Writer's notes: Updated 23 DEC 06. Here is Book II of my KOTOR story. It begins with Revan, the focal point of the story, but has a bit from Malak. I want to explore her genius and awesome power as well as her arrogance and manipulation. At this point, she is not truly evil and is still capable of regret and sorrow. I thought a younger Revan would be more susceptible to hubris and it is not unheard of to have a young person so powerful or with such genius...Mozart and Alexander. Also, a vast majority of ace pilots were very young...late teens to mid twenties. Above all, I thought with the Revan character, it could be appropriate as he/she was so pivotal and powerful.

I'm hoping to add a bit of depth to lightsaber combat as oppose to 'smash' 'hack' 'sizzle'. I hope it works. What I hope to give is a Milton-esque 'better to rule in hell than serve in Heaven' sort of feel. This chapter was broken into two smaller chapters with a lot of minor KOTOR characters introduced along with a certain smuggler. I also threw in some ideas on how Revan recruited so many to her cause.

The Power of the Sword - Part I

Ye are fallen from grace.
Galatians 5:4

The Jedi Enclave – Years in the past

Revan returned from Coruscant, crestfallen; she was sure the High Council would have seen the wisdom of her desire to intervene against the Mandalorians. After all, the fate of the Republic was at stake. She was silent the entire journey home, much to Malak's dismay and she brooded like a spurned lover.

"Revan, please talk to me," he pleaded impotently, but she merely turned away, pouting in her righteous belief. His heart ached at her silence, but he could think of nothing that would help. Her recent mood swings had been the bane of his existence, but he had pledged his heart to her.

All he could do is watch her looking through the window into deep space as the shuttle rocketed on. He thought how she personified the coldness of the void.

Is this what love is? How can I endure a lifetime of this? It eats me inside.

Malak sat and tried to focus himself as before. He searched his mind and he knew that if he wanted to be with Revan, he would have to surrender to her will.

Is it such a difficult thing to do? After all, she is the most intelligent of us all. She has never led me astray, he told himself. Whenever he tried to take his mind elsewhere, the intoxicating scent of her skin came back to him and he could feel her in his arms as if she were really there.

Her will is as the will of the Force. I cannot fight it.

And so it was.

The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine

Upon their arrival back at the Academy, Revan sought out Bandon. Now, a muscular young man, his eyes showed the fire of his devotion to the cause. "Revan, we have dutifully gathered support among the Padawans," he said proudly. "Come, let me show you."

She and Malak followed the dark-haired Jedi to an area of the training grounds where Sion and Mai-Lyn sat with a number of others. Upon seeing Revan, Mai-Lyn stood, excitement written on her face, her golden hair fluttering in the breeze. "Revan, we await your word. What must we do?"

Revan smiled in return and straightened her robes. She took a moment to compose her thoughts as she knew how important this moment was. Her destiny would sink or swim at this very meeting. "I thank you all for gathering and putting your trust in me during these dark times. The Mandalorians threaten to destroy the Republic and the Jedi Order. We cannot let this happen." She then turned to Malak, knowing he had been waiting painfully for her attention. "Do you not see it, Malak? You have been my strength, are you not my eyes and ears as well? Malak, I need your commitment to the cause. I need your whole being."

She could see him melt as she said the words and it warmed her heart.

"Revan, you always know how to play the strings of my heart. I am yours," he said with fervor and the young Jedi cheered. Her army of adolescents chomped at the bit to cross blades with the enemy, oblivious of the physical and spiritual danger that awaited them. Malak, too, renewed his commitment to support Revan in her mad quest and her attention was returned to him. He was a puppet on her string.

"Revan, I have spoken to Sion and Moritz and they are solidly behind you. Mai-Lyn too, has brought another dozen into our fold."

The dark-haired girl nodded with a half smile as she plucked a white Lilly from the garden. She toyed with it for a moment before looking back at him. "Very good. Bastila will surely join us, so I will work on Indraal. I think even Master Vrook may join us; he takes pride in thinking our beliefs are of his founding."

Malak dutifully bowed and his thick blond hair rustled in the strong breeze. Surrender was not so difficult after all.

Revan summoned Mai-Lyn in the courtyard and they huddled close like conspirators. "My friend, I hear you have done us a great service and have recruited many to our cause."

