Innocent Confusion

By Thunder's Shadow

Disclaimer: ::Sighs:: Santa didn't bring me the rights to Harry Potter this year. But I did get the announcement that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out July 16.. Which is almost as good!

Author's Note: Okay, so this is basically a short drabble-thing, which is a companion piece to "Innocent Deceptions." It would help a lot to read that first, but you'll only be a little confused if you don't.

I kind of owe this whole thing to a sentence I read in chapter seven of "In the House of the Quick and Hungry" by Laura S'mora (WONDERFUL story, by the way! Definitely check it out).. My thanks go to Laura, though I doubt she's reading this.

Oh, and you must read this - this is set in the summer after Ginny's first year.. And after what happens in ID.


When the twins walked into her room, Ginny didn't notice. She was sitting at her mirror, smiling slightly as she finished putting two braids in her hair. Fred went up to her, and pulled out hair tie, causing Ginny to let out a frustrated groan.

"Fred! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?! I just finished braiding that!"

That's it, Ginny. Get mad. Tell him what you think. It'll make you feel.. powerful.

"Merlin, Gin-Gin. Must you be so temperamental?"

"Ah, yes, my dear twin. That she must."

"Why is that George?"

Go on, Ginny. Tell them how you feel. Anger is a satisfying emotion.

"It's because Harry-kins is coming today, and she simply must look the part.."

"Oh! No wonder she's been in here so long. I imagine it takes awhile to get that looking the part."

It's just like what you wrote to me, Ginevra.. "Dear Tom, I wish I was beautiful. I hate the way I look. Will boys ever think of me as pretty?"

"Fred, George.. Please just leave me alone."

"See? Again with the mood swings, Gin."

"Frederick, I do believe that Ginevra has no patience for us."

"You're bloody well right, I don't! I do not need the two of you in here telling me how ugly I am!"

"You ought to have more self esteem."

"Yes, why don't you have more self-esteem, Gin-Gin?"

Both twins stopped talking and looked at her curiously as she turned around to the mirror to redo her braid. Then she began speaking absently.

"You should know by now, Ginevra. You can never be beautiful. You'll always be my little girl. You belong to me.

"But, Tom..

"No! Dear Ginevra, do I need to go through what happened in the chamber again?

"No! No, Tom.. Don't! I promise, I'll be a good girl.."

Ginny stopped speaking and shook her head slowly as she finished braiding her hair. She turned around and looked at the twins with a curious smile on her face.

"Hi guys. When did you get here?"

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