Hey Minna! I saw this really nice Sasuke wallpaper of him walking alone away...'( And I had to write this poem! Yes that's right! It's in Sasuke's point of view, I hope you like it...it's sorta angsty and what not...

Ps. For those who have read my other fanfics, I have not given up on them! Just got..writers block..bad...writers block

My Quiet Lonesome

I walk a quiet lonesome path,

Where it is silent nough to hear,

So many people fighting off their lonely wrath of pain and so much fear

I walk a quiet lonesome way,

A boulevard of broken dreams,

Where there are those who won't live to see another day.

I live this way so I can hold no fear,

No not fear of death,

But fear of losing those I love just like the way I had that dreary day.

The only friends I have are my shadows,

Those I can trust not to leave me lonesome,

My shallow heart will not trust anything with a face of blithesome.

Sometimes my heart dares to tread in a path of different light,

Somewhere I will not fear to love another,

But then where will I go?

So stop with your atrocious acts of kindness,

For on my path of unforeseen pain,

Your love will only remind me,

Of what I have become.

So let me walk alone this path,

With nothing but my quiet lonesome.

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