Just a little piece of poetry I wrote a couple of months ago. Its about Kyogre and Groudon and the birth of the Red and Blue orbs. Please R&R!

The Origin of the Orbs

From two shining orbs comes an eternal glow,
Foraged 'neath the earth below.
When two ancient pokemon raged on the earth,
This is how the orbs were birthed.

When fire erupted from under the ground,
And the sea's waves were all around.
The fire dragon came from the earth's core,
And the water monster from the ocean floor.

The two clashed in an ancient battle.
Fire and water made the earth rattle.
The wind raged, surrounding the two,
Making the nightmares of all come true.

The fire dragon glowed with embers.
It was so bright that you would remember.
The water monster blew off a coal.
It flew in the air and landed in the shoal.

The small raindrop from the water monster flew,
It shinned and simmered with a sapphire hue.
The fire dragon blew its hot breath,
Which dried it out so it wasn't wet.

The coal from the dragon and the drop from the monster,
Turned to two stones, those were even harder.
They laid to rest in the shoal and the shore,
Hoping, just hoping that there was more.

Finally, the two ancient pokemon left.
They fell to their homes for an eternal rest.
And as for the orbs they still hope and pray,
For the time when someone finds them, since that fateful day.


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