It's Just Another Day

Chapter 4


Ryou sat at his computer late on Friday night. He was bored as hell and doing random Google searches in hope of finding something remotely interesting.

Taking a sip of his scorching hot chocolate, he proceeded to click a few more internet links. And a MSN conversation popped up.

Bakura – Currently Lurking in the Shadows says:

Well, well, well. Look who's still awake.

Ry – Shards Of Me says:

What of it? Lol.

Bakura – Currently Lurking in the Shadows says:

evil smile

Ryou's cordless phone beside him began to ring loudly making him jump and almost fall off his chair.

"Fuck you!" Ryou yelled into the receiver as he picked it up.

Bakura proceeded to piss himself laughing.

"It's not funny!" Ryou yelled

"Yeah it is" Bakura answered simply "So what are you doing besides not sleeping?"

"Random crap" Ryou said, typing a few more random words in.


"Well what about you, smart ass?"

"Downloading music and other 'random crap'" Bakura mocked

"Joy for you."

There was a silence for a few moments

"…So, what are you wearing" Bakura asked casually, causing Ryou to burst out laughing.

"Nothing you need to know about."

"Nothing hey?"

"Shut up, Bakura just shut up." Ryou laughed

"But it's just so much fun messing with you Ryou" Bakura replied "So what time are you coming over tomorrow?"

"Umm about 12, is that ok?" Ryou answered. He and Bakura needed to finish their damned essay.

"It's all good" Bakura said yawning slightly "Now if you'll excuse me I do believe I need at least some sleep tonight"

"Yeah me to, Night Bakura"


Ryou walked nervously up to what he hoped was Bakuras apartment.

"Here goes …" He said to himself and pushed the doorbell.

A few seconds later the door opened as far the chain on the other side would let it and a pair on bright blue eyes looked up at him.

"'Kura! Ryou's here, Ryou's here, Ryou's here!"

A few more seconds after that and the door opened fully "Hey Ryou' Bakura greeted picking up his younger sibling.

"Hey" Ryou said quietly

"So … do you have any siblings?" Ryou asked, thinking about Amane.

"Yeah … two sisters. One older and one younger … my younger sister Yume … she looks just like your sister …"

'God … he was right' Ryou felt that pang of depression. 'No, no, no this WON'T get the better of me'

'Well I guess you already know I'm Ryou" Ryou said with a laugh to the little girl.

"Yep, yep! 'Kura says that your really nice and, and –"

"-and you talk like you've had sugar Yu" Bakura said cutting his energetic sibling off. "And WE" he said to Ryou "need to get that stupid History thing done" and he put Yume down and she ran into the next room.

"Are you ok?" Bakura asked Ryou, who still looked a bit dazed

"Yeah" Ryou said forcing a smile

Bakura raised an eyebrow but didn't persist. "Just watch out for the 'other one'"

"Err ... 'Other one'?" Ryou asked confused

"My older sister Yuki … but anyway, follow me"

Bakura led Ryou through the apartment. It wasn't small but it wasn't big either. "Lounge and kitchen, Bathroom yada, yada." They stopped at a door with a sign on it 'ENTER THROUGH THIS DOOR AND BE DAMNED TO DAMNATION, DAMNIT!"

Ryou laughed softly as Bakura opened the door, the damn sign was so typical of Bakura.

"Woah" Ryou said upon entering the room. The wall's were black and covered in random posters of Metal bands and Vampire anime. The floor was littered with Art utensils and sketchbooks among other things. A computer sat in the far corner across from Bakuras bed, the wiring looked like it'd fused with the desk and wall.

"Nothing will jump out and kill you I promise." Bakura said looking at Ryou.

"Great" Ryou said weakly, setting his bad down on the floor. "Let's get this finished ..."

2 hours later Ryou sat typing intently at the computer. "Tell me the last bit and we're done .."

"Yeah … Ok now –"

Bakura was cut off by his mobile ringing. "Hey" he said answering it.

"Can this wait, we were just about finished that cursed essay." He paused listening to the person on the other end…

"Fine, yes I'll ask him to." Bakura turned to Ryou. "It's Yugi. Wanna come with us to the movies tomorrow night?"

'Err … " 'not like I have anything else to do …' he thought. "Yeah ok" Ryou answered.

"Hear that midget …" Bakura said into the phone, suddenly he turned slightly red. "Shut up Yugi, go suck Yami's face, its worse than any torture I could do ... Yeah, yeah, bye"

Ryou was fighting the urge to laugh as Bakura hung his phone up irritably.

"He can be such a pain in the ass, I swear." Bakura complained

"Bakura!" They heard a yell from outside his door

"Oh it's just one thing after another"Bakura said "What!"

Bakuras door opened and Ryou guessed this was his older sister. She had dark purple hair which stood out against her bright blue eyes along with her dark attire.

"I need the car keys" she said to Bakura and then turned to Ryou "Your Ryou right?"

"Yeah" Ryou answered "And you must be Yuki"

"Aww, Bakura actually told you about me" She glomped Bakura from behind giving him a death hug "I'm acknowledged! I knew you didn't hate me 'kura!"

"Get OFF me damnit!" Bakura drove one of his hands into a nearby bag an pulled out a set of keys. "Take them and get out!"

"Thank you!" She said unphased by Bakuras rude attitude. "I'll leave you and your boyfriend alone …" and with that she left the room with Bakura banging his head against the wall and Ryou with his face red.

"Don't listen to her, for the love of Ra don't listen to her" Bakura groaned "She's insane"

Ryou returned home late that night. He'd had dinner at Bakura's. It was nice, a change from eating alone anyway. Dumping his bag, Ryou went over and booted up the computer.

'God it's been so long since I've done the whole 'family' thing' Ryou thought to himself as he logged into his LiveJournal and began making his daily entry.

'…And I have an idea … for a song …'

C.G: BOOYA! That is all for now. Get ready for some 'in the dark' action next chapter! YAMI-YUGI-NESS HERE I COME! lol! I just love writing it. More Ryou-Bakura Development to ... And anything else I think of to add …