Mai-Lyn grinned with pride, raising her chin slightly. "It was easy. Many of our peers are concerned for the Republic and anxious to use the things that we've been taught, rather than sit and watch our destruction. My friend, Atris has tried to caution me, but I think that she will eventually see the light."

"Good, what about that one fellow, who seems to hang around…that Mical?"

Mai-Lyn waved her hand dismissively. "I'd give him no further thought, Revan. He is too subdued to be of use. I don't even think he is cut out to be a Jedi."

Revan nodded. "Very well. I would like you to accompany me in speaking with Padawan Indraal, who I feel would be a good addition to our group."

"I would be honored to assist you, Revan. I wanted to ask you, though, what you thought about approaching Atris. I have not spoken of your plan to her, but I consider her a friend and she has many Echani skills."

Revan narrowed her gray eyes momentarily. "Mai-Lyn, I do not have a good feeling about speaking to Atris…yet. I do not think that the time is right. The Force is guiding me away from that course for now. I am of the same mind with Bastila. We will work on them though."

Mai-Lyn licked her lips and nodded. "I trust in your wisdom and the wisdom of the Force."

Together, they walked back to the Courtyard and found a Twi'lek woman meditating near an obelisk. Indraal was a stunning young woman and a recently elevated Padawan and her lavender skin glistened beneath the Dantooine sun. However, Indraal had been somewhat of an outsider, hoping to belong.

Revan bowed to her as Mai-Lyn took a seat next to the Twi'lek. "It is a peaceful day, Padawan Indraal. Congratulations on your success," Revan said warmly.

The Twi'lek opened her eyes and returned a nervous smile. "T-Thank you, Padawan Revan. I try to emulate your drive and focus. Y-you've been an inspiration to me."

"She has been an inspiration to us all," Mai-Lyn said with a confident edge.

Revan then sat next to Indraal and brushed back her raven hair. "I must admit, I am envious of your ability to persevere. I know you have endured much hardship to come here."

"That is in the past, but I thank you for your kind words." Indraal's heart fluttered. Inside, she glowed at the compliment from Revan, the self-proclaimed leader of the Jedi youth. The Twi'lek had seen the status that Revan's friends held and a desire to belong took hold. Mai-Lyn sensed this and nodded to Revan.

"Indraal, I would like to be your friend," offered Revan seriously. "I admire you."

"Me? I-I'm nobody. Why would you want to-" began Indraal, trying to avoid the rejection that had marred her early childhood on Ryloth.

"Because, you are like me. You are focused and driven. We are of like minds, desiring truth and justice. We cannot just sit by while terrible things are being committed. We both have heart."

Mai-Lyn placed her hand gently on the Twi'lek's shoulder and rubbed it. "There is a place for you in the new order. We need young Jedi like you."

The joyous expression on Indraal's face spoke volumes; they had made a new friend. The two Padawans had perfected the art of spotting and assessing young Jedi, who might be vulnerable to recruitment; those who were needy or alone. Revan, Malak, Mai-Lyn and an unwitting Bastila could often manipulate the social conditions of the closed group, heightening a young Padawan's vulnerability by deciding who belonged and who did not. Then, when someone appeared approachable, they would test them and play to their vulnerabilities; it would work time after time.

At a secret meeting of the young Jedi, Revan looked out over the throng of people and she smiled at Malak and Mai-Lyn. "We continue to grow every day. Soon, we will be unstoppable."

The Enclave

As their little rebellion grew, Revan devised means to keep their secret from the Masters. "We must cloak our thoughts," she told the group. "I will create a code for us to communicate and a covert means by which to interact. Security is paramount. We must also have information on what the Padawans, who are not in our group, are doing. It will help us assess new recruits and warn us of any opposition."

Indraal, Moritz, and Sion nodded while Mai-Lyn's eyes beamed brightly. Their belief in the cause was unwavering and they would die at Revan's command. "Revan," said Mai-Lyn, "Master Kavar suspects nothing and I am still feeling out Atris for our cause. Although I chaff at this deception, I know it is for the greater good."

