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Chapter One: The Betrayal

Serena slowly walked down the crowded street, making for the closest alleyway. She tried not to hurt any innocent bystanders as she muttered dark things about her so called 'boyfriend'. 'That no good, dirty rotten, son of a…', but Serena's thoughts were interrupted by a sharp jolt to her shoulder and a clearly stated word, "Voldemort". Serena swung around and stared at the two men that had crossed her path of destruction.

"Dumbledore, what the hell are you doing here?", Serena asked. The men stopped abruptly. The one she had addressed turned around to see who had called him. His white hair ran down his back almost as far as his beard ran down his front. His blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness, and he looked appraisingly on Serena.

"I did not think that I would find you so soon, Ms. Tsukino.", Dumbledore said, a grin crossing his face. Serena scowled slightly.

"Well, you found me. I thought I told you not to come back unless it was a complete emergency!", she said, her eyes flashing with danger. The man who had been accompanying Dumbledore was turning back and forth between the pair with a questioning look. The man had on ragged robes and his face looked haggard from many sleepless nights. His brown hair was unkempt but his black eyes held knowledge of many things. He seemed to have recognized that name, but he couldn't quite place it…

"This is a complete emergency. I need you to call your scouts for a meeting as soon as possible. Priority Alpha. Voldemort has found you.", Dumbledore stated quietly. Serena's eyes widened slightly.

"Does he know that I'm…", she trailed off, but Dumbledore seemed to know what she meant.

"No, he does not know your identity, but he does know of the scouts power. He has come to claim your crystal and use you to his advantage.", Dumbledore answered the unheard question. Serena nodded silently and whipped out her communicator. Three faces popped up on the screen. Haruka looked slightly annoyed, but worried at the same time, Michiru watched Serena's face with an expectant look, and Hotaru looked slightly frazzled at being called.

"What is it Princess?", Haruka asked. The man standing behind Serena became utterly confused. 'This girl is a Princess? But Dumbledore never mentioned that fact to me.'

"We have a very serious situation. Code Alpha. I need you to meet me in the park in five minutes, be transformed. Don't bother calling the others, they have made their feelings clear.", Serena said, trying not to cry again. 'I can not cry over that jerk and those lousy scouts. They can rot in hell', Serena thought maniacally. Haruka's frown deepened slightly, but she replied with an affirmative and clicked off. Serena sighed and turned to Dumbledore.

"Let's go.", she said, and headed for the park, with the other two in tow.

By the time everyone made it to the park Dumbledore had explained everything to Lupin. The legend of the Sailor Scouts, the Silver Millenium, and the future to come. Dumbledore had a very limited amount of knowledge about these subjects, but it satisfied Lupin's curiosity. Serena picked out Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn easily among the other figures. Dressed in the senshi uniform tight fitting top with very short skirt in blue, bows on the front and back in their respective colors, and their tiara's, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn stood out from any crowd. Saturn held her glaive next to her, her fingers playing with it. Uranus toyed with her Space Sword, thrusting and slashing. Michiru studied her mirror closely, looking into the past, present, and small glimpses of the future. The crowds seemed to be avoiding the scouts gaze as well as their bodies, giving them wide berths. Serena made a swift move towards them with Dumbledore and Lupin trailing behind. Uranus and Saturn were both on guard with the newcomer around, but Michiru placed a hand on her lover's shoulder.

"What's happened Serenity-hime?", Uranus asked through clenched teeth. She knew this had to do with the inners and her so called "soul mate" Darien. Serenity motioned for Dumbledore to come forward, which he did obligingly.

"You all know Professor Dumbledore. He has just informed me that Voldemort is back in town.", Serena answered. Saturn's grip on her glaive tightened and her lips formed a tight line. Uranus almost looked ready to kill and Neptune could barely contain herselfwhile stillholding Uranus back. "I'll henshin and we can teleport to Hogwarts. I may be safer there. But first…PLUTO!", Serena screamed. A portal opened next to the group and a tall woman with dark black hair littered with green highlights down to her ankles wlked out. She wore the regular scout uniform, only hers was tinted withdark purpleand green (I can't quite remember her color sceam). Her garnet eyes glittered with unknown knowledge locked within her heart.

Lupin could simply stare. This woman was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. His heart was taking a giant leap off the cliff of faith and jumping right into the one and only pool of love.

"Yes Princess?", Pluto asked, kneeling. Serena motioned for her to stand back up.

"Did you know?", Serena asked. The outers looked puzzled. What in the world is going on? "I said did you know about that idiot boyfriend of mine was cheating on me with Mercury?" Uranus almost snarled in rage, ready to pounce if Darien came along. Saturn had a dead look in her eyes, her glaive seemed poised and ready. Even Neptune, the one who was supposed to be in control, seemed to be on the edge of murder. 'Who is this Darien guy?', Lupin wondered.

"Yes, princess.", Pluto replied guiltily. The death gazes turned to Pluto. "I had no choice in telling you, but I will be watching over you at Hogwarts."

Serena looked down at the ground, trying to control her tears. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait long. Pulling out her Transformation Brooch, Serena yelled three distinctive words.

"Eternal Cosmos Power!"

Where Serena once stood, light now flickered around her body. White ribbons mixed with silver flickers swirled swiftly around her petite form. After emerging a collective gasp could be heard. What looked to be a goddess stood before them. Sailor Cosmos' distinctive silver hair swirled around her in an invisible wind. Her multicolored skirt wavered back and forth in the wind. Her now silver eyes were cold and unforgiving. The top of her uniform was completely white except for the bows that were outlined in multicolored colors.

"Let's go.", Sailor Cosmos whispered. Her voice was dull and merciless. They formed a circle around the two on looking figures and with a collective "SAILOR TELEPORT!" they were off. No one noticed the pair of yellow eyes glaring out of a near by bush. A black cat with the most unusual insignia on its forehead jumped out, shook itself off, and headed off towards the infamous Crown Arcade.

End of Chapter One

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