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Chapter 8

"I'm a Lover, and a Fighter"

"When there's trouble you know what to do.
Call Cyborg!
He can shoot a rocket from his shoe!
'Cause he's Cyborg!
To the tune of something like that!
Na na na na big fluffy cat.
That's right!"

- Cyborg

Hmph, okay! I'll admit it!

Er I'm probably not that super duper, totally hip, mega suave guy I always say that I am. Honestly ya'll probably think of me as an over the top, loud mouthed, meat loving, psycho thinking, avid video gaming crazed loony don't you?

Heh, sure ya do! And that's fine by me. I have come to terms with all that stuff now. I am a new Cyborg so to speak! Cyborg 2.0 ya'll! I will accept myself for who I am and be as proud as I am loud! Well that is just as long as you all think I'm a totally cute and adorable loony that kicks major ass! And that's exactly what I'm gonna do with Blood when I get my hands on him! Oh yeah that's a promise!


Screeching stop! Pop that door open! And alright baby! We're here!

(Cue corny Barney type music)

'We're here, we're here, we're here! We're here at that damn pier! I'm gonna go save my Jinxy dear, and we're gonna go drink root beer! YA HEAR?'

Like I said, I'm totally ready! This half-droid is tired of getting trampled over and I am so ready to show Blood never to mess with the Teen Titans ever again! Woohoo! Are ya with me kids!

(Sweat drop)

Huh, my optimism is a little bit creepy isn't it? Fine it's BS.

Okay ya'll so I am a bit scared. That isn't too out of the question right? I mean don't get me wrong! I'm not scared for myself. It's okay with me if 'my' life is in danger. I can take that pretty well without a doubt. But these are my friends' lives on the line, not to mention the girl's life I'm so damn crazy about either. I can't fail them!

On the bright side I do have a plan though! And like always my plans do completely rule! But uh at this particular time, I'm not too sure.

Gah! I seriously don't know if this plan is gonna even have the slightest chance of working really. Everything has to go so perfectly. And TRUST ME after years and years of living through this crazy thing we call life, I have come to realize that things NEVER GO perfectly! But I guess I have to try, I mean that's all I can do. I owe my friend that much. I need to give it my best shot. And for my 'homies', that's exactly what I'm gonna do. If I'm going down I'm going down swinging for the fences baby! I'm gonna make like a Nike commercial and 'Do it! Just do it!'

Okay ya'll here goes!

With a one deep breath I busted through the warehouse door with my super human might!


Did I mention 'I am strong like bull'? Heh, I think it's time to let my presence be known.

"Yo Blood! Your favorite super hero is in the house baby!" My voice echoed. Woohoo! I am so ready to kick bad guy butt!

To my surprise there was no answer. Hmm maybe we should try a different approach?

"Blood, I'm here now. You can come out come out wherever you are."

Still no answer eh? Darn. Okay let's try another tactic.

"Ooooh, Lucy I'm home!"


"Ollie ollie oxen free?"


"Simon says get your old decrepit butt out here?"

Okay do I have the right warehouse? Let's see address says…

"Hello Cyborg,"


Well I'll be damned. That answers my question doesn't it?

I turned with my signature 'tough guy' look and there were two red glowing eyes glaring right at me. Sure it was pitch dark, but I ain't no fool. I knew who this was! Ya'll do too! Keep it tough Cy! Keep it tough! Fierce gaze! Grrr!

"Hey there Blood. How was the soap opera? Cried like a baby didn't you?"

"Enough of the 'pleasantries'," He scowled. "Did you bring my ion amplifier?"

I laughed. "Man, do you desperately need a new hair do?"

Suddenly the lights flashed on blinding the hell outta me. I rubbed my one human eye it was that bright!

"Open your eyes and see if you're still in a joking mood Cyborg."

I'm going to have to open my eyes huh? Darn!

I slowly crept my eye open and there they were. All my friends trapped in tube like containers wrapped in that red rope that I saw earlier. I stood like a statue pondering my next move. Hmm, something tells me these aren't your regular ol 'Home Depot' ropes either, just a hunch. By the way sheesh! BB, Rae, Star, Rob are still out cold? I wonder what Blood gave them. Must've been some strong stuff! Extra strength Nyquil maybe? Nah, probably a good bonk on the head huh? Grr, this guy is so gonna get it!

"So, I see that you brought my project." He grinned. "You were always a loyal one weren't you?"

"Oh shut-"

"Uh uh uh." He wagged his finger. "You don't want me to get angry and make me take it out on your friends now do you?"

I sighed as one of his many purple hooded cronies walked up to me with hands extended like I was some kind of Santa Clause. I looked at Blood as he just nodded at me with that confident yet annoying swagger all these bad guys 'supposedly' have. I reluctantly put the ion amplifier in that crony's hands. I hac no choice, gah! It sucks when you have no control over the situation eh? Sure does people, sure does.

That hooded crony that I so wanted to smack up top the head brought the amplifier over to Blood and he smiled. In his usual 'confident' motion he grabbed it and inspected it with those beady eyes of his.

