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The Christmas Dolls

Chapter 1

The Gifts



"Sango, can I look?"

"No! Not yet."

Two older girls, both near the age of 16 stood, crowding around a key hole of a closed door, trying to see the many splendors that were hidden in the room that were meant for only the eyes of the adults.

"Come on sis, that isn't fair. You and Sango have been looking there all night."

"One more minute." She glared and returned to her peep hole.

"Spying on your elders I see. Oh the shame. It just goes to show how little respect this new generation has." Kagome and Sango both nearly jumped out of their skin at the voice of the new intruder.



"How many times do I have to tell you Sango, none of that formal talk."

"Right, sorry." She blushed.

"After all, you are practically family, any closer and you'd be attached at our waists."

"Hey gramps, how was your shopping today, did you get anything for me?" Souta said jumping up.

"Hmm. Nope."

"Wha? But Gramps!"

"I was merely joking."

"So then you did get something?"

"Hmm." He nodded with his hands placed behind him folded together, making him not only look old, but wise.

"Well then where is it?!" Souta jumped even higher, hardly able to contain his excitement. The old man leaned in close, gathering Kohaku in on the secret as well, and whispered something into their ears.

"I'll race ya!"

"You're on!" And the two boys disappeared quickly from sight.

"Children. So impatient." He shook his head and noticed the two girls giggling and turning to go upstairs.

"And where do you two think you're going?"

"Up to our rooms."

"Not before you open your gifts too."

"But it's not Christmas!" Kagome exclaimed. It was normal for the younger children to open a present early, but they'd outgrown that tradition.

"Can't an old man give his two granddaughters an early gift? Well, if you really don't want to open them now, I guess you can wait…"

"No!" They both exclaimed loudly.

"Are you sure now?"

"Yes, please can we see then now!"

"Oh all right." He said in a grumpy old mans tone, but wore a smile on his face. He handed them each a parcel from behind his back. The girls didn't hesitate a moment. They tore into the wrapping paper and ripped open the box.

Kagome held the ken sized doll in her hand. The fabric he wore was soft like water, and shone a clean red. His tiny hands seemed to have calouses, his feet were bare, and his hip was adorned by a tiny little sword. His hair was like the night sky woven to fit his head, but what caught her attention was his eyes, which were more lifelike than she thought was possible. His arms were crossed over his chest and he held himself guardedly, and with arrogance.

Sango's doll was different. His hair was short and black, caught up into a small rat-tail at the nape of his neck. His robes were like that of an ancient monk, purple and black. He wore a gauntlet over his right hand, which firmly held a tiny golden staff with rings. She reached out to touch it, but jerked her hand back as a droplet of blood surfaced.

"I see you are pleased, as you should be. Those are ancient voodoo dolls that date way back to the Fuedal Era…hey! Where did you go?" He was stopped in mid sentence as he noticed that he was left talking with himself. Shrugging, he went inside to join the other adults.

"Are you sure you don't mind me taking your bed?" Sango asked, setting her doll on the nightstand and undressed. Kagome smiled.

"It's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it." Sango smiled and pulled on her shirt before slipping under the covers.

Kagome unrolled the extra sleeping bag and snuggled into it, her doll set besides her on the floor. Sango reached over and turned the light off. They listened to the quiet of the outdoors for a moment before the silence was broken.



"Thank you for letting me stay at your house. I'm sure Kohaku and I could have managed on our own…"

"Don't be silly. Being alone in a big house like yours is bad enough, but it's especially lonely during the Holidays. It's the least we could do while your parents went away on their business trip." Sango blushed and smiled.

"Hey Sango, why do you think Gramps gave us these dolls?" Sango reached for her doll and examined him in the moonlight.

"I don't know. You're grandfather was saying something about them being ancient voodoo dolls."

"Hm. That's just like him. He probably got them from some weird store and the owner made up some crazy story so that they would go at a higher price. At least he tries, but sometimes I wish he would just give something normal."

"I wonder what Kohaku and Souta got."

"Probably a small toy army of cat men or something strange like that." Sango laughed. They both sighed and listened to the wind breathing through Kagome's open window.

When both girls had fallen asleep a strange thing happened. The eyes of Kagome's doll began to blink, and slowly he stood up.

"Miroku." He hollered up. No reply. He muttered something under his breath and jumped up, catching the bed cloth and climbed onto the bed. Catapaulting over the sleeping girl and wild covers he found the lecherous monk sweetly nestled right between the girls…

"Miroku! Get the hell up! We got work to do." Slowly, and rather reluctantly, the corrupted monk wiggled his way out and stood besides his friend.

