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A Morning Sketch

Dean Thomas awoke one Saturday morning, in his bed in the seventh year dormitory of Gryffindor Tower, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, wrapped securely in his friend Seamus Finnegan's arms. This was an entirely ordinary occurrence, ever since they had started going out at the end of the previous year. However, it was somewhat unusual for Seamus to still be asleep when Dean woke up. He was much more of a morning person, but on this particular day Dean could hear him still snoring.

Suddenly an idea struck him. He carefully extracted himself from his boyfriend's embrace, and reached for his sketchbook, which lay on the bedside table. Then he propped himself on one elbow and began to draw the slumbering Irishman. Dean had almost finished the picture when Seamus stirred.

"Don't move," he ordered. Seamus obediently lay still until Dean said, "I'm done now."

"Good Morning to you, too."

"Good Morning, love."

"Can I see the picture?"

Dean smiled teasingly, and hugged the picture to his chest.


"I'll give you a kiss."

"I'll get one anyway." Dean leaned forward, and Seamus tried to simultaneously turn his face away and grab the book. They both laughed, and then mock-glared at each other until Dean relented.

"Have a look, then. You know you're irresistible."

Seamus grinned, but was struck uncharacteristically silent when he saw the drawing. The love with which it had been made was palpable. Finally he murmured,

"It's wonderful. You're wonderful, Dean."

"My model deserves all the credit. He inspires me. Do I get my kiss now?"

"After all that flattery?" Seamus carefully laid the sketchbook aside. "Absolutely."

Then he rolled on top of Dean and kissed him deeply and thoroughly. When they pulled apart, Dean lifted one lock of the sandy blonde hair his hands were tangled in.

"You have very aesthetically pleasing hair," he said thoughtfully. And there was nothing for Seamus to do but to kiss him again.

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