"Amazing, not a dent on it. I appreciate the care you put into this. I think you deserve a reward." He spoke to me as if I was some dog. Yep, not a 'dawg' but a dog!

"Bring me Jinx." He muttered.

I slowly took a glance to the left and two of his servants brought Jinx who was bounded by her wrists and feet. She was awake though and she looked at me with those pink eyes of hers with concern. Heh, no concern on this half-borg's face, I was just glad she was okay. But apparently someone thinks I 'should' be conscerned.

"Vic run! It's a trap!" She yelled towards me. Hmm a trap? Well duh Jinxy! I really love this girl but seriously, sometimes she just states the total obvious.

"Don't worry baby! I got everything under control." I answered.

Blood began to laugh at me and I only rolled my one good eye in boredom. "Okay Blood I don't have all night okay? I just wanna get my friends back and leave. Is that too much to ask?"

Blood shook his head. "Alright enough drivel! I believe it is time for the moment of truth." He smiled. "This is where we find out if the all-mighty Cyborg is truly the 'hero' this city makes him out to be."

Heh, am I a true hero? Am I a true hero? Hah! What kind of dumb ass question is that? Er… wait, I am a true hero right guys?

(Reluctant Nods)

Whew, (Sigh of relief) Thank you!

"Give me your best shot Blood. I am so ready!"

"We'll see about that." He then pulled something out of that totally un-cool robe of his. I glared on that 'something' pretty cautiously. Apparently it was some sort of remote controller. Whoa, someone actually wants to actually mimic 'Control Freak'? Oh god, I mean seriously here, another 'killer' T.V. remote 'guy'? That totally strikes fear into the hearts of millions doesn't it?

"Cyborg you are one impressive work of technology." He shrugged. "If your human side wasn't so delusional and idiotic maybe just maybe you'd be unstoppable."

"Sorry to disappoint you." I replied sarcastically.

He chuckled. "Heh, no worries my former student, schools in session and I just want you to meet the 'you' that could have been. Live and learn my child. Live and learn."

With a press of a button the floor began to shake. I tried to keep balance and I'll admit, I was doing pretty well with the anti-shock pads installed in my knees. But uh, that was only the case until I saw a huge hand explode from the ground below and grab onto my leg.

"Oh boy,"

Suddenly I was sent soaring like a Barry Bonds homerun ball smoked to center field. I flew and flew and flew, finally colliding into a nearby wall, making a pretty good dent into the steel divider. I fell like a limp sack of potatoes and started to feel a bit 'woozy'. Yes ya'll! I busted out the words 'woozy'. Man that toss musta really hurt huh?

I slowly got up and grimaced as I took a peak over towards my hurler. I kinda dropped my jaw as there 'it' stood in front of me all pumped up to the max.

Yep 'it'.

All ten feet and (insert large number here) tons of 'it'.

It was an android. Looked sort of like me I guess except its 'skin' was a blood red and it had cybernetic wiring all over its metallic body like a computer chip would. Also unlike me it was completely robotic and had these pretty cool glowing yellow eyes. Pretty sweet looking! Too bad I'm getting the feeling that I'm gonna have to rip this thing apart.

"Well Cyborg I want you to meet your superior 'self'." He smirked. "This is Cyberion." Cyberion huh? Whoa, nice name.

"Hah, tough name you gave him. I'm almost scared." I cocked my arm cannon for a blast. "Well let's see how tough you really are big man."

I let my sonic blast rip through the air and it slammed into that gigantic red piece of trash with full force. The thing stuttered back a bit but to my chagrin it still stood strong. My sensors say no 'real' damage done. Um, oookay.

"Alrighty then, you're pretty tough." I muttered.

"Vic get out of here!" Jinx yelled out to me. Blood laughed and then grabbed my Jinx by her hair and placed his hand over her mouth. All I could hear her muffled screams. OH THAT GUY IS SO GONNA PAY!


He chuckled. "Why are you looking over here Cyborg? Don't you have 'bigger' problems?"

Oh… right. Gah, too late Cyborg, too late.

"OW!" I yelled as Blood's walking T-Rex of a robot just drilled me with a noggin bumpin' backhand. My big metallic butt went crashing into nearby crates making all the booms and crashes anyone could ever wish for. I tossed off some of the wreckage, shook my head, and scowled as I picked myself up again. Blood's robo dweeb was waiting for me and it reared back for another punch. But this time I saw it coming people! I am smart like that!

So before it could attack I extended my fist and sent a rocket straight towards its head. The red face with those bad ass eyes received an indent as my missile just rocked its world. My rocket fist retracted while Cyberiobutt or whatever his name was began to reel back as I started to pick him off with even more pinpoint shots of my sonic cannon. Just like a videogame ya'll. Just like a videogame!

I took a glance over at Blood who was still laughing. "Admirable Cyborg, I thought you'd be dead by now." He said it while playfully dangling my Jinx in front of me. Damn she has to break free!

"Jinx, can't you do that cool hex stuff on him or something? Get out of his grasp!"

