Chapter Four - Winds of Change

Harry shakily got to his feet, using the wall behind him for support as he wobbled on unsteady legs. Feeling dirty and used - and not much different than a cheap whore - Harry leant down and pulled his trousers back up from where they had pooled around his ankles.

With a trembling hand, he reached out and removed a nearby rag from the shelf. He tried to wipe the stubborn stickiness from his hands as well as he could before throwing the dirty rag across the room in a fit of anger and self-loathing.

Harry was resolved to maintain his pride as well as he could, and refused to cry. He took a deep breath, then exited the room with a determined stride.

The sky overhead that had been threatening rain earlier, was now as black as pitch; the rumble of thunder a clear indication of the coming storm.

Harry ignored the charged energy in the air, and the sporadic droplets of rain on his head and the earth around him, as he returned to the manor. He pushed through the doors and made straight for his room on the second floor.

Once inside the safety of his quarters, Harry brought out his trunk and began to haphazardly toss his belongings into it. He was consumed with anger and guilt as the adrenaline pumped through him, forcing his movements into a sort of frantic over-drive. The tears he had stoically held back earlier began to blind him as he rushed about his room.

Great forks of lightning split the sky outside, and the thunder was now so close that it shook the very walls around him, rattling the panes of glass in the window.

'Master Potter?'

Harry sighed, pausing in the midst of his mad dashing, and looked up to see Colin standing in the doorway with a curious expression on his face.


Colin's gaze flickered over Harry's half-packed trunk. 'Are you…leaving us?'

'Yes.' Harry absently pushed his rain-dampened fringe back from his forehead and met Colin's inquisitive gaze evenly. 'Would you be so kind as to call a carriage for me?'

'I'm sorry, sir,' Colin replied, somewhat coolly, 'but I'm afraid the cabbies do not drive in this weather. You will have to wait until morning.'

'Then I will simply borrow a horse from Mr Malfoy,' Harry said, with a bit of an edge to his voice.

'Master Malfoy does not allow his horses to venture out in this sort of weather unless it is an emergency.'

'It is.'

Colin's smile was steely. 'Then you shall have to ask Master Malfoy yourself. He is very particular when it comes to his possessions - as you well know.'

Harry narrowed his eyes at the meddlesome old servant. 'Then I'll walk.'

'Very well. Do you need some assistance with your things?' Colin asked, obviously eager to see Harry take his leave of the property.

'No, thank you,' Harry declined as civilly as he could.

Colin gave a stiff bow before exiting the room.

'Wanker,' Harry muttered under his breath as he slammed his trunk closed and heaved it into his arms.

Harry struggled back through the long corridors and down the spiralling staircase to the front entrance hall. He set down his trunk and opened the heavy door. The wind immediately made its presence known, and caused Harry to take an off-balance step backwards as it assaulted him. The rain was coming down in sheets; slanting this way and that in the heavy storm, changing direction at the tempests' whim.

Harry steeled himself and grasped the brass handle of his trunk.

'Mr Potter.'

Harry froze, that powerful voice halting him mid-stride.

Lucius lightly stepped from the last stair, a flickering candle in his hand, and strode over to stand at Harry's back.

'Where is it you think you are going in this weather?' That seductive tone elicited shivers as it ran straight up Harry's spine.

'H-home,' Harry answered, keeping his eyes locked on the stormy grounds just beyond the open door.

'It is not safe, Mr Potter,' Lucius said, standing so close to Harry that he could smell the youth's hair. 'Will you not wait until the storm has passed?'

Harry blinked, forcing himself to snap out of the trance-like hold Mr Malfoy had over him. He could feel the older man's breath softly grazing the top of his head from behind.

'You know very well why I can't stay.'

Lucius frowned. 'You are over-reacting, Mr Potter.'

Harry finally turned to look up into Lucius' stony face. 'Over-reacting?' he repeated incredulously. 'I'm married to your son!'

'Who you were conveniently able to forget this afternoon.'

Harry's eyes widened with fury. 'Don't even think about trying to blame this all on me. You're the one who is – is sick, and deprived.'

'Deprived, Mr Potter?' Lucius said, lip curling. 'I rather think that it is you who are the deprived one. Tell me, when was the last time my son ventured to touch you? To initiate any sort of sexual contact with you?'

'That is none of your business,' Harry growled threateningly. 'Your son's sex life is hardly a topic of conversation that I wish to discuss with you – his father. Now, please remove your hand from my cloak and I'll be on my way.'

Lucius glanced down, unaware that he had grabbed onto the back of Harry's black travelling cloak to stop him leaving. He quickly dropped the heavy material from his hand and took a step back.