Revan could see the guilt in the golden-haired woman's eyes and she wrapped her arms around Mai-Lyn's shoulders. "I know what they mean to you, my friend…Master Kavar being no less than what Master Vrook means to me. I just hope that they can see the truth join us too. Now go, Mai-Lyn, we need your ears to be open."

"Remember, how as younglings, when we'd explore the countryside?" Padawan T'Sing said, taking a tangent.

"Indeed. You were always one of my closest friends, even then."

"Well, remember how we walked right into Master Vandar because I wasn't listening. Perhaps I'm not the one to be your ears," she finished jokingly.

They made eye contact for a moment before girlish giggling broke out between them. The exuberance of youth had not been lost to them yet and a warm, trusting smile lingered for a moment.

Then, Mai-Lyn and the young Twi'lek headed off to sit among the other Padawans to learn of their training and study; this would prove useful in gauging the strength of any challengers. Although Mai-Lyn desired to speak to Atris about the whole affair, she held back, a decision that she would later regret.

Moritz, a stern woman with flaming red hair and blue eyes was chosen to watch those Jedi already within Revan's camp. She would report any dissent and deal with it appropriately. This was something that would later serve the Sith well.

Finally, Sion, a dark young man of powerful physique, would train and prepare the fledgling force for war. His rippling muscles and obsession with physical health made him the obvious choice for the task. With Malak, they brought in three promising Padawans, Nisotsa, Carriaga Sin, and Mohitos, Jedi who would serve Malak long and well.

Later, in their favorite grove, far from the Enclave, Revan smiled at Malak as they lay in each others' arms beneath the moonlight of Dantooine. She absentmindedly drew symbols on his bare chest with her finger. "Malak, I now have spies and informants throughout the Enclave, telling me of nearly every action within the ranks of the young Jedi."

He chuckled confidently, his crystal blue eyes full of fire in the darkness. "I never dreamed that we could command such loyalty. How did I ever doubt you before? You complete me, Revan. You've given me the strength that I have and you found my heart. How could the masters have been so wrong? How could passion be so…wrong?"

"It's not. It's just what they want us to believe," she said as she rolled over to face him. "Malak, how could what we just did be so wrong?" She reached down to caress him again and he gasped.

As she played, he traced his finger along her ruby lips. "It can't be. After all, we are not animals. We control our feelings and our actions," he said, barely able to control his own.

She giggled as she straddled him. "Exactly. Now, just be patient, dear…just be patient and we will be able to announce our passion to the world."

However, Revan's impatience got the better of her and she tipped her hand before it could be played.

The Training Grounds

As Revan sparred in unarmed combat training, she threw Atris and Bandon to the mat in rapid succession. Indraal then rushed at her and grabbed her shirt near the collar. With a twist of Revan's body, the Twi'lek's hand came free and she grasped Indraal's middle and index finger. Revan slammed her hip into her opponent's midsection as she guided an arm over her back. With a twist of her hips, Indraal flew over Revan's back onto the ground.

"Excellent, Padawan Revan," said Master Vrook with applause. "Now, come and receive instruction."

Revan ran up to Vrook and knelt before him with a bow. "I await your teaching, Master."

Vrook reached out and grabbed her wrist. Revan centered herself and rotated her arm to the outside, drawing Vrook off balance. As she torqued her hip to throw him, he countered by sidestepping, changing his center of gravity. Taking the initiative, Vrook inverted Revan's hand and knelt, driving her wrist into her elbow. Revan bowed with a grunt and tried to turn to face Vrook, but he stepped behind her and used his body weight and momentum to corkscrew her into the floor.

Revan struggled, but Vrook manipulated her arm behind her and pressed down. With a grimace, Revan spoke, "Master…I know you are dissatisfied with the verdict of the High Council…. Can we not do something to rectify this?"

Vrook twisted the flexible Padawan's arm until she winced and tapped the mat with her free hand. He then hauled her up. "The High Council has spoken," he said sternly. "It would be arrogance to defy them."

"But Master, they don't understand as we do. They-" Revan began until the back of Vrook's hand came across her face.

Revan gasped, holding her cheek. Vrook scowled at his pupil for the first time; the Force was shouting a warning at him and he knew he had to heed it. "Padawan, know your place! You will speak no more of the Mandalorian Wars. You will abide by my wishes and the will of the High Council."

Revan's surrogate father then turned his back on her and walked away.

