Piercing Silence

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Angst, Betrayal, Obssession. Battousai doesn't want anyone to know that he and Kaoru are together. How long will Kaoru be able to tolerate it? Is it because he's a private person or is there more to it than that?

WARNING! This is going to be a DARK fic of angst, betrayal and obsession. It has a bit of LIME/CITRUS thing going on in this chapter but not too much. Give it a chance i know the summary sucks but I'm not good at summaries!

Pairings: Battousai/Kaoru


Kenshin will be a little OOC and his attitude would be more Battousai than Kenshin in this fic. Oh and guys if you have SLipKnot CD's, check out their song Prosthetics. It's kind of weird and dark but think of Battousai and Kaoru when you listen to it and it's cool in a possessive scary sort of way! I actually got inspired to make a story out of that song! Anyway, this is a different story and I hope you like it!

Chapter One:

Kaoru smiled as she watched him pore over his books. He had become serious about his studies this year since college curriculum was so different from high school. In college, one needed to exert oneself to succeed in ones studies or even to just pass.

Her smile grew when she looked back on how everyone had reacted to the fact that Himura Kenshin, the one who didn't care about anything except being the best in kendo, had excelled in his studies.

Everyone said it was thanks to her.

She always said it was because he studied hard but everyone said that it was her influence that pushed him to succeed in something other than kendo.

It was thanks to her, Kaoru Kamiya, Himura Kenshin's best friend.

Her smile drooped at the corners.

She wasn't just his best friend. She was his lover, his girlfriend…but no one knew.

They lived together and everyone presumed they did because they were very close as friends and Kaoru really didn't go out of her way to correct them since her parents would never let her live with Kenshin if they found out that he and she were an 'item'.

It wasn't really proper but Kaoru, who had always been a proper and obedient daughter, somehow felt that Kenshin needed her with him always and so she lied.

Not really lied, she just didn't tell the truth.

But she wanted to tell the truth.


She sighed and walked away from him quietly as to not disturb his concentration.

She was always hurt whenever girls throw themselves at his feet. He would always ignore them but somehow Kaoru wanted more. She wanted those girls to know that Kenshin was taken. That he was off-limits. How many times had she restrained herself from prying an avid fan away from her Kenshin?

She sighed.

She wanted him to tell her that it was time to tell the world. She had talked to him about telling their friends but he always protested because it would cause such a fuss.

Besides their relationship was private, why broadcast it to the world?

It was very difficult but Kaoru managed to convince herself that he was just a deeply private person. He wasn't ashamed of her. He would tell everyone when the time comes.

She was always getting hurt emotionally.

People would tease them about being a couple and every time he would deny it a little piece of Kaoru's heart broke away but she managed to have faith in their love.

He'll tell the world when the time comes.

When? A voice inside her head asked. It's been a year now…

"He'll tell everyone when the time is right," she said to herself, but these days even the sound of her voice sounded hollow to her ears.

Kenshin looked up from the book he was reading and glanced towards the door. Kaoru was standing there holding a steaming cup in her hands. "Coffee," she said smiling at him and placing it on the table.

"Thank you," he told her, watching her eyes before turning towards his book.

Kaoru put her arms around his neck from behind and looked over his shoulder. "What's the book about?"

"Boring dead people." Kenshin replied turning the swivel chair so that he dislodged her and made her fall on a sitting position on his lap. She yelped but he was ready to catch her. He buried his face on her neck.

"Next time just tell me to sit on your lap."

His eyes glowed golden as he studied her features turned up towards him. He dipped his head, consuming any other words she might have uttered and taking them into himself. He kissed her hungrily as if she was life itself and he needed her desperately. His hands holding her and managing to touch her everyhere at once.

That raw need she felt when he held her always managed to make her stay.

She's never been needed by anyone the way she felt Kenshin needed her.

She returned his kiss fervently, with equal passion and ardor and after an eternity, they finally parted. She looked into his glittering golden eyes filled with passion.

He was so beautiful.

The expression in his eyes, the possesiveness and savagery she saw reflected there, frightened her. "Kenshin..." she whispered softly.

He stood up, holding her in his arms and headed for his bedroom.

He dropped her on the bed and moved in after her kissing her so passionately that all there was for her was him. The feel of his hands on her, his lips moving over hers, his tongue caressing hers and making her feel so many things at once. Flares of pleasure moved all along Kaoru's body as her nerve endings were lit aflame with his touch.

She kissed him back and then tried to push him away so she could kiss that wonderful body of his but he wouldn't let her. He kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. His mouth traveled downward to the neckline of her shirt and she raised her arms so he could take it off.

In the bed, among the clean white sheets lay two naked bodies entwined in sleep. Kenshin's fiery red hair lay in blazing contrast to the cool midnight of Kaoru's dark tresses.

The soft sounds of lovemaking had long since faded as the lovers now rested together, bathed in the afterglow.

Long, curled lashes fluttered slightly before opening fully to reveal sapphire eyes that glowed even in the dim lighting of the room.

A long, elegant hand crept up to push away a strand of silky dark hair away from her face. Kaoru turned to her side, supporting her weight in her elbows as she stared down at the face of her sleeping lover.

His skin was smooth and pale, like alabaster, gilded almost silver by the moonlight seeping through the half open blinds that protected the room from the glare of the sun and potential prying eyes.

She watched him sleeping.

"You look like an angel," she whispered to him softly as she gently traced the outline of lips with her fingertips.

Awake, his face was expressionless and cold but sleeping, he had a sweet serene innocence that she love so much.

It was as if all his intensity, all his passions and the flames that lit his beingwere somewhat calmed when he was in slumber.

His moist lips parted gently as he turned his face into her caress as if seeking her touch. Kaoru restrained herself from bending down and pressing her lips against his, afraid to wake him up. She knew he would then take her in his arms and perhaps...

