On the Catwalk


Kyoko: Konnichiwa! Kyoko here, crazy and Batman Beyond obsessed as usual. New thing though, this is just a regular Terry/Max pairing, no original character. Max is still with Terry. I wrote this because…I can. (grins)


TERRY'S GOT-Ow! (is bonked on head by Terry)

Terry: Not funny. Hey, I thought you were a Melanie shipper?

Kyoko: Like you care.

Terry: Good point. Kyoko does not own Batman Beyond.

Kyoko: Yes, and it makes me sad…;.; PG-13 for some sensuality. Adios!

"What's this week again?" McGinnis asked me for the 40th time. I rolled my eyes and looked up from my textbook.

"Career week."

He snorted. "Why bother? Most of the people at school'll end up either pumping gas or hanging out on 5th street."

I tried to resist a grin but failed, chuckling.

I was lying on my stomach on my bed, trying valiantly to study and teach Terry what he'd missed for the past year. He was making it difficult.

"Sad, but true," I commented, glancing over my shoulder at the clock. 7:41. I sighed and closed the book.

"You'd better head out before the old man has a stroke from yelling at you." I said, watching him slide the Batman mask over his face.

"Yeah. I'll be back soon as I can. See ya."

With that, my best friend jumped out of the window and glided on red wings to the hidden batmobile.

I sighed again, rolling onto my back and staring at the ceiling, arms spread. Now that I was alone I could think. How long had it been like this, 8, 9, 10 months? Student by day, dark avenger by night. I still wished I could be with him. Both ways.

The phone rang and I rolled over, picking it up with a half-hearted,


"Hey Max. You seen Terry?" It was Dana. I fought the urge to sigh again and replied automatically.

"He's at work. You want me to give him a message?"

Dana let out a frustrated breath.

"Sometimes it feels like I'm dating a ghost. He's married to Wayne and no matter what I do I can't get through to him. I'm tired of it, Max, I really am. It's over."

My pulse quickened, heart hammering in my throat.

"What! Dana, wait, could you think about this for a second, he-"

"No more waiting, Max. I know he's a good guy and all but that's not what I need. I have my own life. Tell him I'm sorry."

"Dana, you don't understand-"

The phone buzzed dead. I held it like a dork for a few seconds, calling, "Dana? Dana!"

I lay back and replaced the receiver.

Holy crap…this was bad. How on earth would I break this to Terry? He's worked his butt off every night and tried to be the best boyfriend and now…

'But isn't that what you wanted?' That evil little voice in my head smiled nastily. I squeezed my eyes shut and told that voice to go to hell. I cursed over and over in my head. He didn't deserve this. What was I going to say? How would he take it? Badly, I knew. But then, wouldn't that be a chance for me to tell him how I really felt? To…to…

I shook my head furiously and shoved my face into a pillow, completely miserable.


Terry called me in the darkness, lips inches from mine. I reached for him, ready to fill my mouth with the taste of his but someone shook my shoulder, shattering the dream. I lifted my face, blinking and found Terry. My pulse jumped to life and I almost blushed, raising up on one arm.


He looked down my still-clothed bodyand raised an eyebrow.


I looked at the clock. 11:26.Whoah.

I tried to be cheerful and failed miserably, sitting up.

"Sorry…been studying all night." I stood and grabbed my night clothes from my dresser drawer, heading for the bathroom.

My nightclothes consisted of a men's large t-shirt and silk bottoms that were comfortable without being immodest. I slipped them on solemnly and came back out. I crawled back onto the bed next to McGinnis and opened the World Economics book.

"The percentage of Asia's income is 64.9…no, wait, that's not it…dammit…" I muttered, scratching at my paper with the erasable pen. I scribbled the new equation and raked a hand through my hair, trying to clear my mind.

"Max, whoah, whoah, slow down there, you're blowing a fuse somewhere in there," McGinnis said, a worried frown, clouding his face. I massaged my forehead, frustrated at my lack of accuracy and concentration.

"You should take a break; we've been at it all night."

I shook my head. "No, we've still got Pre-Calculus sections to do, a four-page essay to go over and-"

He silenced me with finger on my lips. I fell silent.

"You're overworking your brain. 15 percent, Max, 15 percent." When I didn't smile, he frowned.

"What's wrong? You've been really out of it tonight." He asked, turning those baby blues on me. I met his eyes and looked away, hiding all the jumbled up emotions in them.

"It's…It's nothing, just too much stress, that's all."

He sighed, rubbing his neck and laying back on my pillow.


We lapsed into silence for a few moments.

"I'm bored. Wanna have sex?"

I blushed and laughed so abruptly it surprised me. He sat up, grinning.

"She smiles. So I'm not a useless best friend after all."

"Sure you aren't…OW!" He smacked me with a pillow. I returned fire. From then on, we acted like two brothers, bashing each other with pillows until we collapsed from weariness.

The last thing I remember was the smile on his face, and warm hands on my body…

5th period, Hamilton High School

I leaned on my arm, eyes drooping as the thirteenth career person explained his job and blah, blah, blah. It had all blended into one big, boring Career Day. I fought to stay awake, lazily side-glancing at Terry. He was already asleep. The room was getting darker.

I lay on a bed in a long white gown that left my shoulders bare and dipped in the front, on my side watching Terry come towards me with those beautiful eyes. His chest gaped through the black button up shirt that hung open, sliding against his smooth skin as he moved. When he reached me, he held a white rose over my body, slowly tracing the length of my face my neck, my shoulders. He lowered his face to mine, lips inches away.

"…Mr. McGinnis and Miss Gibson!"

I jumped awake. The teacher glared at me disapprovingly. McGinnis lifted his head, blinking sleepily.


"It seems you two are having SO much fun on Career Week. How about I assign you to our next participate?"

At this comment, a woman, oh God I think it's a man, appeared in the door, grinning like he'd just won a million dollars.

"Hellooo class!" he beamed at everyone, gay lisp and all. Dear God, no…

"This, class, is Mr. Peter Wilkinson."

He wore a pink pullover sweater that only exposed the white collar of the button up shirt underneath, that went down to blue-and-white plaid pants that were way too tight and had pink lines to match the sweater.

I tried to keep the horror off of my face but it didn't work.

"Mr. McGinnis and Miss Gibson, come down and meet your new teacher for the remainder of the week," the teacher said, smirking. Miserable, I stood and slumped my way down the steps to the front. McGinnis following and muttering, "Great, just what I need. A fairy godfather."

I held back a lazy snicker and tried not to look as miserable as I was. Mr. Wilkinson smiled even wider (Although I'm sure it's to the hurting point, now) and shook our hands weakly. Might as well have given us high-fives. McGinnis looked like he wanted to either puke or run screaming. I managed a half-smile.

"Mr. Wilkinson-"

"Call me Petey."

"…Mr. Wilkinson, is a model instructor."

My eyebrows rose and Terry blurted out,

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, silly! I'm the owner of Fabulous Cinco clothing line, which is coming out very soon. You two peaches will be my first models at the Grandeur opening."

I wanted to cry. I think Terry did too.

"Your first session will begin at five o'clock this afternoon. Be ready to work!" With a wink, our happy new instructor took his seat next to the rest of the frightened Career Day people. I dragged myself back to my seat and fought the urge to bang my head against the table.

"Why me? Why, McGinnis, why?" I moaned, head buried in my arms.

"Tell me about it. Me, modeling?" his head connected with the table, making a solid "thunk" sound.

"Kill me now…"

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