The Enclave

As commanded, Revan ceased to speak openly of the Wars and devoted herself to learning. Her knowledge regarding science, combat, and strategy grew to fearsome proportions and few among the Padawans desired to stand against her with a lightsaber.

She would regularly be seen in the fencing courtyard, spinning her weapon, which had become like an extension of her will. She would seamlessly transition between forms, switching between offensive and defensive styles. It was said that she thirsted for knowledge like a dry sponge and even began to study Forms, which were reserved for experienced masters.

Having let the earlier incident go, Master Vrook watched Revan in her weapon rituals and nodded in satisfaction. In one bout, she swept five Padawans in a flurry of multiple strikes. "Look, she has mastered Juyo already," he told Master Vandar with pride. "She can defeat numerous opponents with this style."

Master Vandar pursed his lips. "Indeed she has. I have not seen such weapon mastery in a long time. Revan will be a powerful force for the Order once she has matured."

"I suspect that I shall be relocating back to Coruscant in the near future. I would like it if Revan and Malak could accompany me."

Vandar pondered his words for a moment before responding, "Master Vrook, do you not think that you are being hasty in your plans? Nothing is set in stone."

Vrook's eyes were set with confidence and he looked down at Vandar. "I am reasonably sure of this future."

"Well, then I wish you the best of luck, Master Vrook. You have been an asset to the Order and to this Academy."

Vrook Lamar smiled broadly, having already forgotten Revan's words. "I will have to train her harder. She must be ready for her challenge."

The intensity of the training would often make Revan edgy. To clear her mind, she would often travel far and wide on Dantooine. In the blossoming of one spring, she drove her speeder bike through green orchards and flowering fields until she passed an ancient grove of trees. She eventually came upon a series of alien obelisks, towering at odd angles. Revan checked her datapad, but found no information on this unusual area. Dantooine was a sparsely populated world and was largely unexplored.

She ventured forth and discovered alien ruins nearby and a pathway led down to an earthen mound with a metal door. Although the sun was strong and bright, the area around the mound seemed dim and cold. To Revan's surprise, the door slid open as she approached and dry, musty air rushed out to greet her. Revan's heart pounded in her chest and she licked her dry lips. She peered inside, unable to see until her eyes adjusted and then she stepped inside into darkness.

Hours went by until she emerged. Her face was flush and her hair billowed in the chill evening breeze. A strange smile creased her lips and she stretched forth her arms, drawing upon the Force.

Specks of light swirled around her like a tornado, growing into crackling blue and orange lightning. With a wave of her hand, the bolts of electricity burst in all directions, dissipating into ozone.

What did I find in there? What sort of alien power did I just absorb?

Revan staggered forward, drunk with energy.

I must keep this to myself for the time being….

The Enclave

Revan returned to the Enclave, brimming with excitement. She eagerly sought out Malak in the lounge. They made brief eye contact and he stood and followed her out into the Courtyard. They ran to their favorite Bilba Tree, where Revan grasped Malak with both hands. A sly grin spread across her features.

When they were spent, Malak buried his nose into Revan's gleaming hair and inhaled her musky scent. Perspiration glistened along her long, smooth back down to her bare buttocks. Straddling Malak as he lay on the grass, Revan ran her slender fingers through his thick blond hair as she nuzzled his neck.

"I am complete with you, Revan," he murmured.

She arched up over him and traced a strange pattern on his bare chest with her finger, a pattern she had seen in the ruins. "Malak, the time is near. Together, we will make the galaxy safe. We will bring order from chaos. No more will we see self-serving bureaucrats destroy the Republic we cherish. We will bring about the greater good."

The intensity of her words struck Malak like a thunderclap. "I await the day that we should be together forever. My heart tells me that it will be so."

As time bore on, the pair continued to weave their spells throughout the Academy and they could now count a third of the Padawans as being committed to the cause. Those not deemed worthy were never approached and two, Bastila and Atris, were delayed.

Outwardly, Revan played the dutiful Padawan and she completely returned to the good graces of Master Vrook. To him, her power was obvious and he was anxious to have her take the trials to become a Knight. Once again, he would be able to place himself in line to join the High Council.

"Revan, the time has come," advised Vrook as they sat in the study chamber. "You will begin your trials to become a Knight."

