Pitch and Pink



(A.N.) Normally, I'm all about plot and action, but then I wrote a Teen Titans fic. This is a character driven story I guess... It is also a Yuri fic, meaning a couple-like relationship will develop between the females. Don't like? Then don't waste your time reading it. Flames get you-know-where fast with me. Criticism is welcome! Don't hold back.

Liberties have indeed been taken with the Jinx character. There just isn't much to go on with her cartoon adaptation, which seems to have little to do with the comic book version. In this fic she's a lot like the authoress Paineful's rendering in her story Challenge The World as I agree with her take on Jinx. Not because I'm lazy. (Hope she doesn't mind me plugging her story; I consider it a public service to mention such a great Jinx/Raven story!)

Thank my my beta reader Wabbit folks! It's the only way I can get her to do it for free ;)

(First person perspective for first chapter only.)

Chapter One

Ever wake one morning with this unexplainable...is desire the word? I think that will work. Well that's what happened to me a couple days ago. This crazy thought was tattooed to my brain. I just suddenly started wondering what she was really like – Raven, my enemy. Of course.

Half awake the thought followed me to the bathroom, to my wardrobe closet, and finally to the breakfast table. I must have been thinking on it pretty hard because my ex-teammates were looking at me funny. I just shrugged and they continued stuffing their faces. Good thing there wasn't an alien controlling my mind or noth'n! Sheesh!

So just what would it take to get the scoop on that girl? Could I look up her bio on the Internet or something? Of course not! Deep down, I knew I would not be satisfied with just knowing things about her anyway.

The final kick that got me moving was when I considered a career change. How all these new thoughts got into my skull I'll probably never know. I wondered what the real differences between the Hive and the "other side" might be. I even went into a crazy long-winded explanation for Gizmo and Mammoth, but I don't think they quite got me...

"You know sometimes I think those goodies got it better than we do. No running from the damn light. No secret bases that your enemies always find anyway. No worrying about scaring off your favorite rock stars when you go to their concerts..." I had rambled.

"What?" Gizmo asked me. Mammoth hadn't a clue either.

Knowing all along I was going to go through with it, I went on.

"When it all comes down to it, what are the real differences between them and us? Huh? I ask you!"

They just looked at me blankly.

"Well, I'm glad we had this talk guys. Thanks a bunch!" I said as I walked away from them for the last time.

"Maybe it's that time of the month," Gizmo comments to Mammoth. I let it go. I'll get him for that crack next time we meet. I know where I'm going.

So there I stood; at the foot of the Titan's Tower. Trepid? You betcha! But I wouldn't let them see that. Say...What does trepid mean anyway? Think I heard Raven say that the other day...

I hadn't even finished going over my plan in my head before I found them all around me. All of them were there, itching for a fight. Could you blame 'em?

"What are you doing here Jinx?" Robin barked at me. I'm facing him as he stands there with his arms crossed.

I don't know why but, whenever I get nervous, I smile. That only made them more edgy. Oh, well.

"Well..." I began, and was unable to stop myself from stealing a glace at the reason I came here. She was just as eager to take me out as the others. Don't know why I expected anything less.

"I've had a change of heart and now I need a new job." This floored Star, Cy and the green guy. Robin just glared harder, and Raven? Well, there was no change in her stony faced expression.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Beast Boy demanded.

"And we're supposed to just believe you? After all you've done?" Cyborg was grilling me.

I felt boxed in and was starting to think this probably wasn't such a good idea. I stole another glance at her and there was still nothing, but...Robin. Maybe its just tricks of memory, but sometimes I think that boy can read minds or something. I'm almost dead certain he caught me staring at her.

"I said I want the job," I pressed. My offer was good! There was no way I could take them all out so I figured, with little old me at such an obvious disadvantage, they would have to hear me out. Finally. I could feel them considering the possibility that I was telling the truth. All but Raven. Of course.

"Are you serious?" Robin asked, and with out warning he marched straight up to me and jutted his face in mine. He was staring into my eyes, maybe even my soul. You never know. Some people don't need super powers to do things like that. Apparently he found no threat in me—and there was none, thank you!—because he then said...

"You have one shot. Don't make me regret this."

I was shocked. His teammates were shocked. Even Raven betrayed her chronically stoic expression. Oooo! Look at me using all these big words!

The funny thing is that that very day, I managed to make serious head way on that whole trust-gaining thing with all of the Titans but one: Raven. Of course!