'Very well. I will not stop you.'

Harry straightened his shoulders and turned away. He walked through the door with his trunk by his side, jumping slightly when the door slammed shut behind him.

Harry refused to look back as he strode away from the large manor and slowly made his way up the long, muddy drive. The thick, black clouds made it almost impossible to see, and the wind continued to buffet Harry as if he were nothing more than a rag doll. Harry gritted his teeth and pushed onward, not even sure if he was walking in the right direction anymore. He wove a zigzagged path across the wet moor land, his trunk becoming heavier with every step, banging awkwardly against his leg as he walked. His clothes were soon soaked through, his cheeks and ears freezing in the rough winds and icy rain. The thunder continued to crack and rumble overhead, causing Harry's heart to race every few minutes.

Harry stopped and pushed his wet hair back, waiting for the next shot of lightning to see if he could find his bearings once more.

The white fork of lightning came and went, illuminating the grounds long enough to establish that he had wandered dangerously far from the road, and was now in the middle of nowhere.

Harry turned in a circle, wildly looking for a familiar landmark or sign of where the road had been, or even where the manor was. He wasn't even sure now of what direction he had started from.

Harry withdrew his wand and tried a simple 'lumos' spell. No such luck. The entire estate was warded against any outside magic save for Lucius.' Harry cursed his helplessness and sat down on his trunk to think.

Unfortunately, he could not think past the onslaught of freezing cold wind and rain. He was shivering, his teeth were chattering, and worst of all, he had to admit that Mr Malfoy was right – this weather made it simply impossible for anyone to travel.

Harry bit his lip. The only problem now was, he didn't know how to return to the manor.

Harry stood and decided to plough onwards, even though he had no idea in which direction to go, he only knew that he should keep moving. His logic was that he eventually had to find something – whether it be the nearby village or some other poor soul out in the storm.

However, Harry greatly miscalculated the size of the Malfoy Estate and soon collapsed from exhaustion, coming to rest on his side on the muddy ground as the rain continued to pelt him from above.

Harry's unconscious body trembled slightly on the earth as the heavy thud of galloping hooves approached and then came to a stop beside him. A few whispered words and Harry's trunk disappeared. Then, Harry himself was lifted and cradled close as Lucius bore him back to the manor.


Harry sighed and turned over. He smiled sleepily at the soft caress of fur on his skin. His eyes fluttered open at the sound of crackling flames, and he looked up to find Mr Malfoy lounging next to him by the hearth, reading a novel with a blue and silver cover.

Harry's gasp of surprise caused Lucius to glance over, lowering his book.

'Mr Potter.'

Harry swallowed whatever it was he had been about to say and stared at the pleasant smile lighting Lucius Malfoy's face.

'How do you feel?'

'F-fine,' Harry stammered. 'Er…what happened?'

Lucius placed a marker in his book and set it aside, focusing on Harry. 'I think you may have become disoriented in the storm. I found you quite far from the drive, on the moor land surrounding my home.' He stopped and smiled warmly in that disconcerting manor once more. 'I warned you about venturing out in this weather, Mr Potter.'

'How did you find me?' Harry asked, unable to return the smile.

'I can track anyone on my property from inside the manor,' he answered easily. 'Your magical signature showed me exactly where to find you.'

Harry felt as though he should be thanking Mr Malfoy, but couldn't get the words of gratitude past his lips. The memory of their afternoon together suddenly brought his attention to the fact that he was completely starkers under the fur blanket covering him.

'Where are my clothes?' Harry asked, feeling vulnerable.

'I had Colin take them away for cleaning.'

Harry smirked, thinking that at least he had most likely annoyed Colin by returning.

'Would you like me to run you a hot bath, Mr Potter?' Lucius asked considerately.

Harry frowned, feeling wrong-footed by this kinder version of the elder Malfoy. 'Uh, yes, thank you.'

Lucius disappeared through a nearby door and the sound of running water could be heard issuing forth after a few seconds. Lucius returned and knelt down to scoop Harry into his arms.

'What are you doing?' Harry cried in alarm, clutching the furs to his body.

'I think you sprained your ankle when you fell,' Lucius explained, 'you should not be walking on it.'

Harry swallowed and tried to ignore the feeling of Lucius' heartbeat against his body, and the strong, warm arms carrying him easily into the lavish bathroom. His body tingled, seeming to remember all on its own what Lucius' hands were capable of.

Harry stiffened when he realized that Mr Malfoy would have to remove the fur blanket before he could take his bath. Meaning, he would have to expose his body and its purely physical reaction.

