"Myrtle, are you up there?", Serenity called, tapping her foot slightly on the linoleum tile. It had been over ten years since she had last visited the ghost, but she sincerely hoped that the girl hadn't vacated her beloved girl's bathroom since her 'disappearance'. After all, she couldn't go tromping all over the castle just to find her, childhood friendship be damned.

"Who wants to know?", a girl's voice echoed from one of the many bathroom stalls. Serenity smiled as Myrtle's head poked through a particularly grimy door, her pigtails still flouncing from the sides of her head like some deranged forms of rabbit ears. She hadn't changed one bit. Then again, what would you expect from a ghost?

"Hello Myrtle. How's the moaning going for you?", Serenity called, drawing the ghost's attention. The girl shrieked and rushed for the moon princess, eyes sparkling with mischief. Serenity merely smirked back, remembering their many adventures, okay 'misbehaviors', that they had embarked on when she had first come to Hogwarts. Before the ghost could start asking questions, Serenity raised a hand to silence her and continued. "I need your help. You and I were the best pranksters this castle has ever seen, and even though I have to keep up appearances around the other students, that doesn't mean that we can't still have some fun."

She was once more greeted by a squeal, and so the girls sat together, plotting.

A once more cool and collected Serenity entered the Slytherin common room later that evening, content with her plans and ready for anything. That anything included the mess that she had found upon entering. A disgruntled Michiru sat on the couch, arms folded in resignation, as she watched her spouse bicker endlessly with the greasy haired, crooked nosed man that stood about a foot away. Apparently they had been going at it for a while, for Hotaru was quite content in the corner with her wand and a spell book, turning Haruka's hair different colors (at the moment it was lime green with pink polka dots).

"I don't care what you say, Snape, I am staying right where I am until kitten is found!", Haruka screamed, poking Severus in the chest. The man's anger was almost palpable. Before any more damage could be done, Serenity cleared her throat. Every head turned, including the few Slytherin students who hadn't vacated the room when the screaming match had begun, towards the blond haired moon princess. Severus' face was immediately schooled into impassiveness, while Haruka still had a scowl plastered across hers. Serenity sighed slightly at her most volatile senshi. She never could keep her mouth shut.

"Hello Professor, Haruka, Michiru.", Serenity nodded at each as she headed for the back stairs.

"Don't even think about it, Serena.", a voice stopped her. She grimaced slightly, but turned back towards her awaiting audience. She stifled a sigh as she went to sit on the green and silver couch, next to Hotaru. The small girl lay down on Serenity's lap, the moon princess stroking her hair.

"Yes Haruka?", Serenity asked, looking towards the amber eyed woman. Now that she was back in Hogwarts she couldn't afford to look weak in front of anyone, especially her senshi.

"We need to discuss patrols and living arrangements.", Michiru cut in before Haruka started in on Serenity. Serenity nodded slightly.

"Michiru, Haruka, you take Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, and I'll take the other nights. Hotaru can accompany me over the weekends. If anything comes up, give me a call. As for living arrangements, I will stay in Slytherin as of right now to isolate Voldemort's control. You should also stay in your houses, but I will not require it.", Serenity steadily replied, speaking warmly with her friends. She may be a leader, but she was not about to overpower personal decisions. But they needed to know she would support them, not only in battle but in real life.

"That sounds fine, hime.", Michiru responded, pulling Haruka towards the door. The Princess of Uranus collected Hotaru silently in her arms, but she was stopped by an angry potions master.

"What are you talking about? Are you all nuts?", the disgruntled professor snarled, fixing his patented death glare on the women.

"It is none of your business, Severus. Leave me be", Serenity snarled right back as she headed for the girls dorms, leaving a puzzled professor in an empty common room.

The next morning dawned bright and early for Serenity. Ever since the 'betrayal' she wasn't sleeping as well as she used to. In fact, she doubted that she would ever sleep until noon again. Sighing at the bright sunlight filtering through the drapes. Putting on some sweats, Serenity decided that she was long over due for a run. After all, the great Cosmos couldn't be out of shape. A couple of laps around the lake, and Serenity felt like a new girl. Quickly showering and changing into more suitable clothes, Serenity made her way towards breakfast. She found quite a spectacle when she walked in.

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