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In her quiet small room Jinx sat at her little desk with the eraser end of a pencil to the bottom of her lip. Her expression reflected deep thought. Scribbled on a piece of paper in front of her was a hand drawn map of the city. A couple of names were on the side with X's written on them.

"Wow...this is tough," Jinx started to pout. She wanted to plan her date with Raven so that it would be meaningful and different from any other. The weight of their own personalities was enough to make any encounter lively, but she wanted insurance. Tonight had to be special.

"Red Lobster? No. Ice-skating? Gah!"

Sure she could binge on places she knew Raven would probably like, but that seemed cheap to Jinx. She wanted to orchestrate an original, memorable evening. She wanted to anyway.

"Giving up," Jinx said, resting her head on the desk. Her mind wandered.

'I can't believe she's almost mine! She really is the coolest person I've ever met. And she was on the other side. So deep, dark, and forbidden. How did the mistress of bad luck get so lucky? She's like a treasure that was hidden in the open. She should have found someone by now...well, she kinda did, but he screwed up and now she's going to be all mine! Uh oh." Jinx said rubbing her stomach. Excitement mingled with unease in her core. 'Getting that butterfly effect. Maybe I can kill them with some Cool Aid...'

Her eyes fell back on the list. What exactly was she going to do with Raven now that she had secured some of the girl's attention and free time?

"I'll think of something," she promised, "But right now I'm so high I can hear heaven! But heaven. No Heaven don't hear me!" she began to sing. "And they say that a hero will save us. I'm not going to stand here and waiiiiiiit!"

Raven lay flat on her bed starring at the ceiling, but not seeing it at all. She was thinking about Jinx. How could she think of anything else? Did she really mean what she said? Was she really considering dating another female? And a teammate. And a teammate that is Jinx?

'Kinda late to be having second thoughts, isn't it?' she asked herself. Her hood was up. She usually wore it to gain distance while interacting with others. Now she may have wanted distance from the winds of change that were howling at her psyche. As much as she liked to think she was cool, calm and above it all, the idea of calling herself a lesbian still mildly stung her confidence.

"Still...she deserves a trial and I'm not going back on my word. I'll give it a try. It's not like we're hurting anyone."

At ten to nine Jinx cautiously crept out of her room. She looked down the hall and was relieved to find it vacant. Sighing, she strolled towards the living area. She had spent most of the day in her room formulating her plans for tonight and getting ready. She also didn't think it would be wise to see Raven. Somehow it seemed to her that it would spoil the mood. There was only one more thing to take care of: funds.

"Well look what we have here!" Cyborg's voice boomed, scaring the girl nearly half to death. He and Beast Boy walked up behind her.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy whistled, "Our base has been invaded and the culprit is good looking for once."

The boys circled Jinx eyeing up her outfit with appreciation. Jinx's petite build was accentuated by a one piece, long sleeved, black and pink dress, the back end of which came to a stop at the back of her knees. The front was a little shorter and ended half way up her thighs. A pink swath ran down the front. With this she wore her normal boots but the purple and black socks were missing.

Jinx fought back a blush.

"Hey B, you seen Jinx lately?" Cyborg said, elbowing Beast Boy and winking at him.

"Nope. Haven't seen her all day," Beast Boy said, playing along, "How about you lady? She kinda looks like you, but you're a bit cuter,"

"Guys! Jinx was completely flustered by the attention. "Cut it out! You're making me feel like a...a-"

"A girl?" Cyborg asked with a big grin.

"Yeah. One of those."

"Well exuuuuuuuuse us! Didn't mean to commit such a heinous act!" Cyborg shouted. He and Beast Boy began to giggle. Jinx failed to stop her self from smiling. That made them worse. Damnation.

"So who's the lucky guy? Anyone we know?" Beast Boy asked. Jinx looked reluctant to answer. So obviously Raven hadn't told them. Should she?

"Um...yes actually. But I want it to be a surprise." Jinx told them. They looked very interested now. "Speaking of my date..." Jinx said. "Can I borrow a few bucks?" The boys both gained disapproving looks.

"Did I say something wrong?" Jinx asked them.

"What kind of guy doesn't pay for his girl?" Cyborg growled. The very idea seemed to have him in an uproar.

"! It's not like that eh...I just wanna have something in case something goes wrong, ya know?" Jinx said quickly.

"Oh..." Cyborg said. His mood changed instantly. He produced some cash from a slot on the side of his metallic thigh.