Harry gulped and could feel his face heat in shame as Lucius sat down on the edge of the bathtub and slid the warm furs back from his shoulders, letting them drop to the floor.

There was a pause in which Harry looked up to meet Lucius' eyes, and he knew – the man had noticed the half-hard erection now pressing against his stomach.

'I'm sorry,' Harry apologized in shame, looking away. 'I didn't mean to… I'm not trying to…'

Lucius licked his lips and allowed his eyes to flicker down to Harry's delicious cock, pressing insistently against his clothed stomach.

'Do you want me to leave?' Lucius asked quietly.

'Yes – no… I don't know.' Harry closed his eyes and shook his head.

Lucius lowered his lips to Harry's tantalising neck and kissed – needing to taste the forbidden fruit held in his arms.

Harry moaned softly and tilted his head to the right, exposing more of his pale throat to Lucius' mouth and tongue. He was still feeling drained and weary from his ordeal, and thus too tired to put up much of a fight. He knew he was being weak, but he didn't care. He only wanted to feel good, to feel pleasure.

'Do you want me to stay, Harry?' Lucius was asking again.

Harry opened his eyes and met the man's intense gaze without flinching. 'Yes,' he whispered. 'Yes - please.'

Lucius slid a hand to Harry's cheek and pulled him forwards until their lips met. Harry leaned into the kiss, instantly opening his mouth to allow Lucius in, wanting – needing - to be consumed.

Lucius pulled back and stared into Harry's arousal-filled eyes. 'Shall I join you in the bath?' he whispered seductively, one hand playing with the hair at the back of Harry's neck.

Harry's eyes darkened at the thought. 'Yes,' he replied breathlessly.

Lucius smiled. 'Undress me.'

Harry's erection was now at full attention as he straddled Lucius' lap and began to divest the older man of his clothes, starting with his waistcoat and then the white shirt beneath, until Lucius was sitting bare-chested in the candlelight.

Harry gazed upon Lucius' chest in appreciation. Lucius' skin, though pale, was perfectly muscled and hairless, dusty pink nipples tightening instantly as he was exposed to the air - and Harry's intense scrutiny.

Harry leaned forward and pressed his lips to Lucius' skin, swiping an inquisitive tongue out and licking; tasting. Stopping to suck on one tempting nipple, then travelling across to taste the other.

Lucius moaned softly and slid his hands down Harry's bare back to cup the firm, rounded buttocks in his lap. The soft, young flesh was silky smooth beneath his touch.

Harry jumped forward at his touch, thrusting his erection against Lucius,' which was still trapped within his trousers.

Harry pulled away from Lucius' chest and immediately went about unbuttoning and unzipping the man's trousers, all the while still thrusting his needy prick against Lucius' muscular thigh, needing to keep the friction going to keep his mind off of what he was doing.

Once he had Lucius' trousers undone, Harry paused, his hand hovering just over the gaping opening.

'It's alright, Harry,' Lucius encouraged, watching him closely.

Harry deftly slipped one hand into the man's pants and curiously touched Lucius' hardened cock.

Lucius, meanwhile, was lightly dragging his fingers back and forth over Harry's arse, slowly making his way ever closer to his goal. Harry gasped quietly as Lucius finally dipped down and stroked a finger over his entrance.

Malfoy smiled and kissed Harry's shoulder once before leaning down to deposit the boy into the waiting bath. Harry sighed as the warm water surrounded his body. He opened his eyes and moved back, watching in anticipation as Lucius stepped out of the rest of his clothes.

Harry's gaze roamed over the man's entire body, displayed for his perusal. His deep green eyes wandered down to the thick penis and heavy bollocks situated between Lucius' thighs. The older man was clearly aroused and ready.

Lucius allowed Harry a few moments to look over his body. He had no qualms with being on exhibition, he was especially proud of his physique. He had a swimmer's body; not an ounce of fat on him. He was also by no means a small man – in any department.

Harry brought his gaze back up to Lucius' face, his mouth hanging open slightly as his breathing sped up a fraction. Lucius saw the expectant desire in the youth's expression and needed no further signal to progress.

He stepped over the side of the large tub and lowered down until he was sitting on the marble bottom. Harry immediately waded over and stared deep into Lucius' grey eyes as he straddled him once again, slowly wrapping his legs around the taller man's waist, settling his aching cock against Lucius' own.

Lucius smirked before attacking Harry's pink lips, claiming him as he stroked his tongue over Harry's again and again. Harry moaned helplessly and tightened his fingers in Lucius' long blond hair.

