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CHAPTER 1 "Wishing to Erase the Past"

A light breeze brushed past the young woman, who stood atop a cliff as she studied the scenery below her. Her soft, black hair moved gently with the wind. Deep, brown eyes scanned the area, with a blank and unreadable expression. She was empty inside, only to have what little life she had sustained by souls of the dead. Her shoulders still held a heavy burden but she refused to allow her hollow body be crushed by its weight.

A minute had passed by, and she headed off back into the forest behind her and walked on. She didn't know where she was going, but the invisible path that lay ahead of her was enough to guide her. She had her faith in it that the end of the road will lead her to her final destination. Prepared and ready for anything unexpected, she was a strong miko and showed no fear, for it was those around her who feared her the most. Despite the fact that she was merely a shell, a body molded out of clay, bones, and gravedirt, she held tremendous powers. Even if her reincarnation held a huge portion of her own soul, nevertheless, that could not hinder the true priestess' capabilities.

Kikyou came into an open clearing to find a huge, ancient tree a few feet before her. She looked up to see its branches stretched all over, the sunlight shone through the cracks that the arms of the tree could not cover. The sun's warmth comforted her and gave her a sense of peace. She approached the tree and inspected its state. It must have been at least over a thousand years old. The bark showed signs of wearing out, however, it was still able to widthstand another couple of thousand years to come. She reached up and touched it with her frail hand. She remembered this old tree named Goshinboku, for it had always been there to watch over those who were in its presence. She recalled her trainer, Takero, telling her how Goshinboku was a tree that was able to transcend time and unite and strengthen a couple's love. Kikyou could not help but let out a credulous laugh. It was all a bunch of nonsense. The only memories this ancient tree brought to her were of grief, betrayal and pain. She let her hand drop to her side and reminisced that tragic day, 50 years ago. Ever since that witch, Urasue had revived her, the incident had forever been implanted in her mind and kept haunting her each day. How torturous it was to be bombarded by the same memory and having it play over and over in your head. Nonetheless, Kikyou refused to be dominated by the past and let her feelings for Inuyasha weaken her. She had to move on without him, for he had moved on with Kagome. She will let go of him, but she will not let go of revenge. Her mind was set. Her goal to defeat Naraku and send him to hell. Then she finally be able to rest in peace.

She closed her eyes for a moment. All her life, she would have never expected herself to be put in the position she was in right now. What had went wrong? Her parents were killed by bandits when she was young and she was left with the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister, Kaede. A priest named Takero had taken them in and trained Kikyou to become a miko. She put all her heart and soul and utmost dedication to become a great priestess and all her hard work had payed off. Her sole duty in life was to carry out her role as a miko. People depended on her and set up huge expectations for her. Therefore, she could not give any room for weakness. Until that moment when she met Inuyasha. Tsubaki, a dark miko Kikyou could tell from the start, was a woman who was jealous of Kikyou's power put a curse on her so that she will fall in love with someone, which will ultimately bring her end. Kikyou could only snort, for she knew that there was nothing that could hinder her. How ironic it was that she ended up carrying out what Tsubaki had foreshadowed.

Kikyou opened her eyes once more, her mouth forming into a small curve. 'Even if Tsubaki placed the curse on me, it wouldn't have worked anyways... If only I didn't meet Inuyasha.....' Inuyasha.... Her heart was once filled with hatred for that name. But after she had heard the truth be told from Kaede's lips about what really happened 50 years ago, the hatred that fueled and burned had now calmed down and withered away into ashes. She still regretted falling in love with the hanyou. What would her life have turned out if she didn't fall into the trap?

She placed her hand on a jagged scar on what seemed to be where Goshinboku's heart was. It was the scar left by the very arrow she used to seal Inuyasha into an eternal sleep. The memory flashed quickly in her head again. Her expression hardened. She had enough. She couldn't bear to relive 50 years ago once more. Her hand curled into a tight fist, her fingernails digging into her palm. 'I wish that I had never met Inuyasha 50 years ago....'

Suddenly, the scar glowed bright orange as Kikyou felt the warmthness course from her hand all throughout her body. The blood filled her empty shell as she felt the large portion of her soul that she was missing enter. She had never felt so good being able to feel the life come back to her. Her surroundings seem to have gone from spring to autumn, to winter, to summer so quickly in a neverending cycle. It was like watching a tape rewinding (Rikku: well.. to us) for soon enough, she saw Inuyasha planted against Goshinboku, the arrow she shot, and Naraku's whole devious plan in backward sequence. "Soo ka..." Kikyou said to herself, seeing how the trap had been set up and worked out. Moments passed as it seemed like she was going to stay in a period of travelling back in time when everything surrounding her melted as she felt herself getting dizzy. Slowly, she let it overtake her as she fell to the ground.


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