"Inuyasha, pray do tell why you had to bother me at such a critical time?" He yawned. Inuyasha snorted.

"I think we've been followed."

"By what?"



"No, I just felt like waking you up."

"Your sarcasm pains me Inuyasha." Miroku feighned.


"Then you really think Naraku has followed us." Inuyasha gave him a glare that could freeze ice.

"What do you suggest we do first." Inuyasha looked around the room. It was dim in his sight, he couldn't smell, or hear so well as he used to. It scared him, and he hated it more than anything.

"Lets block the doorway." He said, grabbling the bed side cloth and slipping down. The blanket didn't quite reach the floor, so the last foot wasn't quite pleasant, especially when a monk looses his hold and falls on your back. They surveyed the floor.

"I only have a few Ofudas."

"I thought you made more."

"I did, but if you recall correctly, I used nearly all of then in the last run in we had with Naraku." Inuyasha swore under his breath.

"You just do your holy monk thing and I'll go get some lousy paper and what ever else." He swore some more under his breath, but was drowned out as his partner began to mumble buddist prayers in a monotone voice. His left hand was placed in a half prayer position in front of his face, while his other waved around a long piece of paper and he placed it against the door frame, covering it so as not to be seen or able to be removed unless he himself or another with holy powers stronger than his removed it.

Inuyasha, after what seemed like hours of climbing, managed to climb up upon the dresser. He glanced at the mirror in front of him and cursed.

A human…a human doll at that…weak…the monk could easily find one to fall in love with him and break the curse…if he broke his bad habits…but me…I'm not sure which is worse…being human…or being a half breed…

He hit his fist against the mirror, cursing himself, and his reflection. He hated it and himself, and everything about it.

Then by chance, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something on the windowsill. He whirled around quickly, and saw the empty sill. The wind was calm, and the moon's beams had settled across the girl, Kagome's face.

He turned away and tore off a piece of the paper on the dresser and pushed off a big pen. It rolled and then thumped quietly to the carpet. Using the paper as a parachute, he flew down and walked over to the praying monk.

"Hurry up!" A few more syllables and Miroku looked at Inuyasha.

"That's done, I'm all out though."

"Just hurry up and make what you need. I want to get this done and fast."

"What's the hurry,

Inuyasha couldn't explain it, he just felt on the edge, every instinct livid. Hairs stood up on his scalp, and with every twitch, his hands almost demanded to hold the swords hilt. Miroku was already at work making new Ofudas. Then something happened that caused both of them jump.

The girl sleeping on the floor screamed.

"Sango! Sango! Wake up!" Kagome yelled, she leaped on the bed and shook her friend madly.

"What is it Kagome, I was just skiing in the north pole when…" Sango opened her eyes and noticed the problem.

"Kagome, grab your archery equipment." Kagome didn't really want to cross the room to her closet.

Come on Kagome…nothing to it…you'll be just fine…but I really hate bugs…especially spiders…I really really hate spiders…this ain't goin to get any better…well…here it goes…

She gulped loudly and ran, throwing open the door quickly, and reached in. It wasn't until she had grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows that she realized that her closet was infested as well. Screeching, she ran back to the bed.

"But Sango, how can we hit them all with my arrows?" Sango shook, but kept her face calm.

"Just…aim and shoot, okay." Kagome did, which was an even bigger mistake. Spiders rained down on the floor, slipping down shining silk threads. They came in through the window and climbed onto the ceiling with stealth like ninja's. Slowly, the spiders began to assemble themselves into one big mass. They stopped and formed one shape, the shape of a man. One that was tall and sickly looking, garbed in dark robes. His hair streamed out in tangled locks. His eyes glowed a blood red.

"Who are you!" Sango yelled. A dark, poised smile spread across his face.

"A demon." Kagome whispered and he laughed.

"What a clever girl. But then, you always were smart, weren't you Empress Kikyo. I must know how you've managed to live this long."

"Who are you and what do you want?" Sango ignored his last comment, demanding to know more about the intruder. He narrowed his eye, but only slightly.

"I have come for those dolls you received. It appears that they were sold quite accidentally."

"Then why didn't you wait until morning to tell us?" Sango sat on the bed in front of Kagome, ready to protect her dearest friend if this man proved harmful.

"Because, It is quite urgent that I have them, and there they are. I will just be taking them." He walked over the door and bent down to reach for the standing dolls, who looked ready to fight.

