It's Just Another Day

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It's Just another Day

By Celtic Goth1

Chapter 1

In The Beginning

Ryou look up at his new school, Domino High School and found one way to describe it…

Mother-fucking huge.

His last school had been less than half the size. This school had about 6 blocks of normal and practical classrooms. Ryou had made his way to the office. Rebecca Hawkins, a friend at his old school, had asked one her friends there at DHS to meet with him; apparently her grandfather knew his grandfather or something. His name was Yugi Mouto.

Ryou had talked to him online before and he seemed pretty nice. 'Look for the vertically challenged kid with blonde, black and pink hair. That's me!' Yugi's words floated back into his mind. But were so many people …

"Hey are you Ryou?" The boy in question jumped to see "Yugi?" He asked

The shorter boy nodded his head "nice to finally meet you. "He smiled "now come with me! You have much to learn."

So Ryou followed Yugi down one of the many, many halls of domino high.

"Ok now let me see you timetable" Yugi said and Ryou handed his timetable over (he'd been sent it by the school a week earlier)

"Hmmm ok, well looks like you're stuck with me for a lot of classes – and homeroom!" Yugi's happy expression suddenly went dead serious.

'Great Rebecca's got me making friends with a schizophrenic' Ryou thought at Yugi's sudden change.

"There is one certain group of people – or rather person you have to avoid in this particular homeroom. Her names Tea she's runs the 'popular group' and well –"

Yugi looked him up and down "- you'd better watch out, she could latch onto you especially since you look like Bakura …"

"Bakura?" Ryou questioned

"Don't worry you'll see, anyway if she sees you with us she might stay away" Yugi continued seeing the rather scared look on Ryou's face. And with that they reached their homeroom.

Ryou followed Yugi to the back of the classroom.

"Hey Seto" Yugi greeted a boy at the back with short brown hair typing on a laptop. Seto grunted in response

"Yeah I love you to" Yugi said sarcastically "This is Ryou – he's new don't scare him to much" Seto looked up acknowledging Ryou and went back to his typing.

"He's always like that:" Yugi motioned for Ryou to take a seat behind his "So don't take any offence" Yugi said turning his chair around facing Ryou.

Ryou nodded as a few more people walked into the room.

"See the blonde one? That's Joey – we call him Jou. And the dude with the one spiked hair next to him, that's Tristan. Behind Tristan is Duke. They are really a group on their own but my group and theirs are pretty close." Yugi explained

"Oh yeah and Tristan's dating Jou's sister Serenity – everyone except Jou knows. He can be overprotective sometime you see."

"Ok… I got that so far …" Ryou said slowly

Yugi smiled "Good, because here come some of the freaks – a.k.a my friends"

Ryou eyes widened as he saw who Yugi was referring to – they looked well … freaky all 3 of them! They had dark eyeliner on wearing very dark blue jeans and different length black shirts under their white school shirts (which were partially undone or modified to their likings)

"Hey Yugi" The straight-ish haired blonde greeted

"Where's Bakura?" The spiky haired blonde asked

Yugi shrugged "does it look like I even look know or care?"

The two blondes laughed, as the other – who looked like Yugi, went and sat on Yugi's desk as the other 2 sat on their desks then all their attention on Ryou.

"Everyone this is Ryou" Yugi said seeing the scared look on his new friends face.

"Hey, I'm Malik" The straight-ish blonde haired boy said "And that's Marik" he pointed to the spiky haired boy next to him.

"And I'm Yami" The Yugi look-a-like said

"Hi" Ryou said in a quiet voice

Yugi laughed "You scared him already"

"But I didn't do anything … yet!" Malik said back

"Well all of us are about to be scared" Seto said his eyes darting towards the door of the classroom. Ryou didn't need to be told who these people were; they were obviously the Preps and Jocks.

"Umm Yugi … why is that brown haired girl giving me a look of death …." Ryou said quietly

"Probably thinks your Bakura …" Yugi answered slightly amused.

The atmosphere of the room had immensely changed in the past minute everything was quiet and evil glares were being thrown around the room.

"Alright everyone sit down" The teacher had walked into the room and everyone began talking again and took there seats.

"Alright settle down and no talking while I call the role lets start the year on good terms people, Yami Atem"


The teacher went down a few more names. "Ryou Bakura"

Yugi and his friends turned wide eyed at him. "Here" Ryou answered and the teacher continued down the list.