She blushed.

He needed rest.

Kenshin's arm moved as if seeking her out, a small furrow forming between his eyebrows. When he made contact with her skin, the furrow disappeared as he settled again, his fingers curling around the curve of her waist.

A small smile lit Kaoru's face at the unconscious action. "Do you really need me Kenshin?" she asked him, "Sometimes I don't think you need anyone at all…"

And yet…

Kenshin was a very passionate lover but also very dominating. He wasn't really selfish but he was very tormenting. He refused to give her release until she declared her love for him.

It was weird but he wasn't your typical person.

Kaoru sometimes felt confused.

There were times when it was like he was in such dire need of her love, that he loved her so much it hurt him and terrified him.

It was those times that made her stay.

As fleeting as those moments were it was the only reason that she stayed with him no matter how much he sometimes hurt her, because there were times when it seemed like he didn't care for her at all.

That she was just some girl he lived and slept with.

"What am I to you?" she asked him brushing the stray locks of titian hair away from his face. The light streaming from the window illuminated the faint scar on his cheek. It was barely visible unless you really looked and now, Kaoru studied it frowning.

Instead of marring him, it seemed almost to enhance the perfection of his features. The fluidity of each line and curve and ridge that made up his elegant countenance. He fascinated her. He was like a tiger, feral and fierce and so achingly beautiful.

She wanted him to be free of whatever it was that haunted him. But how can she help him when he never acknowledged that he was indeed being haunted?

Or if he did...he never shared it with her.

All heever shared with her willingly, whole-heartedly, was his body.Kaoru had always thought it was a sign of trust because Kenshin disliked anyone touching him unecessarily.

But now...she wanted more than his body...she wanted all of him.

His thoughts, his feelings, his mind, his heart, his soul.

It seemed only fair since she'd already given her everything to him.

All of her that he demanded, she had given him.


Kaoru's body was still deliciously tired, every part of her still remembered his touch, the feel of his skin against hers, the feel of his weight, his body, his voice…she loved everything about him.

She loved him so much she wanted to pull him into herself, not only in body but also in spirit, in soul.

Maybe then, she could understand what drove him, the silent nightmares he seemed to endure, the tormentors that seemed to push him.

She gently disengaged herself from his touch, got up from the bed and padded over to the closet to get her black, silk robe. It was a gift from Kenshin when they had first moved in together almost a year now.

They had always been friends in high school. They weren't friends in the normal sense that they hung-out together and talked on the phone. Kenshin was too distant and aloof for that.

It was because Kaoru was the only person Kenshin willingly tolerated that people saw them as friends. Kaoru hadn't even been aware of it at first, but then she'd grown to realize that in his own way, he looked out for her and she'd helped him deal with his rabid fan girls.

That had been back when they were still only just friends.

When they begun college, it seemed just natural for them to move in together.

The relationship had progressed from friendship into something else, but no one else knew.

No one really expected the cold Kenshin Himura, nicknamed Battousai because of his skill in kendo, to actually allow someone close enough to call her his koibito.

They all just thought that Kaoru was his best friend.

Kaoru shivered at the cool, sensuous feel of the silk against her bare, heated skin. Like a lovers touch. Even after all this time she still couldn't get used to the way Kenshin looked at her when she was wearing this robe.

His normally violet eyes would glint with an almost feral amber light. In his eyes was the look of passion, of lust, of raw, unadulterated need…as if he wanted to devour her.

Sometimes he frightened her with his intensity.

Sometimes he burned her with his coldness.

She padded over to the kitchen to get something to drink, the carpet muffling her footsteps while the air-conditioning made goose bumps appear on her skin. She heard the doorbell ring and made a detour. "Who is it?" she asked from the other side of the door. It was already late and none of their friends would visit at this time without calling first.

"Sagara Sanosuke. I'm Kenshin's step-brother, I was told he lived here."

Kaoru blinked, brother? Kenshin never told her he had a brother…

What do you expect? When did he ever tell you anything about himself? The voice in her mind asked.

She pushed it away forcefully and she peeked at the stranger through the peephole.

The man standing outside was so different from Kenshin they could have stood as example of polar opposites. This man was tall and his coloring was less exotic than Kenshin's red hair and violet eyes. She doubted the authenticity of his claim to be Kenshin's brother.

"Kenshin's asleep. I'll wake him." Kaoru said. "Why don't you wait here while I get him?"

"Go ahead."

After Kenshin had verified the identity of their visitor. Kaoru went back to the front door and opened it to welcome the man inside. "I'm sorry, it's just that I wasn't expecting you. Kenshin is just getting dressed and he'll be out in a minute," she told the man who was staring at her.

"Tell him not to hurry on my account," came his reply, his mouth twisted in an appreciative smile.

Kaoru remembered what she was wearing.

The black silk robe that Kenshin once told her emphasized all of her curves. The realization that she was facing a stranger wearing the silk robe and nothing else underneath it made her blush.

"Don't worry Jou-chan, you do it justice." Sano said smiling at her flirtatiously.

"Mou…sumimasen." Kaoru said blushing even more.

"So are you Kenshin's girlfriend?" Sano asked smiling at her.

Kaoru looked down at her bare feet and wondered what she should say. "Uh…"

"No she's not." Kenshin's cool voice cut in, "She's my roommate."

Sano stood turned and smiled at Kenshin, "Only you could live with someone as pretty as her and still not notice. If I were you I'd be putting an off-limits sign around her and claiming her as my own." Sano winked at Kaoru.

Kenshin glared. "Well you're not me."

Sano shrugged and laughed, "Thank Kami-sama for that, neh Jou-chan?" he turned to Kaoru but she wasn't there any longer.

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