"Thanks a bunch!" Jinx exclaimed taking the money from his waiting hand. "You know I'll give it back to you."

"You ready?" Raven's voice entered the room. They all turned to her to find that she wasn't in her normal apparel either.

She wore a blue sleeveless gown that was floor length in the front and back, but cut leaving the sides of her legs exposed up to the hip. The hood and cape were missing and blue arm warmers covered all but her shoulders and fingers.

Jinx and the boys were tongue-tied.

"If these pretty people have come to kill us we can now die happy," Cyborg said. Jinx's elbow caught him in the side. He smiled cheekily.

"You look good," Jinx said fighting for control of her voice as she approached Raven.

"I know," Raven said truthfully. "Thanks. You look nice too."

Jinx swallowed. Those damn butterflies were wreaking havoc on her insides. How could pretty bugs be so violent?

Jinx moved towards the door, opened it and held it for Raven. Raven passed through and Jinx followed.

"Later guys!" Jinx called back to them as the door shut.

Cyborg and Beast Boy stared at the space the girls had been standing in blankly for nearly two minutes.

"Oooooooooh!" Cyborg said. Apparently he had realized something. "I see. So they have a double date! For a minute there it looked like-"

"Yeah. Yeah. I know what 'ya mean." Beast Boy said, mind weighed down by previous thoughts that seemed inconceivable. He then laughed at the stupidity of it. Jinx and Raven? Riiiiiiiight.

"But that'd be dumb, right?" Cyborg said, looking at Beast Boy.

"Of course. Raven already has that Charlie guy and both of them are just so not…uh...ya' know what I mean?" Beast Boy added.

"Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Though...Jinx said she was going out with someone we knew. I wonder who...?" Cyborg began to think.

"Where are we going?" Raven's cool voice stung the silence that rested between the girls as Jinx steered the jeep down the quite streets.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Jinx quipped. She couldn't stop herself from grinning. Those butterflies hadn't died but so far they weren't hindering her performance too much. She was relieved to find that she wasn't struggling to make simple conversation.

"Are you telling me to read your mind?" Raven asked.

Jinx giggled nervously, "Suuuuuure. Give me a chance to change my mental subject though."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Raven asked looking at her.

"Uh...You look very pretty tonight!" Jinx said too quickly with a guilty smirk that said more than her words.

"You're as bad as a guy," Raven scoffed.

"It's not the only thing on my mind!" she said, her cheeks becoming as red as the streetlight she was starring at. She could imagine the butterflies doing cartwheels on a trampoline in her stomach now.

"So what else goes on in there?" Raven asked her.

"Um..." Jinx started. Jinx found that most of her thoughts did indeed focus on Raven. Nothing else that came to mind at the moment would likely be of interest to her date. But why let that stop her? "What will we do if Robin runs out of fancy lines to say at the beginning of battles? Are Titan's East ever going to get their own theme song? Do you think Brother Blood has a thing for Cyborg? I mean he's always obsessing over him. Could Superman take Slade in a fight?"

Raven, as was becoming common, found herself amused but without answers. She fought back a grin and lowered her head. Jinx considered this a victory.

"No one gets to you quite like I do, do they?" Jinx asked her.

"I plead the fifth. I really don't want to encourage you," Raven began.

"Ravy, Ravy Ravy," Jinx tsked, "I can see through most of your double talk now. When you say 'no comment' it means you agree!"

Raven considered this for a moment and then uttered a curse. Jinx laughed.


"You ever play pool before?" Jinx asked Raven. She was waiting for her to accept the stick as the two stood near the game table.

"No ... But I assume I won't be able to say that after tonight?" Raven said, taking the stick. She looked at it blankly. She did not look like she was planning to enjoy herself. Jinx was accustomed to this. The only thing that bothered her was that she felt like there was more on the line this time.

'Just like I always do it,' Jinx encouraged herself. She had got Raven to enjoy herself in the most unlikely of ways and places in the past. She intended to do it again.

"There's an old dating cliché where the guy stands behind the girl and shows her how to shoot. You wanna give it a try?" Jinx teased Raven.

"Sure," Raven said eyeing Jinx levelly. Jinx nearly choked on the air she was breathing. She had not expected such a response. "Didn't bite off more than you can chew did you?" Raven taunted her. Jinx reacted and moved behind Raven. Fighting back her agitation, she wrapped her arms around Raven and helped her position the stick. Raven was grinning, but it was at Jinx's awkwardness. How cruel! But part of Jinx responded to this. She began to wonder if she could turn the tables on Raven. Worth a shot.