The young woman knelt obediently, her face serene and obedient. "Yes, my Master. What must I do?"

A faint smile creased Vrook's lips. "The Council on Dantooine has tasked you with delivering a holocron to our agent on Deralia. A Starsprite has been made available to you for your travel. You must be careful however, there are agents out there, who would wish to possess this holocron. Please depart as soon as possible. My trust is with you."

He then put out his hand and gave her a small, metal device, a lightsaber emitter. "Revan, take this as a token of my pride in you. It is an Expert Fencing Emitter. It will enhance your already formidable prowess. I know you will use it justly and with restraint."

Revan took the emitter and held it in grateful hands. She thought for a moment before bowing low. "Thank you, Master. I shall not fail you."

As she left, Master Vrook brushed his fingers through graying hair and nodded in satisfaction. "All she needed was a little more guidance to return her to the path. She is like a daughter to me."

In her quarters, Revan joyously affixed her emitter to her potent weapon, which was adorned with golden inlays of scenes from Fresian life: a crouched tiger; a rearing bear; and a wise raven.

My weapon is the manifestation of my power and my will. It will symbolize my control over my life and my destiny. With it, I cannot fail.

Revan walked to the Academy hangar and spoke to a droid about her Starsprite, a small, nimble craft used by the Jedi for such missions. It sported advanced weaponry and a modest hyperdrive. An astromech droid was lowered into a slot at the back of the cockpit and locked in. The little robot would help guide Revan through the stars.

Mechanical arms then maneuvered the craft onto a pad and Revan took a helmet from the Life Support Droid, who also gave her instructions on egress, should she need to eject.

Revan filed a flight plan and then entered the tiny cockpit. She brought the systems online and lights flickered along with the sound of whirring of gyros. She maneuvered the stick while monitoring thruster output and then pressed on each rudder pedal; all flight controls were free and correct.

When she was ready, she keyed the push to talk. "Dantooine clearance, Sprite Zero-One, clearance on request, ready to copy with Juliet."

"Sprite Zero-One, cleared for the Kath Hound Three Departure, climb and maintain three thousand, expect six thousand. Vector One-Three-Zero, departure freq is Three- Four-Four point Five. Squawk Zero-Zero-Zero-One."

Revan entered the data and programmed in her waypoints. When she had received takeoff clearance, she powered thrusters and the repulsorlift and the Sprite floated off of the surface. The craft soon began to accelerate and climb as Revan held a steady speed and attitude.

As she cleared the atmosphere, she entered the navigational program that was preset into the computer. "Ready to go, Tee Two?"


With that, they leapt into hyperspace toward Deralia.

The trip was uneventful and when they dropped out of hyperspace, a beautiful jade and blue globe greeted Revan. She had heard that Deralia was a mystical planet of lush forests and vast, plentiful oceans. Its people were learned and scientifically advanced and prescribed to a vision of peace. However, sinister things lurked beneath the surface of the idyllic society.

"Deralia Approach, Sprite Zero-One, requesting the RNAV GPS approach, Landing Pad Two Two, with Romeo," she said, asking for a challenging landing.

"Roger Sprite, cleared direct Kuchi for one turn and hold, then vector Maiti for the RNAV GPS, Landing Pad Two Two. Welcome to Deralia, Jedi Revan."

Revan greased the demanding approach and was soon on the ground. She hopped out of the craft as protocol and maintenance droids swarmed around her craft. One silver droid approached her.

"Madam Jedi, I am C-8LK, please follow me. I will take you to House Dakar."

Revan nodded and walked after the droid.

As they exited the great spaceport dome, Revan was greeted by the sight of incredible flying beasts, large enough that they could carry a house on their backs. Strange equine beasts played in fertile fields surrounded by sylvan woods. Revan inhaled the scent of Jasmine in the air and closed her eyes for a moment.

This place is enchanting. Malak, I shall bring you here with me one day.

The droid continued on, entering the forest with Revan in tow.

Meanwhile, back at the hangar, a silver droid sauntered up to the Starsprite and looked around. It approached a man, who was logging the craft into the spaceport's manifest.

"Excuse me, sir," said the droid, "Might you be Jedi Revan? I am here to bring you to House Dakar."