"I… I can't," She groaned as she struggled in the ropes. "These ropes nullify my powers."

" . . . "

Wha? Ropes can do that now? Gah! Damn technology! Such a waste of time! If we didn't have that crap in our lives we'd all be off for the better! Wait. That technology is keeping me alive isn't it? Hehe oops! My bad.

I heard Cyberion getting up again and I turned. Suddenly I was in for a 'treat'. His arm opened, buzzed, and hummed just like mine, forming its own wannabe cannon. Cept his was quite bigger actually. But we all know what they say about people who like 'big' guns eh? (Bad Duc Chish)

I extended my hand and gave him another piece of my sonic powah! He replied by firing his own. Wannabe! Grr! This guy can't beat me! Not with my own moves! I am the master of disaster! My sonic cannon totally owns! And I'm gonna prove it!

Our beams battled it out like it was straight out of a bad Japanese anime cartoon. Um and taking into account that his beam was totally blowing mine away, apparently mine isn't as strong as his. Well there goes all my pride, and uh at this rate? I think my head is going to be following it shortly.

"Uh oh." I braced for impact as the beam finally ripped through and I took the shot like a man. A man's man! A man's man's man even!

Okay so maybe not a man's man's man, but close!

"Ow ow ow ow ow!" I screamed like a prissy little pansy as I fell back being engulfed by the beam. I got knocked on my rear end and skidded across the floor like a skee-ball. OUCH! It burns ya'll!

I finally stopped and I growled. I could still hear Blood's annoying laugh. "Cyborg you can't survive this much longer. You will perish my friend. This is inevitable."

I only grimaced as I slowly got up again. My armored body was steaming from the intensity of that last attack. Whoa, so I can literally say that I am totally 'hot' and not feel like I'm lying! Sweet!

"You can't survive Cyborg. Give it up."

I turned to Blood with a scowl. "Dude, I've survived being attacked by a demon that slurped through a damn inter-dimensional warp hole. I think I can survive your oversized 'Transformer' toy over here."

I think the 'Transformer' heard me as it charged angrily. I intercepted him though with a jump kick to the chest sending him reeling back Bruce Lee style. THANKS ROBIN!

I quickly leapt to the air again for a follow up but the robot grabbed me by my leg and whipped me to the ground like a rag doll, a freakin' heavy ass metal rag doll at that. I pounded into the concrete headfirst. I guess being hard headed has its bonuses after all.

By the way this is not going too well is it? (Sighs)

Great, now I find myself being lifted off my feet because this Robo reject wanted to choke me to death. Fun!

"Hah, this is pathetic." Blood chuckled.

"Stop!" I heard Jinx yell.

"Shut up you treacherous child. Your betrayal has brought this upon him!"

I looked over and took a peak at Jinx who seemed pretty distraught while she squirmed. I don't want her to feel bad. Don't be girl. I won't let you down. I can't! Titan power baby!

I aimed my cannon at the robots head and gave him repeating blasts with all I had. Sure it looked really cool but it wasn't helping at all. The thing just squeezed harder on my neck and it took aim at me again with that totally 'over sized' cannon of his. I saw a blue light forming in the cannon's dark center spelling only trouble for me. Oh man, I gotta get out of this! THINK CY! THINK!

Oh who am I kidding? I am toast! I am so toast!

But no, no I wasn't. Apparently the big man upstairs likes me for some reason or another.

Wannabe's cannon turned pitch black and suddenly it was whipped to the wall and I went sailing along.


That noise was Blood's toy being rammed repeatedly into steel, each time spraying a bit of bolts and future spare parts into the air. After quite a few more slams it finally loosened its grip on me. I fell to the floor with a cough and turned. And there was a damn sight for sore human and cybernetic eyes!

"You guys!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "You're free!"

"Looks like you need a little help." Robin winked.

Beast Boy began to laugh. "Yea dude you were totally getting your butt kicked."

"Do not worry friend we will be doing the kicking of the butt on this unruly Zardnark!" Starfire yelled with glowing green eyes. Raven groaned but didn't say a word. She was a bit busy with our favorite wannabe after all. I only sighed in relief at this sight. The Titans are back in business! The plan was actually working. Who knew?

Blood scowled at us. "What! How are you all free?"


Blood's eyes became red as he turned to look at my surprise. "What? You two?"

Tricks on you Blood. Baby face and Monkey boy are officially in the hiz house!

"Yeah, it's us two you pit sniffin' geezer!" Gizmo grumbled as he held in his hand some device that apparently opened up the tubes my pals were in. Mammoth nodded like a puppet beside him. "YEAH!"

Jinx's pink eyes light up. "Guys! You're here!" The two only nodded and smiled at her. Friendship rules, even if your friends are jackasses eh?

I snickered. "So you guys got that e-mail I sent you?" Thank God Jinx told me about their AOL screen names. 'Slagit2000' and 'YoMammath'.

Gizmo nodded. "Yea scuz brain we got it, and we would've been here sooner if monkey boy didn't have to use the little cow pokey's room."