"Now just pull back," Jinx whispered in Raven's ear, in what she thought was a breathy murmur, as she moved Raven's hand and the stick. No. The other girl didn't flinch. Not even when Jinx tightened her grip around Raven's lithe body. Jinx shot her hand, with Raven's, forward smiting the white ball and set off a chain reaction as the triangle of objects on the other end of the table came. The formation came undone. None of the balls were pocketed. Jinx wasn't paying attention. Her cheek was nearly against Raven's. The sent of White Diamond was drowning her senses.

"Earth to Jinx. I think it's your turn. You can let go of me now," Raven's voice broke the hypnotic hold she had on the other girl.

"Eh..." Jinx shook her head letting go of Raven. The game continued. Raven let Jinx "help" her make a couple more shots but they were to no avail. Jinx beat Raven in only five turns.

"Whoopie! What I win?" Jinx hooted after she sunk the last ball.

"An audience of perverts," Raven said, looking around at the group of males who had been watching from the sidelines. Jinx took note of them and realized that they had probably been watching since she practically groped Raven at the start of their game.

"Ah. The devil's favorite food? What good is that to me?" Jinx said, eyeing them with a sadistic grin.

"You could take them with you when you die," Raven said.

"You're supposed to be on my side!" Jinx told Raven.

"In either case, I don't think I like this scenery anymore."

"All righty," Jinx said, looking at her watch, "Let's get going then."

Jinx led Raven outside and down several blocks. It occurred to Raven that Jinx had the night all planned out. Raven found herself brightening inside at the idea of Jinx going through all this trouble for her.

As they tracked down Jump city's art district packed in close with college students Raven began to hear music. They were approaching a crowd that was forming around a stage in the middle of the exceptionally large sidewalk. Apparently this sort of thing happened a lot.

'Great. Rock music.' Raven thought glumly.

"Just one song," Jinx promised Raven. They stood two yards from the stage for fifteen minutes as the local band finished checking their instruments. After an introduction they began to play. The first song started off with a haunting melody, then the drums gave it a building, suspenseful feel that continued when the lead singer opened his mouth and for the rest of the song.

"I see a red door and I want it painted black

No colors anymore I want them to turn black

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars and they're all painted black

With flowers and my love both never to come back."

Raven looked at Jinx. The other girl smiled innocently. Raven turned back to the band and found that the lead singer was looking directly at Jinx.

"I see people turn their heads and quickly look away

Like a new born baby it just happens ev'ry day

I look inside myself and see my heart is black

Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts

It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

"I wanna see the sun... blotted out from the sky

I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black


Silly song. Stupid song! But it was for her. Jinx had gotten them to play it in her honor. It wasn't a ballot of misery despite its lyrics. It had an upbeat hook. It was dark humor. Raven felt... something. The best word she could think of to describe it was warmth. She thought her face might be glowing. As the song ended Jinx took Raven's hand and lead her towards the next destination.

Through an alley and on the next street, Raven was led into a small restaurant. Not much later they were seated and their orders were being prepared.

"Enjoying yourself so far?" Jinx asked. Raven was silent for a moment.

"Yes," she uttered. What else could she do? It was true!

"Really?" Jinx seemed as surprised as Raven was.

"Strange but true," Raven told her. The song was still playing in the back of her mind. She considered it a complement. Only someone who knew her well would be able to come up with that.

"What's so strange about liking hanging out with me?" Jinx feigned offense.

"Well, I didn't think I'd like it. But I do," Raven said. Sincerity filled her irises when she looked at Jinx.

"Well t-then everything's going according to plan," Jinx said, stammering and shifting in place. Raven didn't miss this of course.

"You don't look as though you've got everything under control," Raven teased her, "You're fidgeting like a fish in a net."

"How can I help it? You keep looking at me like I'm a Hot Fudge Sunday or something!" Jinx said.

Raven frowned. "I would not look warmly at a half pint of sugar, milk and toxins," Jinx grinned in response and Raven returned it. The waiter then returned with their food.



"That kid with the Pac-Man shirt?"



"You crazy?"


"That was your first guess, remember?" Cyborg said. He then stood up and turned off the TV.