Lucius continued his assault on Harry's mouth as his hands ran over Harry's water-slickened skin; up to his shoulders then down, further exploring that too-tempting arse. He didn't want to push Harry too far, contenting himself with only stroking over Harry's puckered entrance and not pushing inside – not yet. He was a man of patience, and this reward would be well worth the wait. He was walking a delicate line here with Harry, knowing the boy could stop and bolt at any given moment. He didn't want that to happen. The boy belonged with him – to him.

Harry thrust shallowly against Lucius' body, creating tiny waves in the water around them.

Lucius looked down and watched their cocks rubbing together beneath the water's rippling surface. He thought he might come merely from that, especially when he glanced up and saw Harry's face: succulent mouth hanging open, eyes closed in ecstasy, and breath coming in tiny pants and moans as he tilted his head back and continued to drive his erection into him in short needy thrusts.

'I want to taste you,' Lucius whispered huskily into Harry's ear.

Harry opened his eyes and nodded breathlessly, his cock now throbbing with anticipation, needing to find release.

Lucius smiled and stood, lifting Harry with him, the water pouring off of their naked bodies. Harry tightened his legs around Lucius' waist and held on as he was carried, still wet, into the bedroom and gently laid down on the large, four poster, mahogany bed.

Lucius slithered down Harry's glistening body and took the boy's stiff erection into his mouth without hesitation.

Harry cried out in ecstasy, back arching and hands immediately clenching the thick bed coverings under him. He shut his eyes and threw his head back as Lucius licked around the base of his shaft and down over his ball sacs, still using one hand to pump up and down as he licked his way down to roughly tongue his perineum.

'Please…please…' Harry chanted over and over, wanting to find release in the man's warm mouth.

'Ask for it, Harry,' Lucius purred, nuzzling his nose into Harry's course pubic hair and flicking out a tongue to quickly lick the trembling prick beside his cheek.

Harry swallowed and tried not to come as he hoarsely said, 'suck me.'

Lucius kneeled up on the bed and grabbed a hold of his own cock as he engulfed Harry's erection down to the root. Harry cried out again, this time tangling his fingers in Lucius' hair for stability. Lucius pulled his own cock roughly as he sucked and licked, knowing the boy was close, and wanting to find his own release at the same time.

Lucius pumped the base of Harry's erection as he moved upwards to the head and pushed his tongue into the slit, tasting the salty drops of clear pre-come as they spurted forth into his mouth.

'Fuck…oh fuck…' Harry panted, his body freezing and arching upwards as the sudden orgasm ripped through his body.

Lucius swallowed Harry to the root once more and continued to suck as Harry shot his seed down his throat. When there was no more liquid forthcoming, Lucius dropped Harry's softening cock from his mouth and set about licking some of the warm semen from Harry's groin.

Harry closed his eyes and relaxed back into the mattress, feeling as though his body wasn't attached to his head anymore, his physical self floating away on a haze of post-coital bliss.

Lucius moved up Harry's body and started thrusting his swollen erection into the sticky mess covering Harry's pelvis. Harry obediently wrapped his legs around Lucius' waist and held on as the man frantically thrust his way to orgasm.

Lucius moaned and stilled his movements as he came all over Harry's stomach and chest. Harry looked down and watched in rapt attention as the white liquid spurted forth onto his body. If he hadn't been so tired, the sight would have surely aroused him to full hardness once more.

Lucius collapsed to the side, breathing heavily. Once he had partially regained his composure, he turned his head to look at Harry.

Harry knew the cloud of bliss was about to dissipate and leave him with stark reality. He was not yet ready to face the overwhelming feelings of guilt and disgust that were sure to follow, just as they had the last time. He didn't want to analyze why he had no will-power when it came to this man. He didn't want to think at all, he just wanted to sleep.

Lucius watched as Harry opened and closed his mouth repeatedly. He smiled, then accio'd his wand over to clean them up with a simple spell. He then used it to fly the fur blanket over from the bathroom floor.

He moved closer to Harry's naked body and laid the warm blanket over the both of them.

'Just sleep for now, Harry,' he instructed the exhausted youth. 'We will talk tomorrow.'

Harry nodded, his eyes already drooping closed.

'Do you want me to leave?'

Harry opened his eyes again briefly, regarding him, then shook his head. He grasped the edge of the fur blanket and brought it up to his chin.

Lucius smiled as Harry's eyes fell shut. He shifted over and drew Harry close into his side. Harry reached out and wrapped his arms around him automatically, his head tucking neatly under Lucius' chin.

The thunder continued to rumble outside their sanctuary as the two sated men fell into a deep sleep.