"Ay!" Mammoth yelled. "No need to mention that alright?"

Blood was boiling. "You fools! How dare you betray me?"

"Oh put a sock in it 'head' master." The duo I 'used' to hate so much was actually pretty damn funny to me right now.

Gizmo scoffed. "Give us Jinx back or we're gonna have to send your ancient ass back to the retirement home where it belongs!"

"YEA!" Mammoth repeated. Beast Boy walked over to me. "Dude, since when were they on our side?"

"Since now," I smiled. Robin and the gang just looked at one another still a bit confused.

"Traitors! I put you three together in the first place! I gave you this school!"

"Whatever! First off, cut the 'we owe you' crap! I don't give a flying hoot what you did before. Second this school of yours sucks sludge monkeys!" Gizmo scowled. "Every damn day I'm the one answering the questions! I'm the one volunteering! I'm the one ace-ing the tests! And what do I get? Second damn place to Bumblebee every damn time! I'm sick of it!"

"YEA!" Mammoth replied yet again. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Actually probably the most blunt. But help is help I guess.

"ENOUGH!" Brother Blood growled as he pointed at us. "Students attack!"

Suddenly all the purple hoods surrounding us began to use some of that dark magic stuff and I quickly took cover. Robin knocked one of them over with a swing of his staff as he and the rest of my teammates ran up to me. Rae scowled as she straightened her cape. "Alright, what's going on?"

I laughed. "I'd love to chat Rae Rae but I don't think we've got time."

Robin nodded. "You're right Cy. Let's take these guys out before it gets out of hand."

"Uuuh sounds great and all," BB looked kinda worried. "But uh anyone notice that gigantic robot standing right behind us?" We all turned and sweat dropped.

"Titans Go!" Robin commanded and we scattered. I ran and leapt into some crates for cover. I landed with a thump and I immediately heard some squirming under me. I looked down and apparently I had just landed on Gizmo. "Man will get your fat tin can ass off of me?"

"Hah, sorry."

Gizmo shook his bald head in anger as he straightened himself up. "Alright barf brain, go get her!"


With a roll of his eyes he gave me a smack across the face with a robotic arm that shot out of his backpack. I scowled. "Man you want to get a Booyah sized ass kicking right now or what?"

"Sure, but we got no time scuz head! Look!" I turned and Gizmo was right. Blood was running away like a total chicken with my Jinx in his grip.

"Go after her." Gizmo said with a nod.

I shook my head. "Aren't you going with me?"

He paused with a scowl. "Look ya dookie lovin' jerk," He took a gander across the battle filled room. "I'd be more of a help around here."

Gizmo grumbled as he looked to the air. "Besides, if anything happens to Jinx, I think she'd want to see… uh… you more than any of us."

I glared as Gizmo became a bit red with that statement. Behind that jackass looking, bald headed. foul mouthed exterior this kid actually had a heart. Don't judge a book by its cover, heh don't judge it ever!

"Dude, you're… 'alright.'"

He scowled at me. "Well you still suck. Now get your tin butt up and go get her ya cludge bumpin' idiot!"

"Heh, thank you too."

"Whatever." Gizmo muttered as he took off with his jetpack. Alright I gotta get Jinx!

I took two peeks over my shoulder to find an opening and leapt over the crates with a spring. I made a mad dash to the door and broke through it. I was ready to take a glance around until I was suddenly on the receiving end of a super kick in the face. I rolled across the floor and huffed. MAN THIS GETTING MY BUTT HANDED TO ME IS GETTING OLD FAST!

I got up to my feet and there stood the Blood man laughing at me. "So Cyborg, it's now just you and me."

"Obviously," I said getting up after that total cheap shot. I rubbed my metal chin and aimed my cannon right at him. "Where's Jinx?"

"Your girlfriend?" He teased. "Heh, she's just going to sit back and enjoy the show."

Blood smiled as he pointed to her. She was lassoed around a wooden pole connected to the dock like a prize as she grunted to break free.

"I am only keeping her alive because I want to see her face when I rip your circuits apart."

Jinx gasped. "Please Vic just leave!"

"It's okay baby! I got it all under control!" I grumbled.

"You said that last time and sorry to say but you have had anything but 'control'." Jinx scowled.

I shrugged. "Well I'm still alive! So there!"

"Yes you are." Blood laughed. "But not for long."

"Bring it gramps!" I dashed towards him and launched my metal shoulder forward like the natural gifted linebacker that I am. But just to spite me he leapt over and gave me a solid kick to the back of my head. Ow! I growled as I turned sending a sonic blast soaring towards him and he simply blocked it with an energy field. Man this guy is pretty good for a guy going on what? 90?

"Is that the best you got Cyborg?"

"Uh can I say no?"

He angrily charged at me and I stood ready to block. Boy is he fast! Right cross, left hook, spinning kicks, and head butts. Wowzers. I tried to counter but I don't think I did a very good job. He grabbed me by the arm and drove me to the floor in a wrist lock.