"Well dude. I don't know," Beast Boy said standing and yawning. "She said it was somebody we know, so we've probably said his name about forty times already. He probably sneezed himself to death. Poor Jinx." Beast Boy laughed.

Cyborg shook his head and walked into one of his favorite parts of any home. The kitchen.

"I'm late for my second lunch. I better hurry up because it's almost time for my first dinner!" Cyborg said.

"Great. Now I get to watch you drain half of our food supply instead of something interesting." Beast Boy sighed.

"Well. I think it's interesting." Cyborg mumbled, "I mean, Cyborg versus this left over turkey!" the machine man said snatching a tray from the fridge. "What will happen? Can he handle it?"

"Dude. I can't watch. Meat is wrong! Would you eat me if you got hungry enough? Huh?"

"Nah. You'd complain all the way down." Cyborg said and started laughing.

"May the spirit of that poor bird haunt your dreams," Beast Boy cursed, crossing his arms and looking away.

"So...then I'd have like another short, weak, ugly, thing annoying the hell out of me besides you?" Cyborg returned. Beast Boy glared at him while thinking of his comeback. It was going to be a good one too. A damn good one. So good it would-

"Titans. Trouble!" Robin shouted coming into the room. Starfire flew in after him.

"Saved by the bell dude," Beast Boy told Cyborg.

"I'm so sure." Cyborg said, downing a chunk of turkey and turning to Robin and Starfire.

"Where's Raven and Jinx?" Robin asked them. Cyborg and Beast Boy's first reaction was to simply look at each other.

Raven and Jinx walked away from the restaurant in blissful silence. Just as their communicators alerted them that they were needed, an eardrum splitting crash was heard. They looked around and only found panicked people, but no one seemed to know what the danger was.

"Raven! Jinx!" Robin's voice blasted from their communicators, "There's trouble-"

'No! Not the 'T' word!' Jinx thought.

"I think we've found it. Or vice versa." Raven said calmly as Cinderblock came into view one block down. He was caring a bus on his shoulders. Jinx looked upon the fiend with disfavor.

"Looks like we've got work to do," Raven said, raising several feet into the air and flying for the stone giant. Jinx glared at Cinderblock. He was ruining her evening! Things had been going perfectly until he showed up. But Raven didn't seem too broken up about his intervention.

A number of objects were covered in Raven's influence and then used as projectiles by the teen. They all hit their target, but didn't seem to have any effect. Raven next lifted large parts of the ground under his feet. They came crashing down on him soon after. Again. Little effect. The monster only growled and tossed pieces of the rubble back at Raven. As she began to dodge them he charged for her.

Jinx walked towards the conflict feeling no empathy for the frightened people running frantically about, but annoyance. Annoyance of the highest caliber. She found herself hoping Raven's incredible powers would take him out quickly, but of course that was not to be. And just what was his deal anyway? Why was he attacking buses? Some half-ed plot by some would-be-mega-boss that was controlling him no doubt.

Jinx soon launched her own attack, but her heart wasn't in it. When she leapt off a car and kicked him in the side of the head he wasn't defeated and she was only irritated by this fact as she dodged the flying fist that was aimed at her. When she threw her bright pink Hex Bolts causing streetlights to fall on him and he only shrugged she was boiling hot. She didn't make an effort to safely approach the problem. She just rushed the one-ton villain head on as if she were the same size as him. She wanted him gone. She wanted to continue her date. She wanted to kill him if she had too.

Jinx was now recklessly dashing for Cinderblock when she was whisked out of his striking range by a wall of black energy. When it was gone Jinx was face to face with Raven. She looked disappointed.

"What are you doing?" Raven demanded. On instinct Jinx tried to retract her feelings. Cover them. Starbolts were now raining down on Ciderblock. Down the street the T-car could be seen storming up towards them. Soon the other Titan's were engaging Cinderblock in battle. Jinx turned to go back to the battle. Raven wanted to question her more but now wasn't the time.

Even with the help of the other Titan's the battle waged on for another thirty minutes. They just couldn't seem to do enough damage to incapacitate the super heavy villain. Jinx fell to the street floor for the fifth time by her count. She was sick of this. She didn't want to be a super hero right now! And her poor dress. It was tattered. Thank Karma she had thought to wear shorts under it or else she would be giving the spectators a thrill that had nothing to do with super powered figures duking it out.

