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SYNOPSIS: This is a Teen Titans/Megas XLR crossover fanfic (probably the first of it's kind on this site, but I'm not sure). In this fanfic, the Glorft seize Terra's remains and revive her using reverse-fossilizing technology (Futurama reference) with the intent of manipulating her powers in order to try and conquer Earth yet again. Meanwhile, some trouble-shooting with Megas lands Coop and his friends in Jump City, where the Teen Titans reside. Now it's up to Coop and the Teen Titans to rescue Terra and put a stop to the Glorft's plan for world conquest!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my very first fanfic ever, believe it or not. Story-writing isn't really my thing (although I do write good essays), but I do enjoy a good read every now and then, especially as of recently. After reading quite a few fanfics this site offers, I feel inspired to write my own, focusing on two of my favorite animated shows: Megas XLR and Teen Titans. Also, judging from the Teen Titans fanfics I've read, it seems that Jump City is the name of the city where they live, so I'll be going with that. This being my first fanfic ever, I lack experience, but I did the best I could with this story. I will gladly accept constructive criticism, but flames will be met with marshmallows.

...oh, and one more thing. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO'S WHO FOR BOTH SHOWS BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING. Considering that there are more than 7,000 fanfics for Teen Titans versus only about 5, at most 10, for Megas XLR, I say this mainly to make sure everyone who leaves a review are more or less equally familiar with both shows. That being said, be sure to go to to check the character bios for both shows (at least Megas XLR) to ensure you know who's who before reading, in case you already don't. Elsewise, this is to avoid any confusion along the way, at least in that area. Otherwise, get ready to see some fancy talking (don't worry, whenever the Titans speak, they'll do so in their own casual way). Also, if I sounded a bit angry when typing this, I apologize. I love both shows, but it's just that I feel not enough people know of such a great yet not-so-famous show that is Megas XLR which, in my opinion, surpasses Teen Titans in the action and humor departments (especially action) by a wide margin, even though this show lacks the Japanese touch typically present among most animes (Teen Titans involves better use of character and plot, though).

And now, without further ado, I now present to you readers:


Chapter 1: A new plan for world conquest

Deep in a secluded region of the solar system rests the severely-oversized headquarters of the Glorft known as the Glorft mothership. Warmaster Gorrath, leader of the Glorft, is busy...playing with a Game Boy Advance SP?

"Argh...annoying little brown things! This chubby mustached earther couldn't jump to save his life! Such is to be expected from primitive earther technology, unsurprisingly." Just then, he is called upon by his Commander.

"Warmaster! Sir! A moment of your time, if you will?" Gorrath quickly turned to his underling while hiding his new toy, but the Commander had already caught a glimpse of it.

"Ugh, this better be important, Commander! I was...busy planning my next assault on Earth."

"Heh, yeah right."

"What was that!" snapped Gorrath.

"AH, erm, uh, with your permission, sir, I have information to present to you which I'm confident you'll find quite useful," stated the Commander.

"For your sake, it better be," threatened the Glorftt leader. "Continue."

"If you'll be so kind as to turn your attention over to my console, I'll explain." The Commander pointed his superior towards his console and began accessing the data files containing the information he plans to present. "As of late, our research team has gathered information regarding this region of Earth known as Jump City." Upon saying this, the Commander displayed a map of the city on the monitor while zooming in on it. "In this area resides a group of five young earthers who each possess his or her own unique supernatural ability...except for one of them, technically. They call themselves the 'Teen Titans,' and their headquarters is located over here at this T-shaped tower."

"And what exactly is so unique about these earthers' abilities that you're suggesting are worthy of my attention?"

"Actually, what I'm about to tell you next, sir, is part of my main purpose for presenting this information to you. However, I will gladly fill you in on what you ask if you so choose. After all, your time is valuable." The Commander was about to snicker at the idea of his boss playing with a gadget from Earth, much less a Game Boy, but stifled himself in order to avoid a possible thrashing from him.

