Okay. Here is the beginning of Yugioh UNLEASHED on These were really comics that my friend and me wrote but now I am putting in words and putting it up on here. These comics were actually started when I had homework. The homework was that there were countries and their shapes but no name and you had to find the countries they were. One of them was Yugoslavia and because I wasn't wearing my glasses it looked like Yugioh-saliva. We never really drew this idea but this is what it was. And for all of you that read Inuyasha UNLEASHED, that was actually started by this.

"Now on News 8. We are currently visiting the country Yugioh-saliva. The legend of this country is that a humungous beast with tri-colored hair spit on this country when it was called Yugoslavia. The humungous beast flooded this country starting a new nation. "

That is what really started it all. There were other ones we never drew as a comic like this one.

"Fool. You think that you are so good by almost defeating me," Yami Bakura laughs evilly as he draws his cards for the next turn in the duel.

"You will never win Soul-Stealer. Good always triumphs over Evil," Yami/ Yugi gives another "Good over Evil" speech.

"Fool. I have a secret weapon that will defeat you. THIS!" Yami Bakura reached under his coat and drew out a carton of skim milk.

"NOOOOO! I'M LACTOSE INTOLERANT!" Yami/ Yugi put his hands up in front of his face as if to protect him self.

"EWWW! Skim milk!" Yami Bakura threw away that carton and drew out a one percent carton. "I am free to defeat you now. Muwahahahahaha!"

Sorry skim milk fans. Those were some of our worst ones. If you like them then review and I'll probably post another chapter soon like later today.

Preview of Next Chapter:

Some CEOs of companys don't like fungus

"Die fungus!"

Some tricolered short boys can multitask

"I can fart fart BURRP"

And some white haired/ very light blonde people like to pull things