Jinx slowly rose to her feet. Her anger mingled with her Hex power. A cloud of energy developed around her. Its force was so strong that she had to power walk towards Cinderblock. The other Titan's didn't notice until a second before a large sphere of pink energy was sent hurtling for CinderBlock. Once it hit its mark, the giant slipped and fell into the corner of a building. Several parked cars on a hill suddenly rolled towards him. Most smashed into him while a couple others hit the other corner of the building. Soon it collapsed on top of him.

The other Titan's watched speechlessly. Looking from the rubble, to Jinx, and back at the rubble. This time Cinderblock didn't get up again.

"Um...good job." Robin said to Jinx. Raven had the same disapproving expression she had before. Jinx was in trouble again.

"It just occurred to me..." Beast Boy said busy with his own thoughts and not picking up on the tension. "Where are your guys' dates? I can understand if Charlie was laying low but isn't yours a hero?" Beast Boy directed his question to Jinx.

"Um..." Jinx said looking to Raven for guidance.

"Just tell them," Raven said flatly.

"My date is right there," Jinx said, pointing at Raven but not meeting the gaze of her friends. Robin smiled approvingly. He already had figured as much once Cyborg and Beast Boy told him of the girls' departure, but he was still pleased to hear it from Jinx herself.

"WHAT!" Cyborg and Beast Boy said at the same time. Starfire was also in shock but not nearly as bad as the boys.

Raven crossed her arms and glared back at them. Her expression almost held challenge.

Starfire's shock soon gave way to overwhelming happiness.

"This is true? I am so happy for my friends!" Starfire said hugging Jinx.

"Ah! Star! Stop! She might get jealous," Jinx yelped.

"Oh! Forgive me!" Starfire said, releasing Jinx.

"Wishful thinking on Jinx's part," Raven quipped, "I'd much like to continue our date now. Give the boys some time to get adjusted to the news while we're at it," Raven said. Cyborg and Beast Boy were still frozen on the spot with their jaws hanging like hinges. "They must want to catch flies," Raven said and walked away from them.

"Don't do that again," Raven said to Jinx once they were alone again. They were now entering the park. It was vacant, silent and in Raven's own opinion, beautiful. Every leafless tree was a lattice with its branch work framed by a star filled sky. The path they were on was illuminated only by old-fashioned lanterns.

"Do what?" Jinx asked, not liking this teacher student feeling she was getting.

"Put your needs before your duty," Raven said, stopping and facing her friend.

"What are you-" Jinx began.

"I saw it Jinx. All you wanted to do was take Cinderblock out. That may make you more effective, but it's not worth it."

Jinx held a betrayed look but soon realized it was true. She had put her needs before everyone else like some kind of selfish...criminal. Some reformed villain she was turning out to be. The truth made her sick. Was she really this self-serving? Could she really call herself a hero now? What if Raven never existed? Would she ever have changed sides? She felt awfully hollow now.

"Sorry..." she muttered looking away but didn't think it would be enough. It was hard to know exactly what would appease Raven.

"Hey," Raven said, moving so she could get a better look at Jinx's face. "It happens to all of us from time to time. Even Robin. Just be more careful next time, all right?"

"Really?" Jinx asked, trying to imagine this flaw Raven spoke of in their great leader.

"Yes. But lets not talk about that now."

"Ok," Jinx said, "So what do you want to talk about?"

"Let's just talk." Raven said. And so they did. They eventually ended up on their backs next to a lake. It was light and casual conversation about people and the meaning of existence.

A sudden silence overcame them. Not an uncomfortable silence, but one of commune. A breeze stirred the trees in the distance. Jinx shivered and could hear Raven do the same.

"Ravyyyyyy?" Jinx began in a coy tone Raven was all too familiar with.

"What?" Raven said, keeping her voice even out of habit.

"Are you the cuddly type?"

Raven was silent for moment before she said, "No. Why do you ask?"

"I'm cold."


"So help me."


"I don't even believe you," Jinx said, sitting up and crawling towards Raven to pear down on the object of her affections, "You look damn cuddly to me."

"You're sick," Raven said.

"Nuh ah. I'm as happy as a kitten after cat nip she was sippin'," Jinx sang.

"How romantic."

"Make room or your darling will freeze!" Jinx said, lying down next to Raven and throwing an arm around her, "And yes, my darling, I do mean me." Raven snorted and began to say something. "Ah!" Jinx cut her off. Silence again. Jinx contently rested her head against Raven's neck, relieved that the other girl didn't shove her off.

"I see a line of cars and they are all painted black. With flowers and my love both never to come back."