"Oh what's the matter? Reaching your pre-set limits?" He taunted. I growled. "You are so lucky I am fighting on an empty stomach you know that?"

"I'm sure." He laughed as he then literally ripped my hand off. YEEOOOOW! He let go of the grip and I slowly backed away looking at my handless arm. "Man you ripped out my good hand!"

Blood just laughed at me as he tossed it aside. I sighed. "You know how much it's gonna cost to get me another one dude?"

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that." He snickered. "You're going to be dead by the time I'm done with you remember?"

"Ooooh right." I mocked. Probably shouldn't of done that huh?

"Alright Cyborg, playtime's over." He ran at me and gave me a flying kick to the chest that sent me soaring towards the ground again. I picked myself up but it was getting harder and harder by the minute. What do I look like? The little choo choo train that could?

"Um, you still have everything 'under control'?" Jinx rolled her eyes at me. I laughed weakly. "Sure I do. You worry too much."

"Vic you haven't even hurt him yet." She replied with a scowl. I raised a brow. "Uuuh… well that's part of my plan… yeah… my plan."

"Plan? Vic this isn't a plan! This is suicide!" She yelled. "Please leave."

"I don't care what you think. I'm not leaving you here." I replied. Jinx stared at me as she frowned. I really don't like to see her frowning. Must keep her spirits up, I chuckled as I winked at her. "Ya know… you look kinda cute all tied up like that."

She gave me a skewed look of complete disbelief but she suddenly broke out in a playful giggle. Yea Cy! You made her laugh!

"But I'd rather see you free so let's get you out of those ropes." I stood to cut those ropes off of her but just as I was about to grab the strings I was stopped.

"Oh Cyborg, need a hand with anything?" Blood grinned as he whipped me by my forearm away from Jinx. I landed as hard as ever and tumbled into the concrete floor bouncing like a rubber ball. Gah that hurt! I can't take much more of this. I'm fragile!

"Running out of fuel Cyborg?"

"Yo I still got plenty left!"

"Riiight." He replied. With a flick of his wrist he sent a large red beam soaring towards me. And now I just got one thing to say… THIS BURNS TOO! OOOOW! All I was is seeing red and I'm not talking about my LED eye. The pain ya'll! This is like getting paper cuts except a hundred times worse! I gotta think of something and something fast.

Brains not replying… brains not replying… wait… that's it! Oh God hopefully this works! All I have to do is relay some signals into my remote manipulation device built into my CPU. Then reroute that transmission to my radio receiver. That should work! Come on… work… work… work!


The pain stopped and I slumped to the floor singing from the burns. I took a deep breaths as I slowly took a gander up, and there stood an angel. Am I dead? Hell no.

"Hey there," Jinx smiled that cute smile that helped made me fall for her in the first place. She held out my 'broken' hand that had just cut her loose via my brilliant use of remote control technology. She then extended a hand to help me up, and I took her delicate gray hand and picked my heavy butt up.

We had an awkward staring contest. I hate these!

"I got something for you cutie."

"What?" Oh god it's a kiss isn't it? Oh bo-


OOW! That was no kiss! She… she just slapped me!

I grabbed my cheek in disbelief. "Hey! What was that for?"

She scowled. "That's for going into that battle with Rancid and his dog with no power and making me save you."

Did I say angel? I meant devil! Grrr.

"Oh come on Jinx! I-" I was about to plead my case but was interrupted with the greatest feeling I'd felt all night. What I felt was her thin soft lips press against my cheek. I kinda grew a bit awestruck but then I shook that off like a bad habit. She released her peck and my cheek was probably totally blushed by now. Damn my un-suaveness. So I ain't Fabio… thank God.

Jinx smiled again. "And that's for saving me."

I just chuckled lightly. Okay so I really meant angel the first time.

We both blushed. She quickly took her gaze off me and turned to the task at hand. Our 'Brotha' seemed a bit 'out of it' as if someone had given him a solid kick in the face that he'd remember for the rest of his life. Gee I wonder who did that. Hmmm.

Blood growled. "Why do you do this to yourself Jinx? Why ally yourself with the weak? I made you strong!"

"He's not weak." Jinx said. "You're the one who's weak manipulating kids like us to do your bidding. I can't believe I even trusted you. I can't believe I even cared what you 'thought'."

Yea Jinx! You tell him girl!

Blood began to glow red as he was ready to take us both out. "Fine my former students. PREPARE TO DIE!"

He charged at us with no give. Jinx stepped in front of me with her eyes glowing bright pink.

"This time I have something to teach you." Jinx snickered. "Luck can only last so long. And I have a feeling that yours is about to run out."

In a split second the ground below Blood started to crumble like a glazed donut in my mouth! He yelled as his leg fell through one hole and soon he found the other one clamed down too. Jinx shot another one of those hexy thingies to a nearby pole and it slowly fell over 'bonking' Blood over the head. That white haired nutcase stood frozen as if nothing happened but just as soon as I was about to open my mouth, he fell face first to the floor.

"Nice," I complimented.