"Ryou Bakura eh?" Malik whispered to Ryou "Interesting"

Just as their teacher finished speaking – another white haired boy walked in. Ryou assumed this to be Bakura considering what the others had described to him, Ryou did look like him except Bakura looked … evil-er

"Sorry I'm late" he said to the teacher "My alarm clock got sick"

The teacher raised an eyebrow "You threw it against the wall again didn't you"

Bakura gave her an evil smile and went to his seat … which was behind Ryou's.

Ryou lowered his eyes to his desk Bakura seemed so … intimidating.

"You can do whatever till the bell now, just don't be too loud" their teacher announced getting out some of her books.

Yugi turned around once more smiling "Hi Bakura!" He said

"Hey midget" Bakura replied

"Awww I'm cut" Bakura rolled his eyes, Ryou leant back his eyes darting between Yugi and Bakura

"Who are you" Bakura asked looking at Ryou

"I-I'm Ryou …"

There was an eerie silence between them …

"Do you have a phone Ryou?" Yugi asked

Ryou nodded "Can I see?"

"Yeah ok" Ryou handed his phone to Yugi who immediately began to type something into it

"What are you doing?" Ryou asked

"Putting in phone numbers" Yugi said smiling Ryou shrugged and the bell rang.

Ryou sat bored in Science. Even though he had Yugi, Yami, Seto and another friend of theirs Mahado, the teacher was going on about nothing! However, Ryou snapped out his bored state by a slight vibration that came from his phone. Ryou took it out of his pocket.

1 message received

Ryou continued to press a few buttons and opened the message – it was from Bakura.

'Bakura? I don't have his number – wait Yugi must have put it in there but why would he message me anyway he only met me like 10 minutes ago and that glare he gave me ARHH! I dunno' Ryou mentally debated with himself and read the message.

Hey, whats doin?

Ryou replied

Nm bored shitless

The text conversation continued

Same btw throw soemthin seto 4 me


How bout yami – he annoys me 2


Y not

I dun want 2 they'll throw it bak me and I can't really remember who's – who

Meh ass's 2 u then

J lol

And the texting continued for Ryou's next class as well. Then it was recess in which Yugi explained even more things to him.

"Ok we sit at this table – Jou's group is over there" Yugi pointed a few tables down "and right over the other side is the umm 'popular side' we don't' even step foot over there ok"

Ryou nodded 'like I'd want to get myself bashed up' he thought

Yugi smiled at him and they both turned back to the conversation going on at their table

"Did you see the teacher assignment to us for music " Yami asked Marik and Malik

"Yeah freaky ass bi-ach" Marik said

"Yeah another whole year of –" Malik put on a high pitched voice " 'Could you play something with a little less death! It's rather depressing –" he turned to Marik "ARE YOU DEPRESSED!! ARE YOU MARIK ARE YOU!!" He yelled in his friends face and then turned to Yami who was about to fall of his seat from laughing (then again everyone was laughing)

"What about you Yami ARE YOU DEPRESSED TO!! SOMEONE GET THE COUNCILLOR!!" Malik then pretended to faint and landed on Ryou's shoulder … and stayed there

"Umm Malik could you get off me …. please …" Ryou asked the blonde

"Since you said please" Malik said lifting his head of Ryou's shoulder "unlike SOME people" he added looking at Bakura

"Bite me" Bakura said simply

There was a moment of silence.

"You forgot to say please" Yami said smirking

Bakura rolled his eyes "You can bite me to Yami – wait, you already have someone to bite" Bakura gestured to Yugi

Yami and Yugi both blushed "Yeah loooove bite" Yugi said back to Bakura

Ryou was slightly bewildered by this …

"Bakura and Yugi went out for a few months before Yugi got together with Yami years ago" Ryou looked at Malik who had whispered that to him "And Yami and Bakura have known each other since they were in kindergarten"

"So this is normal?"

"Yep" Malik replied

And with that the bell rang.

'Hey you ok Ryou?" Yugi asked him

"Yes just thinking" he answered following Yugi and the others to their next class.

It was hard being new and meeting with people who have known each other for years, Ryou knew that better than most people. But with a people like Yugi and his friends around him around him he knew it would make it a lot easier this time.

C.G: Oh tear! That last bit was straight form the heart so just a note - this previous year I was a new around a lot of people who had known each other for ages and I know how hard it is to ajust when moving to a new city and school but I decided Ryou's adjustment will be easier than most and that's all RR!!