"Kagome!" Sango needn't have wasted her breath, because Kagome's arrow was already flying. It stuck through the floor, barely missing the man's silth like fingers.

"You come into our house and you think you can just take anything that you want? I don't think so!" Kagome said angrily, an arrow already knocked. The man stood, his features distorted and lunged.

"Kagome look out!" Sango threw herself and Kagome to the floor on the other side of the bed. Scrambling, they ran to the other side of the room. A new man stood in front of them, in a protective stance. Looking over his shoulder they saw that they were in no more danger from the spider man. He was in no shape to attack a second time. He stood, mid lunge, with a rusty sword through his back that protruded from his chest. He slowly disintegrated into thousands of spiders, each one laughing. It echoed through the air. And each tiny one exited through the window.

"Good work Inuyasha." The man in purple robes relaxed his grip on his staff and turned to them.

"My dear good ladies I…" Sango thumped him on the side of the neck and he slumped heavily to the floor.

"What the!" The other man stood there angrily.

"Don't come any closer!" Kagome said, ready to shoot an arrow. He stopped and eyed her dangerously.

"Who are you and what connections do you have to the other man you just killed?" Sango heard a grunt from the man on the floor and laid a foot on his back.

"Feh. It'd take a lot more to kill him than that."

"Unfortunately." A muffled voice came from on the floor. Sango lifted her foot and smashed it harder on his back, knocking air out of him and earning a loud groan.


"Well what?" Was the snippy reply

"Answer us, or I'll shoot." Kagome said. Her eyes were fierce and for a moment, Inuyasha lost his breath.

She looks…almost…exactly like...it can't be...but it is…then…he wasn't lying when he said…that witch...

He shook with anger and forgetting that this girl was a stranger, someone he had never met before, he went in to kill her. Kagome held her breath and her arrow was released.


The clock downstairs struck, and the man disappeared. Kagome's arrow missed its intended target and shot straight into the wall by her bed.

"Where did he…Ouch!" She screamed and looked down at the cut on her foot. She glared at the little man with long hair and thought about stomping on him.

"Its…they were...the dolls!" Sango exclaimed, quickly lifting her foot, she looked at the squished monk on the floor. Quickly she knelt down and peered at him.

"Are you hurt?" When he didn't answer she lifted him up and looked at him.

Kagome looked down at her doll and the small sword on the floor that had managed to give her a tiny paper cut.

"I'll take that, thank you!" She crossed the room to her dresser. Taking out a key around her neck, she opened a small wooden box with ancient designs on it. Ignoring a light violet glow from inside of it, she dropped the sword into her treasured box and locked it, placing the key around her neck.

"Kagome, they're back to normal." Kagome turned around and looked at Sango who was examining both of the dolls.

"It's almost like nothing happened." Kagome said. Sango looked up at what she was looking at. The room looked no different than before they had gone to sleep. No arrows, no spiders, no hole anywhere. Even the arrow Kagome had shot into the opposite wall was gone.

"My bow, where's my bow? I just had it!" Kagome jumped, looking around.

"Kagome, I don't like this." Sango shifted uneasily. Kagome threw her closet doors open and there in the corner was her bow and quiver, just as it had been.

"3, 6, 9…24. All of them are here." Kagome sat and stared at her archery weapons in shock.

"Maybe we were dreaming."

"Dreaming the same dream?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should just wait until morning to figure this out."

"Maybe." Kagome grabbed her bow and quiver, ignoring the rest of the equipment like her padding and outfit. She stood up and locked the door, while Sango closed her window.

"You think we should take shifts, who's to say that man won't come back."

"No, I don't think he'll attack a second time tonight. Tomorrow we'll have to prepare ourselves though." Kagome shivered as she snuggled deeply into her covers, holding tight to her bow.

"Oh, Kagome." Kagome jumped, already knocking an arrow to her bow.

Cool it girl…you're gonna poke someone's eye out at this rate…that would definitaely be interesting to try and explain…

"Yah?" She let out a small sigh.

"Here's your doll." Kagome stuck her tongue out at him. Sango muffled a giggle and rolled over.

"Stupid boy. I'll show you…poke me in the foot with your sword. I don't have a clue what your problem is, but you better get over it the next time you decide to become real." Done chiding, she set him, a small distance away from her, but let him rest on a pillow in the pillow case for covers.

"Even if you were in a bad mood, it doesn't mean I'll let you get cold and stiffen up on a floor." Kagome let out a deep sigh, relaxing in her own covers and fell asleep.

Authors Ending Note: !Tienes un ano nuevo bueno! (have a happy new Year)