"Hmmm." The hot-headed dictator began thinking to himself. "Earthers with superpowers...and probably wearing cheap dimestore costumes to go with them, no less," thought Gorrath. "If these earthers' abilities prove useful, I can abduct them, use their powers to strengthen my army, and then I'd be one step closer towards world domination!" Grinning at the thought, the leader let his Commander proceed. "Very well then, Commander," he replied. "I'm feeling curious on this matter now."

With that, the underling accessed the files containing each of the Titans' data, with recorded video clips of them in action. How did the Glorft obtain them? Well, let's just say they have their ways. "The Teen Titans consist of the following," started the Commander. "Beast Boy: a small, green-skinned earther with the power to transform into any Earth animal."

"HA! As if any Earth creature could pose a threat to me!" remarked the pompous leader.

"Cyborg: a half-earther, half-mechanoid hybrid equipped with a powerful arsenal, among which includes a sonic cannon."

"BAH! Even my weakest mechs can subdue the likes of him effortlessly!" proclaimed the over-confident alien as he viewed a clip of Cyborg in action.

"Starfire: a Tamaranian girl who possesses herculean strength and the power to unleash green energy bolts that act as powerful explosives."

"Tamaran? That planet of weaklings? I'm not the least bit worried! As a matter of fact, Tamaran will be my next target in my goal for universal conquest once Earth has been dealt with, which will remain top priority until then," stated Gorrath. Even after his last comment he's already considering how he plans to invade Starfire's home planet, but with bitter memories of countless defeats from the pilot of his prototype floating around the back of his mind, Gorrath is determined to make him pay, and what better way to do so than by conquering his home world?

"Raven: a mysterious girl who uses dark energy to seize control of virtually any object for her to use as a weapon."

"I could care less if this one could uproot buildings! Just as much as her little friends, she's nothing my mechs cannot deal with."

"And last is Robin: the most experienced fighter and the team leader. This is the one without any superpowers, but compensates for it with his skillful use of an arsenal of multi-purpose weaponry."

Gorrath watches a clip of Robin and his skills at work. "Nothing but a male version of Kiva with toys. In a word, weakling!"

"Although these young earthers are no match for us individually, they are a force to be reckoned with when they work together as a team. Our data includes a time in which they managed to destroy a series of giant worm mechs powerful enough as well as large enough to rival even some of our own."

"The key word there is 'some,' Commander. As far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't take even so much as a small fraction of my army to dispose of these so-called 'Titans.' It's simply far from enough to warrant turning my focus on them rather than on the prototype." Although pleased to know that the Titans aren't a real threat to him, the impatient dictator also became disappointed to learn that they were far less capable than what he was hoping for in order for him to seize control of their abilities for the sake of strengthening his army. He then slammed his fist down on the Commander's console in anger, feeling that what he heard was an utter waste of his time. "So enough of these useless details, Commander, and get to your point!" he demanded.

"Very good, sir," he replied. "Continuing, further research reveals that there used to be a sixth member to the group: a young girl named Terra with the power to literally control the surface of Earth itself telepathically." The Commander presented a clip for his superior to view showing Terra's power at work.

"What's this? Direct control of Earth's structural integrity?" Gorrath was easily intrigued by the idea.

"That is correct, sir," replied the Commander.

"Now this is one ability that would undoubtedly prove beneficial to me," said Gorrath pleasingly. "If I were to have this girl in my possession, I could equip her with a specially-designed mind-control device to control her powers directly and then hook her up to a neural amplification device to increase the magnitude of her earth-moving abilities. I would easily be able to smash that pathetic little planet as easily as I would smash your face on a bad day!" said Gorrath confidently, looking at his Commander. "No one would be able to stop me, not even the prototype!" he exclaimed confidently.

"Ah, but sir," the Commander objected. "Although that is indeed possible, other steps must be taken first before that can happen."

"Elaborate, Commander."

"Several Earth-days ago, a volcanic eruption threatened to wipe out the entire Jump City region. Terra managed to put a stop to it and thus spared the city, but sacrificed herself in the process. Her remains can be found in statue-form in this cave area near the city limits," explained the Commander while providing a map of Jump City and a close-up of the cave on the monitor of his console.