"Uh huh," Jinx just winked at me.

Me and Jinx walked up to his dazed face as he was on all fours. I took aim with my sonic cannon as he looked up, obviously worried.

"Please, spare me." He pleaded. Me and Jinx looked at one another and I just shook my head. How can someone grow so pathetic in less than thirty seconds? Strong will this guy has. (Cough)

Should I let him go guys?


How about hell no? Sounds good to me!

I began to power up my sonic cannon for one last shot to rid this guy from my life. Blood covered his face as he saw the light, whining like a little sissy.

Okay this is pathetic I think I had my fun with him. Hehe, while my body may be cold as metal, my attitude is far from it. I'm just a warm cuddly teddy bear inside this mass of steel!

"Aw come on Blood. I wouldn't do that to ya." I laughed. "I'm the good guy remember?"

Good ol' Brother Blood looked at me with a sigh of relief. "You were always the softy Cyborg. I now cherish that fact."

Oh but you're not getting off that easy Blood.

"Although with Jinxy here," I winked at her. "That's another story remember?"

Blood gave a wide-eyed look as Jinx just gave him the most wicked spin kick I have ever seen, including all the ones I've seen Robin do. 'That definitely hurt' was what I thought as he fell to the ground cross eyed. Jinx nodded as she brushed her hands off. Wow she is really something else.

"That was so awesome."

She grinned. "You weren't so bad yourself slick."

"Heh, and you said I should've 'just left'." I mocked. She smiled as she brought her hands around my neck. "And I thank you for not listening to damn word I said."

"Oh come on now, I just couldn't leave you or my friends." I muttered. "You guys are everything to me."

She gave me that flirty look again. "So I'm 'everything' to you too huh?"

I laughed. "You could say that."

"Well aren't I one 'lucky' hex caster." She teased as she drew ever closer.

"You betcha missy."

She suddenly jumped into my arms in a super hug. Considering how I've just been tossed around like a rag doll I fell backwards pathetically. Sure it doesn't help that I'm a complete klutz either but that's trivial. I grumbled as she was laughing at my expense.

What a laugh. (Sigh) I am so in love with this girl.


Uh oh! Me and Jinx gasped.

"Uh Cyborg?"

We both looked up with me being upside down of course. And there stood all of my friends looking at us in our 'intimate' position. Me and Jinx gave fake large smiles as they stood speechless. BB took his glare off me and then looked at Jinx. She gave an overly friendly wave and BB returned his gaze towards me.

"You and Jinx?" BB became a bit skew-eyed. I let my eyes roll back to Jinx and she slowly returned my glare. We gave nervous chuckles as the group was totally silent.

"Well at least now they know about 'us' now." She said between her tense laughs. Boy do I hope this is a good thing. But I highly doubt it.

"Wow," I finally heard BB start to chuckle a bit himself. He began to dance. "Cyborg and Jinx sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S…"

Suddenly Raven's hand covered his mouth. "You finish that line? You're going to be wearing a tree."

"Heh… heh… heh." Yea that's it BB shut up and scratch your head.

I turned my attention to Robin who seemed to be mimicking BB to a tee. "So Cyborg, uh anything 'new' you'd like to tell us about?"

I really wanted to reply. Well more like 'sorta wanted to reply' I guess but anyway I was interrupted!

Starfire quickly ran over to us in a furious sprint and lifted me and Jinx into the air in a bone crushing hug. "Friends! Are you now what we all can call an 'item'?"

I looked at Jinx and we gave a resounding "Uuuuuh."

Star apparently took that as a "Yes".

"Glorious! First we have defeated that large mean mechanical monster ever so swiftly and now friend Cyborg has found someone to truly become an 'item' with! This is too happy to be true!"

Me and Jinx blushed as we felt totally embarrassed. Starfire began to clap. "Are we not happy for them friends?"

Raven groaned. "Yea Star, totally whoopee."

Suddenly we heard police sirens approaching. Always late those JCPD people! Worthless I tell ya! Worthless!

Of course after hearing those sirens, Gizmo and Mammoth came rushing out of the warehouse as if someone screamed 'fire'.

"Yo Jinx we gotta go!" Mammoth yelled.

"Yea time's a wasting." Gizmo growled. "Let's ditch these pit sniffers and forget all this ever happened."

Starfire placed both of us down with a slight giggle and Jinx just stared at me. I gave a half-smirk understanding her predicament. She should go with Gizmo and Mammoth. She was the 'bad girl', after all. And after all the crud we went through? I think these three deserve a free pass from us.

Jinx continued to look at me and I tried to keep a strong reassured face. Probably ended up looking goofy but hey! A guy can only try right?

She suddenly sighed and turned to her teammates.

"Sorry guys." She frowned. "But I'm not going to run away anymore."

WHOA! Say what Jinx?

Gizmo and Mammoth gave each other one of those 'Why am I not surprised' looks.

"But… but… but… but…" With frustrated sighs they both gritted their teeth and fell flat on their rear ends muttering swears.