Jinx took a moment to realize it, but that was Raven's voice singing these words.

"No longer will my sea go turn a deeper blue. I could not foresee this thing happening to you. I want to see it painted black."

"And pitch," Jinx added without moving her head. Humor was caked into her tone. How could she help it? Raven was singing!

"And pink," Raven said. Jinx giggled.

"Jinx, I need you to tell me something," Raven said.


"Why me?"

Jinx was bewildered by the question. She was being asked to reveal herself and she didn't think she could. Her own thoughts sounded silly to her. She was sure Raven would laugh.

"I knew you were modest Raven, but now I'm thinking you're a psycho-phant." Jinx hopped she could change the subject but part of her knew Raven would not relent.

"The word you're thinking of is sycophant and I'm not fishing for complements. I just want to hear it from you. Why?" Raven said.

Jinx swallowed and gathered her thoughts.

"Well...You're pretty. Very pretty. You're funny," she paused. When would it be enough? She could go on forever. Raven was silent so she went on, " And really sweet. Not in the obvious ways. Ya know? Underneath it all."

Raven remained silent as she took this in. That warm feeling had come back and it was building. Like an avalanche. She really hadn't expected Jinx's words to affect her as much as they did. She had wanted details, reasons, but then again these were about a person's feelings. She should have expected as much. After a moment Jinx spoke.

"It's my turn to ask a question," Jinx declared, propping herself up on an elbow to look down on Raven. Raven's eyes were counting stars.

"Go ahead," Raven responded.

"You were always cooped up in your room when I showed up. I'm sure it was the same before I came. You ever get lonely Raven?"

"Sometimes..." Raven told her.

"Well...I'll never leave you alone," Jinx lying down again and tightening her hold on her friend, "Not even if you want me too." Jinx snickered. She once again buried her face in Raven's neck. Raven's heart seemed to kick her at that moment. This silly girl said the strangest things, but she understood them and almost always found amusement in them. Truth and comfort were also there. Raven could feel it now more than ever. She really could tell Jinx anything.

Raven had come to a conclusion. All the bubbling feelings she had been experiencing had a name. A short four lettered name. This girl conjured up things she always knew were in her but rarely found reason to express. She was in love with Jinx. She was no stranger to the concept of love. She had read about it countless times. Had thought she found it once even. Had believed in pairings possibly stranger than her and this girl. Now she was sure she had found it.

"Jinx," Raven said. The other girl looked like she had fallen asleep. "Jinx," Raven called again, shaking the shoulder Jinx's head was resting on.

"Hmm?" She asked looking into Raven's eyes with her own half lidded. Raven stared back at them and felt for the first time apprehension. There was a whole other world behind them. A person with her own history that had somehow led her to Raven. And now she would ask Jinx to reserve herself for her. "I have something to tell you"

"I'm all ears."

"I-..." Raven paused finding the words odd. How strange. She forced them out so she could be done with it, "I do love you." Jinx was surprised. She swallowed and repeated the words in her mind unable to pry her eyes from Raven's lips. Had those words really left the girl's mouth?

"You love me?" Jinx asked her.

"Yeah...I do." Raven said with growing confidence. Jinx's eyes shown brighter than they ever had. Something more enchanting then any magic Raven had ever seen. This girl really was in love with her.

"Why?" Jinx suddenly asked. Raven was instantly reminded that she had asked Jinx the same thing only moments ago. She collected her thoughts and began to speak when a strange sensation overcame her. Her response was muffled due to the fact that there was another person's tongue in her mouth. It brushed against her own and ran along her teeth. She was paralyzed by the tingling that was left on her lips once it was removed seconds later but it seemed a lot longer. She thought time might have stopped as she could clearly remember ever detail of the unexpected gesture of affection. Jinx was looking down at her smugly.

"So what's it feel like Ravy? Being in love, I mean. Does it make you feel like toasted marshmallows inside?" Jinx asked her.

Raven was still speechless. Slowly her face became the confident one Jinx knew all to well.

"Feels like you just slipped and gave me an edge," Raven said. Jinx cocked her head slightly wondering what she meant. "Now I know how to shut you up," Raven said, pulling her love down to kiss her again. This time it lasted until they were breathless Jinx collapsed in the embrace of the sorceress and rested her head against her chest.

"You wish to spend your existence with me?" Raven asked her.

"Absolutely," Jinx said.

"Then I wish the same from you," Raven said.

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