"Is this your idea of a joke, Commander!" shouted Gorrath. "What use could I possibly find for a statue other than smashing your face with it for continuing to waste my time!"

"Please, sir. I only ask that you hear me out," pleaded the Commander. "Like I said, it is possible to carry out what you have in mind. Our development team already knows of this information and have proposed creating reverse-fossilization technology necessary to revert the girl back to living status. They should be able to put together a working prototype within a matter of Earth-hours. All the project needs is your approval, Warmaster."

"Very well then, Commander," decided the headmaster unhesitantly. "Tell my engineers to get to work on that reverse-fossilizer, and while they're at it tell them to make me a neural amplifier as well as a mind-control device designed for use on a common earther. Further orders will be issued as I see fit."

"More like unfit, if you ask me," said the Commander to himself.

"What was that!" asked Gorrath sharply.

"Uh, er, that is to say your orders are being carried out as we speak," replied the Commander, narrowly avoiding a thrashing from his leader.

"Good, and while I'm at it I must thank you for presenting this information to me along with a new plan of assault in the process. However, let's not forget your last failed plan which I chastised you for. As such, this new plan better go off without a hitch, or I'll have your joorblochs!"

"Yes, sir. By the way, would you like us to find you some games for your new handheld device when we get to Earth?"

"Why yes, I'm interested in this particular one that's-WHAT!" Angered by that last remark, Gorrath took his SP and pitched it at his underling, hitting him in the head and leaving a bruise upon impact. "Let that be a lesson, Commander," he responded, heading back to his throne. The Commander scratched his head, feeling as much his bruise as feeling he deserved it for not quitting while he was ahead. Noticing the SP on the floor beside his console, he picked it up and began to examine it.

"Hmmm. Not even a scratch. This thing is quite sturdy. Perhaps earther technology isn't as primitive as he suspects," he thought, taking a quick glimpse at his superior as he sat at his throne. He then turned his attention back to the SP in his hand. "Always have a backup plan," he decided, opening a transport hatch and sending the handheld to the research and development branch of the Glorftt mothership. He then secretly commanded the engineers there to study the design structure of it and to test its durability in order to find out as much as possible about it and to see how the useful engineering principles used to make it can also be used with their own technology. As he did this, the Warmaster thought to himself.

"Enjoy your final moments of freedom, earthers. It won't be long before your time of reckoning comes and I become the new supreme ruler of Earth and then the entire universe!" he thought, chuckling to himself which escalated into sinister laughter, loud enough to grab the attention of the other operatives in the same room.

I'd rather be stuck doing manual labor in the ship's engine room than put up with his corny laughing," one of them thought.

And now for the main theme song...for Megas XLR!

(cue hard-thrashing rock music)

Living here in Jersey

Fighting villains from afar

You gotta find first gear

In your giant robot-car





(show Coop pile-driving a Glorft mech with Megas)


(end hard-thrashing rock music)

And that's it for the first chapter! The Glorft's next plan for assault is now underway, and it looks like the Teen Titans will be having a few unwelcome guests coming to town. Have they got what it takes to deal with the Glorft? Coop has fought them many times already, but neither he nor his friends know what Gorrath is planning, and seeing is that the Glorft are packing serious heat in their mothership which is larger than multiple World-Trade-Center-sized buildings piled on top of each other, they may be the Titans' toughest foes yet! They'll have one heck of a fight ahead of them unless Megas shows up to lend a fist or two. And what does the Commander have in store for them that would involve a Game Boy Advance SP? Stay tuned to find out what happens next in chapter 2: Jump City gets jumped. See you then!

END NOTE: As I said earlier, I did the best I could with this story. Be sure to read and review to tell me what you think of it so far! (notice how I didn't abbreviate because I'm not lazy, lol) If I get at least five or so supporting reviews, I'll continue with the story. Also, if you have any good questions on the fic so far, be sure to include them in your reviews. It took me a bit to write this, so if enough people like my story, I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I can.