"Fine! If you're not running, we're not running either." Mammoth grumbled. Gizmo scowled as he nodded along. "Yea, yea, yea bring on jail time. Sheesh, I freakin' play the 'good guy' for just one damn second and this is what I get."

Whoa they're all handing themselves over? Now that's loyalty.

Jinx only smiled at them. "You guys would go, just because I'm going?"

"Well duh! But don't go freakin' parading around about it." Gizmo moped.

Jinx leapt up and ran over to them putting them in tight headlocks. Oh yea! I taught her that! Her two pals both squirmed in her tight grasp as she nodded happily. "So we're good kids now guys?"

Mammoth's and Gizmo's eyes enlarged double sized. "HELL NO!"

I laughed as I felt a presence from behind me.

"Well this day's been a bundle of joy." Raven muttered as she wiped a bit of dirt off her face.

Robin smiled. "I'm just glad everyone's alright."

"Yea and you guys have Jinx to thank for it." I replied.

They all turned to me with blank stares. BB dropped his jaw.

"Duuude, say what again?"

"Jinx aided in our rescue?" Starfire clapped.

"Uh huh."

"So she's the one who got us out of Rancid's dog." BB chuckled. "Uh we are still the 'good guys' right?"

We all groaned at Beast and he just shrugged. I turned to Robin.

"Rob she was the one that saved you guys and she's turning her self in peacefully." I said. "We have to ease up on the punishment big time!"

Robin nodded. "Definitely, I'll go see what I can do."

Robin walked off to meet with the Captain of the security squad while we stood awaiting the results.

"So you and Jinx have been friends all this time while hiding it right under our noses?" Raven asked. I sighed and nodded again.

"Friend Cyborg you do not need to hide these things from us!" Starfire smiled.

"Yea dude, so ya gotta crush on one of the baddies. It's totally normal!" Beast laughed as he slapped by shoulder. I didn't know what to say. These guys really are the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

"So it's actually cool with you guys?"

Raven puffed an annoyed puff. "Considering that it seems she's actually trying to change. I think it's acceptable."

"Alright!" I smiled and was about to jump up and grab Raven in a hug but she stopped me with an open palm. "Don't even think about it."

I deflated.

"But remember, if Jinx does decide to go back to her 'past' ways?" She scowled. "Consider what I just said totally irrelevant."

I chuckled a bit. "Don't worry, I know she won't."

"I hope so, for both of your sakes." Raven said as she turned to walk over to a couple of JCPD police officers arresting Blood. Geh, Raven can be scary!

"So you and Jinx heh," Beast teased me with an elbow nudge. "Good times Cy?"

I was about to reply to my little buddy with something totally 'cool' but I heard a throat clear from behind me. I turned and there was my baby. No not the T-car… my other baby! My now 'real' baby! Yea you heard me!

Jinx grinned at me with her arms cuffed behind her back being escorted by a JCPD officer. I gave the officer a notion to leave us alone and he complied. That's right they respect me! Oh yeah!

"I guess this is good bye for awhile." Jinx said with a frown. I shook my head. "Don't worry I'm making sure you get the minimum sentence. You'll be out before you know it."

"But what about Gizmo and Mammoth?"

"What about them?"

She scowled.

"Hehehe, silly girl of course I'm going to help them anyway I can."

Jinx smiled at me and even with the cuffs she seemed truly happy for once, with no strings attached.

"Vic, before I go… I just wanted to say," She blushed. "Thank you."

"'Thank you'?" I asked. "For what? You deserve the 'thanks'. You'll never know how much you've done for me."

"I'm glad I helped you but," She lowered her head. "I need to thank you for seeing through my faults and trusting me so much. I don't think anyone's ever opened up to me like you have."

I snickered. "Girl there's not many faults to look past and I'd trust you with anything. But me on the other hand, well you know,"

"Heh, no. I don't know," She grinned.

I was about to say my good bye but out of the blue she suddenly pressed her lips into mine. My eyes doubled in size, steam flew out of my ears, and those damn butterflies were threatening to bash my metal stomach into smithereens again. I tried to be smooth about this kiss but she just wouldn't let me. She knew how to press my 'happy' buttons and she was totally doing that to perfection.

A lip smack and a tongue lash later she finally backed away and there I stood like a complete poon with my jaw dropped and cheeks flush red.

She smirked at my glare. "You are truly one special guy Vic Stone."

I laughed shakily stuttering. "I try, but hey. You're not so bad yourself Jinxy girl."

She just nodded at me with that large smile of hers as an officer walked over to us. He stood ready to take her away and I gave a silent nod. She was then escorted to a police truck without our glares breaking. We shared a mutual grin as I waved my silly wave.

"Come visit me slick." She pleaded with those cute cat eyes. "Or when I get out you're going to be sorry!"

I snickered. "Heh, oh trust me. I'll be seeing you way more than you'd ever want me to."

"That's impossible." She replied with a wink as the officer walked her into the armored truck. I am feeling that warm feeling inside me again. Gaaah, it feels so good.

