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Chapter 1: Congratulations Should be Kept for Joyous Occasions

Raven sat on her bed. She couldn't believe it. She wouldn't. It wasn't possible. It had been a complete mistake. She didn't want to believe it, but she had to.

She hadn't been feeling well, knowing something was wrong with her. She didn't understand it, but she had to know. She was normally calm and placid, but her insides now were jumpy and her senses were telling her something was different.

It was during the Titans most recent mission when she had had to admit that something was wrong. She had tried to use her powers to lift hit the target, but she had ended up hitting a bus. She had almost gotten her friends hurt, and that's when she knew she'd have to find out what was wrong with her.

The short black haired girl was afraid to admit that she was going to see a doctor. Her eyes had shadows under them from the constant worry she had been under since the mission the day before. To her disgust, she was wearing normal clothes that would label her apart of the crowd so that no one who knew her would see her. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, and she was wearing jeans and a long sleeved dark green sweater. She'd planned to leave when the Titans were all eating breakfast. She'd left a note on her door that she'd be back soon and not to worry, and with that she had flown from the tower and appeared on the street, walking with the normal, everyday humans.


It took her a full half hour to reach the doctor's office by taxi, and she was annoyed by all the people around her. Her mind was a chaotic mess as she thought of what might be wrong, and if nothing at all was wrong, and it was just her emotions.

The dark haired sixteen year old was sitting in the lobby chair staring blankly at a wall when the cheery nurse called her name and escorted her into a room with a cushioned medical examining table. She told her to sit down and that the doctor would be there momentarily.

Raven hadn't needed to wait long, for about thirty seconds after the nurse left, a tall, black haired woman walked in, announcing herself as Dr. Teresa Frasier.

"Hi, you must be Raven." She said flipping through the girl's file. "So, can you tell me why you're here?" she asked looking at her.

"I'm not feeling well, and I've never not felt good. I'm usually healthy." She said trying to find the words.

"Let's see…" Dr. Frasier said taking a wooden popsicle type stick ((no idea what it's called, and to think my mother works in a doctor's office…heh.)) and asking her to open her mouth. Raven complied and stuck out her tongue. "Well nothing wrong there." She then took a thermometer and placed it in her ear. A split second later, it read that her temperature was normal.

Raven sighed deeply as the doctor scribbled some notes down then took her blood pressure.

"Everything seems fine. Can you tell me specifically what's been bothering you?" she asked looking up from the file.

"Well, I've been feeling sick, like nauseous lately, and the other morning I threw up. I just don't know. This has never happened to me before." Raven said, her palms sweaty. She hated doctors.

"Hmmm….I'd like to run a few tests. It should only take a little while." Dr. Frasier said giving her a reassuring smile. She called in the nurse and whispered a few things to her, and then the nurse escorted her out of that room and into another one, and occupied her time for the next two hours performing several tests.

"Alright." Dr. Frasier said coming in a few minutes after the nurse exited once again. "Well, the tests are being analyzed. I'd like you to come back tomorrow if it's okay. I'll have the results then." Raven could only nod, and then left, still nervous and a little scared.


Raven returned to the Tower, to find everyone in the living room, either watching Cyborg and BeastBoy playing a video game or watching a movie. Terra was the first to notice her.

"Hey Rae, where ya been?" she said following her into the kitchen. She got herself a can of soda from the fridge while Raven got herself some tea.

"Just doing some things." Raven said, ending the conversation there. The two weren't close, then again, they weren't enemies either. Terra knew when Raven didn't want to talk, and Raven knew when Terra didn't want to talk. It was a mutual understanding between the two.

"I'll be gone again tomorrow if you could cover me, I'd be grateful." Raven said taking a sip of her hot tea.

"Sure, no problemo. You just have to tell me when you feel up to it." The blonde said exiting the kitchen, leaving Raven alone to sigh to herself.


"Hey." Raven nearly jumped when she heard the voice. Two light bulbs somewhere nearby broke. She turned to see Robin walking towards her.

She had been on her way to her room to meditate, and had been deep in thought, not sensing him at all.

"Yes?" she asked in a cold monotone voice.

"Just wanted to see if you were okay." He said sheepishly.

"I'm fine. I've got to go meditate. Goodbye." She said icily, and with that turned on her heel and went into her room, not being disturbed until she woke the next morning.


Raven's dreams had been plagued all through the night. She couldn't remember what her dreams had been about, but the circles under her eyes told her she hadn't gotten much sleep. She woke up around seven, and took a shower. Getting dressed, she left the tower around eight, and made her way the same to the doctor's office.


She didn't have to wait long as she was escorted into the doctor's office and asked to sit on the table. She was getting tired of waiting though. It had been fifteen minutes and still Dr. Frasier hadn't come. She lay down on the table and relaxed slightly. She hoped the results of the tests were okay, though she had the feeling they would be more than she bargained for.

She was jolted from her reverie when the door opened and Dr. Frasier entered, the same nurse from the day before with her. Dr. Frasier smiled at her as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the table.

"How are you?" she asked putting the file on the small table next to the table.

"Fine." Raven replied, wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans nervously.

"We got the results back." She said looking at the girl with a reassuring smile.

"And?" raven prompted anxiously. Her mind was a whirl, and her heart was beating faster. She had to know what was causing her so much trouble and wrecking her powers.

"Well, you were right in the fact that something is different." She said flipping through a few pages of the girl's file, the nurse standing quietly behind her and organizing some of the things on the long row of cabinets.

"Yes, and…" Raven said, her eyes looking anxious and pleading.

"I don't really know how to tell you, so I'll just say it." The doctor said looking at the anxious teenager.

"Congratulations, you're pregnant." Dr. Frasier said smiling encouragingly at the girl.

"Wha…what?" was all Raven could say. So many thoughts filled her mind. One being the only way she could have gotten pregnant. It had been an accident. No one had wanted it to happen in the first place. It was his entire fault. Her powers were haywire because of this? She couldn't take all the thoughts that were running through her head. All she could do was fall back onto the table, her world going black.


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Raven: Thanks…

Robin: What did I do?

Cyborg: Cheese….

BeastBoy: Huh??

Cyborg: CHEESE!!!

Robin: What the hell does cheese have to do with anything!?!?!?!

Cy: I dunno, I just like saying it.

Raven: (glares) You're a bunch of asses

Terra & Star: (nods)

Boys: Uh uh!!!

Raven: Will you all shut up…you guys ain't the ones who are pregnant

BeastBoy: (whispers) If we thought she was bad before, wait until she gets mood swings!

Everyone: (Starts backing away from the glaring Raven slowly)

Raven: You think you're going somewhere daddy?

Everyone: (runs and hides)


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