entered Goku's bedroom and found him crawled up in bed with the bed sheets up to his neck "are you ok?" she kneeled on the floor aside him

"I don't want cake for the wedding. That's for sure" he said making her giggle

"You're funny sweetie" she kissed his cheek "I need to know" she read off from a small index card she had with her "who's gonna be your best man?" she asked. Goku thought for a second

"I guess Radz" he said. Chichi nodded

"That's what I thought I just needed to make sure" she wrote on the card "this is perfect cause 18 can walk with him and Bulma can walk with Vegeta" she commented. Goku arched a brow

"What about Krillin?" he asked complicating things to the tenth degree for Chichi

"You want Krillin to walk too?" she asked. Goku locked eyes with her

"He's our friend Chi" he said. Chichi tsked

"I know and it's not him it's…her" she referred to Marron. Goku sighed

"We'll find someone else to go with him" he said. Chichi furrowed her brows

"He's still going to bring her" she pointed out "I don't want her to come"

"What do you suggest?" asked Goku. Chichi stood pensive

"I don't know" she walked about the room "maybe we can fill out our guest list and say there was no more space to fit her in" she proposed

"And have him be the only one by himself? Come on Chi" said Goku. Chichi breathed out exasperated

"I don't know Goku. I don't want her at our wedding. She's always talking about me or about 18 or about Bulma" she stated

"Ask him if he can bring someone else" proposed Goku

"Right, he already bitched me out for badmouthing her" she said. Goku sighed

"I'll ask him" he offered. Chichi's eyes sparkled

"You'd do that!?" she threw herself on his bed and scooted close to him "you're the best fiancé in the history of the world" she smiled kissing his shoulder from behind him. Goku turned to where his chest was facing the ceiling. Chichi settled with her cheek against the hard muscles

"This whole thing is kinda stressing me out" she said snuggling into him. Goku embraced his arm around her

"We'll be fine…"

Krillin Roshi

"Well Chichi and Goku are getting married" Krillin mentioned as he and Marron sat in the living room of his house eating spaghetti and meatballs for dinner

"Oh I'm so happy for them" said Marron monotonously "forgive me if I'm not leaping with joy" she added in the same tone. Krillin stared at her

"I can sense the sarcasm Marron. You're laying on it pretty thick" he said. Maroon rolled her eyes

"I'm sorry Krill. She's just not my best friend" she said. Krillin sighed

"Why don't you try to get along with them?" he asked tired of the same old story. He couldn't understand how girls coming from such similar backgrounds could not get along at all. It was beyond him. It seemed as if they could be the greatest of friends only if they gave each other a chance. Marron stared at Krillin as if he had just proposed something so incredibly absurd it deserved a serious reality-check

"What the hell Krillin? Honestly they're not worth the trouble. You know that better than I do" she said. Krillin swallowed the spaghetti heavily

"This has got to stop somewhere" said Krillin "I'd appreciate it if you could at least try" he requested. Marron tsked

"Can we please talk about something else?" she asked annoyed. Krillin shook his head

"No we can't talk about something else. They just told me I was invited to their wedding and I want you to come with me but I don't want to cause any problems" he informed. Marron sighed

"Fine. I'll see what I can do" she said. Krillin nod

"Thank you" he said sternly. She half-smiled at him

"You're absurdly adorable" she said. He smirked blushing


The Ouji Mansion

"Vegeta kinetic energy is one point five times the mass times the velocity squared-" Bulma had started but was cut off by Vegeta

"You can get kinetic energy multiplying potential energy by one point five" he said gruffly making her frown

"That is not the procedure!" she raised her voice

"It's the same shit!" he raised his voice as well

"You're driving me insane!" Bulma stood from his bed breathing profoundly as she walked towards his desk a few inches away from him "this is not the first time you swap formulas and it confuses me! You need to start doing things by the book" she said

"Why should I?" Vegeta asked commandingly "my answers are always right either way" he said. Bulma narrowed her eyes at him

"Gee, I don't know, maybe the fact that you're studying with me. I mean let me think" Bulma looked up pensive. Vegeta sighed

"If you're gonna cry about it" he started surely knowing it was a low blow for Bulma

"You wish jackass" Bulma said returning to bed to prove her statement. Five minutes went by in complete silence, then ten and fifteen. Before they knew it an hour had gone by when they were finally done

"I will ignore your procedure" Bulma said looking over Vegeta's finished physics homework "and will say the answers were correct" she said

"I can't understand this" Vegeta said. Bulma was insulted

"Yes you can!" she crawled to his side so they were now both facing the sheet of paper containing her work. Bulma felt herself blush. She had to admit her handwriting, although clean, was definitely smaller than the average handwriting

"It's still legible" she stated on her defense

"Right" Vegeta locked eyes with her. She kissed him unable to contain herself

"I hate being wrong" her voice came about hoarsely

"You hate that I'm right" Vegeta corrected for her in the same tone. Bulma sighed

"That too" they kissed again Vegeta sliding on top of her positioning comfortably between her legs as they did so. Bulma stared into his eyes as they lay face to face

"Are you ok?" she asked having avoided the topic since she got there

"I'm fine" Vegeta responded, which was his usual response, only this time Bulma could tell he meant it. She cupped his face in her hands kissing him and pulling up at the same time so they were now seated in the middle of his bed

"Your dad was very decent" Bulma said

"I don't want to talk about him" Vegeta whispered kissing her neck and trailing down to her shoulder letting the strap of her tank top drop as he went

"I wish you would" she said as he came back to face her

"It's not going to make any difference. I told you that" Vegeta kissed her. Bulma gave in, physics forgotten for the rest of the night. She pushed the issue of Vegeta's father to the back of her mind, for now, though she insisted it was not over. She wished to understand this man she loved so much but couldn't do it if a fraction of his life was still a shadow to her. Or could she ignore it and maybe, just maybe, she'd be able to understand just enough…final verdict…she didn't know…

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