Title: The Rain Falls...
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG for shounen-ai
Pairing: SasuNaru, NaruSasu

Disclaimer: Naruto doesn't and never will belong to me.

The Rain Falls...

The rain falls... regardless if you have a coat or none...

Naruto sighed, stepping on each puddle he came across mindlessly, ignoring the rain falling down from the sky, soaking his hair and clothes even more, making the village look even more depressed at night. Windows and doors were shut tight and the only one found outside on the streets of Konoha was Naruto Uzumaki, dripping wet, letting the raindrops soak him for all his worth. Orange jumpsuit standing out in the darkness of the night, blonde hair sagging down above clear, cerulean eyes and forehead protector thrown somewhere in the midst of the mess in his room.

Because without it, walking under the pouring rain, felt like a regular kid with no responsibilities of a ninja, with no worries of having a demon inside him.

But one thing always holds true... that somewhere...

The streets were abandoned, everyone in the comfort of their own homes, warm in front of the fire. With no one in sight, Naruto felt colder than before, though there was no one to glare at him, no one to whisper behind his back. No more faceless crowds muttering curses, and spatting out insults. He didn't need to hide now... because there was no to lie to. He felt free... but then again... he felt something was missing.

Then the rain stopped falling.

But the pitter-patter of the raindrops against the pavement still rang in his ears, though as he turned to look, everything simply disappeared.


The mentioned boy looked away, but he couldn't conceal the color staining his cheeks, "You're soaking." He inched closer to his teammate, fitting both of them under one umbrella.

Someone's willing to get soaked with you...

"Let's get you cleaned up, Naruto."

And Naruto's smile, made the rest of the night for Sasuke brighter than ever.

Rain or shine.

- Owari -

Author's Notes: The italics up in the story is from a text message I got. XD (- has weird sources for making one-shots.) Took me 1 hour to finish, but I'm kinda proud of this, because I rarely write stuff that has little conversations and actually has a bit of sense in it. o.O I dunno, when it comes to rain, I tend to think about SasuNaru, so...