Gizmo and Mammoth followed Jinx and gave me an angry groan as they walked by.

"Hey! Careful with my stuff you pit sniffin' donut dunker!" Gizmo screamed at an officer handling his backpack.

"Man will you stop shouting?" Mammoth grumbled.

Gizmo growled. "Oh why don't you piss off."

"Shut up."

"No you shut up!"

I just chuckled as I saw Jinx's blank expression as she watched the two argue. After a loud groan she stared at me, softening her expression. She slowly blew me a kiss that only made me feel even warmer inside. System melt down anyone?

As the officer shut the door I sighed a hopeless sigh as it drove off with the girl I was going to be with one way or the other. She was going to be mine… oh yes… she was going to be mine.

I moped as I turned only to meet my Titan teammates with smiles on their faces.

"Cyborg I think you have a lot of explaining to do." Robin smirked. I looked at the others and they all had that 'you better tell us everything and give us everything in detail' look. I shrugged. Oh might as well right? There's no use hiding it anymore.

"Alright, fine ya'll. But on one condition."

They stared with anticipation.

"We need to talk about this over with some dinner because I am starving!"

"Hehe good idea. I'm in the mood for some pizza." Robin nodded. Starfire clapped. "Yes please! We need to have the pleasure of trying the new anchovies and pickle pizza!"

"Uuuuh, I think I'm just going to be skipping dinner tonight." Raven groaned. Beast Boy shook his head. "We are so not ordering anchovies on our pizza! Even if I wasn't a vegetarian I'd never eat those things! UGH!"

Robin groaned. "Settle down team save the arguing when we actually get there."

The team began to walk off and I took a peak back towards where Jinx was taken away. I owe that girl so damn much. Thank you…

"Yo Cy, are you coming?" Beast Boy squawked.

"Yea BB, just give me a second here. I'll catch up."

"Uh okay dude." BB went sprinting after the team as I chuckled at that little dork. My friends are just too much. I'm glad I didn't have to break away from them. Aren't I blessed? Oh yeah. I am blessed.

I am blessed.

Okay so here we are after our long awesome journey. A somewhat happy ending hey ya'll? Hehe. I mean Jinx being taken away from me while I stand here like a goober, not wanting to do anything else in the world except spending time with her just screams 'happy' doesn't it?

But honestly guys this couldn't of turned out much better really. I got to beat the bad guy. I got to sort out all my inner problems with self acceptance. I got to keep the loyalty and coolness of all my true best friends. And most importantly I think I've really found a fly lass I can finally call a 'girlfriend'. Now that deserves a big ass BOOYAH!

Besides from all my personal triumphs what have we learned here kiddos? Anything we can take to heart from my little adventure? Sure there is! Let's see here… Oh! If you want problems? Fall in love with the 'baddest' girl in your city. Heh! That's a lesson learned right? No? Phooie. Let me try again. Hmm… oh yeah! When on a date, never and I mean never never ever let your date cover your sight of vision while driving at incredible speeds! That's a lesson learned right? Ugh, man that isn't good either. Must try harder!

Hmmm… don't eat Starfire's cooking? Bleh. Come on this shouldn't be too hard… oh wait… silly me! Hah! This is my lesson learned!

(Drum roll)

Be who you are and be true to yourself.


You know? Jinx and I had the same basic problems ya'll. We were both unhappy with ourselves because we wouldn't be true to ourselves. I had a problems with my past. She had a problems with her past. She thought she 'had' to act a certain way. I thought I 'had' to act a certain way. She felt lonely inside. And I felt lonely inside. All this could be traced back to one thing people! Self respect and acceptance!

Jinx isn't a 'bad' girl and now she knows she doesn't have to be that way. And yes fine, I am a freak that's built primarily of metal. So what? I still have feelings like a normal human and I want to be happy just like anyone else! TELL ME WHAT IS MORE HUMAN THAN THAT?

"Cy would you hurry it up? Your 'baby' is getting angry." BB yelled as my teammates stood waiting for me.

Gah well that's my cue to go. Ya'll have been an awesome outlet for me and ya'll deserve a 'Booyahfied' high five. Don't worry about me and Jinx, I think out future is going to be one psychedelically kick ass ride. I won't give up until we can go on dates like we did last night whenever we feel like it. Who knows? Maybe another prank is in order! Teletubby masks anyone?

Well, I better go. Raven doesn't like to wait and I really don't want to get my ass kicked anymore today. So this is Cyborg ya'll.

I'm half-man and half machine. I'm a videogame extraordinaire, a ferocious meat eater, a Teen Titan for life, and now I can safely say… that I am a kid who's accepted that he's madly in love with the greatest girl in the world. And that love that I have for Jinx is going to keep me ticking strong for a hell of a long time. Better believe that! So baddies beware this Cyborg is going no where!

So seeya around my peoples! I'll be either kickin' it with my Gamestation 2, hanging it with my Titan crew, or beating the heck out of another villainous foo.

This is Cyborg and I am officially out…

But oh yeah one more thing….


- Fin -